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When you were younger, older kids maybe your cousins, older siblings, older friends or neighbors, any older figure in your life would try to scare you .. by telling you about monsters that hurt people or kill them. Have you ever heard of a monster who hurt other people and themselves? There are 'Monsters' in this world but they look like normal people just like us. The difference? They hurt everyone they see or they hurt themselves until they're gone from this world. What if you were one of those monsters? What would you do?


Bridgewood Asylum is an asylum for Supernatural & Sometimes Human teens ages 13-19 with disorders. From OCD to Multiple Personality Disorder to even being Mute, this asylum is way beyond the point of crazy. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc. are here as well to make it worse.. most of them have stories that nobody knows except them and the workers in the asylum. Some try to escape, some try to kill themselves, but they never succeed. Welcome To Bridgewood Asylum, where the real monsters are lurking in every corner ..



1) Follow the TTS RP Guidelines & Rules

2) No Out Of RP Drama

3) Boy & Girl

4) 2-4 Characters You Can Have

5) 3+ Line Replies


7) No Making Your Character Perfect, ESPECIALLY In This RP. It's Annoying -__-

8) Have Fun! :D

9) If You've Read The Rules Comment 'I'm Friends With The Monster That's Under My Bed'

This RP Was Based Off Of: The Monster- By Eminem Ft. Rihanna


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Name | Age | Species | Disorder | Crushing Or In Love/Sexual Preference | P/B

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Song That Goes With Their Feelings/Personality/Life (OPTIONAL)



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)


Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder(DID/MPD)


Eating Disorders- Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating Disorder(BED)


Bipolar Disorder(BD)

Major Depressive Disorder(MDD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADD/ADHD)

Peter Pan Syndrome/Disorder


Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD)


Paranoid Personality Disorder(PPD)


Character Form

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Name | Age | Species | Disorder(s) | Crush Or In Love/Sexual Preference

Extra Info/Story



Harold "Harry" Jonathan Stylinson | 18 | Human | DID/MPD |In Love With & Dating Louis/Bisexual | graveyard.†

Harry has multiple personalities that usually come out randomly or a certain words trigger them. Harry is his normal cheeky, loving, cute, charming self. Hazz is the cute, sweet, shy, nerdy side of him that always has big nerdy black framed glasses on and sometimes gels his hair back. Hazza is the complete opposite of Hazz, he's mean, cruel, manipulative and homophobic. Harold is the complete opposite of bubbly Harry, he's quiet almost like he's mute and only speaks a few words, he always sits in the corner of a room in the library for the patients to have some alone time and is always crying with his knees pressed against his chest and his arms wrapped around them. Harry had been thought to have Bipolar disorder when he was younger but when he was 17 he was diagnosed with DID/MPD so his parents sent him to the Asylum to stay until he was 19 then be shipped to an adult asylum for the rest of his life.


Louis Thomas Petrova (Nadia Petrova's Son/Katherine's Grandson) | 15 | Fairy | Muteness & Peter Pan Syndrome | In Love With & Dating Harry/Gay | ME

Louis was, bubbly, funny, talkative, he also always had worn flower crowns and loved flowers, he also never stopped talking. Until the day his mother died from werewolf venom, he found out a couple of months after and that's when he shut down. He never talked, he actually couldn't say a word even if he wanted to, it wasn't physically possible. He was bullied everyday for it and soon his horrible excuse of a father who had custody of him said he was worthless and an embarrassment. One day his father sent him to the doctors to prove he was retarded and found out he was Mute and had Peter Pan Syndrome which made his father pick on him even more. His doctor noticed his behavior and talked to his father about putting him in an asylum before he could do any serious damage to himself. While they talked, Louis was staring at himself in the bathroom mirror of the hospital, mashed the mirror to pieces, and grabbed a shard, guess what happened next. The doctor sent him to the asylum and made sure the father lost custody of him. Louis woke up in an unfamiliar white room and had bandages on him along with his flower crown on his head and baby blue wings on his back.


Angelica Rose Austin | 13 | Demon | Schizophrenia | I Don't Love Anyone Except For My Friends/Straight | ME

Angelica looks like a sweet little girl but she has a very demonic life, literally. Angelica's family were all supposed to have babies that died before they were born, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil. She knew they were dead but she still saw them every day playing in their play pen. She thought they were annoying and took all of the attention away from her so she picked on them and bossed them around, they didn't care and listened to her. Of course, her parents thought it was just imagination but it was far from that. She had schizophrenia but nobody knew, she couldn't tell the difference from illusion called The Rugrats from reality, soon she bossed around "Tommy's" dog Spike, "Tommy's" little brother Dil and her grandpa. She even almost killed Dil when he didn't listen to her and she hit him in the head resulting in him being mentally retarded. Soon her parents found out and sent her to the doctor's resulting in them finding out she had schizophrenia and sending her to the asylum.



Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce(Louis' Grandmother) | 18 Forever | TVD Vampire/Demon | Insanity & ADD/ADHD | Mixed Emotions For Liam/Bisexual | Shruti Lautner

Katherine Pierce is the grandmother of Austin Petrova. After Nadia died, Katherine went insane and of course she went to hell. But now she's back and badder than ever. She's half demon and is on a mission to kill Elena and her friends but of course. Katherine had been diagnosed with Insanity & ADD/ADHD when she was a human and when she came back as a half demon, it all came back to her. So of course the ADD was a problem since she couldn't focus on finding Elena. So one day she was caught trying to question someone about Elena and hurting them in the process so they called the police and she was sent to the asylum where she found her grandson at and wants to talk to him but doesn't.


Brianne Audrey Gonzalez | 17 | Human / Gifted (Controls / Manipulate Flora & Fauna & Can turn into any animal) | SAD + Anorexia Nervosa + Schizophrenia | Mixed Emotions Over Harry / Straight | ron loves harry

Brianna was once a happy child who lived with her mother and went to school and was normal, only that she wasn't. Since a newborn child she could do things others couldn't, she used to phased into different creatures in her cribs which one worried her mother but soon her mother found it fascinated and called Brianne a blessing. She was bullied on school and was left out, the other girls didn't talk to her or made fun of her and the boys always made fun of her as well. She ended up having no one but her mother, then on her fifteen birthday she lost her as well. Her father came to visit them and things didn't go well, her mother ended up dead and Brianne ended up scarred for life. After that night she wasn't pure or innocent, the horrors she had faced and watched had changed her to a point where she didn't speak for months. She still went to school because she was forced to but she didn't eat and she screamed randomly as the nightmares -the horrors of her last birthday- came back to life in her mind. She began losing her grip to reality and was sent to the asylum on the age of seventeen. Before then she went to the hospital constantly because of her weight and because she never ate properly. Now she's stuck in the asylum with nothing but broken hope and a shattered soul. She was once sweet and kind and caring, she always tried to help others but now she just sits on a corner of her bedroom or any other place and says nothing only watches what people do. -- Because of her low health she can no longer use her gift although many doctors had just said that it's mental and that she blocks herself to not use them and to feeling hopeless like the night everything changed.


Caleb Matthew Newton | 18 | Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid | Insanity + Insomnia + OCD + MDD | TBA / Straight | ron loves harry

Caleb was just your typical werewolf jock, he did sports and had the attention of all the girls but he was in love with only one. He wasn't a player as he only had an eye for one person - Annabella, she was the love of his life. They were together for three years and one night he got drunk and did the biggest mistake of his life. He ended up messing around with someone else, cheating on his girlfriend. The morning he realized what happen he went straight to her place and told her everything, she choose to walk away. They had plans for college, they had plans of getting married - having their life together but all of that crashed away because he had too much to drink and couldn't notice someone from another. He was left heart-broken and soon became a rouge of his pack, living an meaningless life all by himself. He started losing his mind, confusing things from reality and his mind. He became a great danger to himself and others as he once tried to take his life so he was sent to the asylum. The day he tried to take his life someone changed him into a hybrid, he doesn't know who it was or why they did it but they ended up saving him and he is not grateful for that as he still hurts everyday. He cannot bear to see something disorganize, when he visits the library at the asylum he needs to organize everything not being able to stop himself - he is often taken away because he yells at them and usually hits them with something. He finds organizing things and cleaning and escape for his thoughts, he cleans and cleans until the place is shining. This is of course a problem for those who had a room near him. He is forever guilty of what he had done and is very mean to people who come near him.


Seria Light | 16 | Half Cat/Half Human | ADHD | TBH/Straight | Scarlett Biersack

She was a girl who use to be afraid of cats till one day she found a cat that she really fell in love with but not only did she fall in love with it but she really thought that if she could just talk it home she would really get use to cats but when she did her mother (a witch ) cast a spell and happen to turn her daughter into a cat more like a human with ears and a tail of a cat. She loves the color Green,neon green that is , she is active and sometimes cant stay still. she will listen if she wants to. She never has the time to slow down unless she needs her catnap. She loves stuffed animal(takes her back to her good life) She is a little ruff house, she loves to tackle people when she gets the chance other then that you will see what she can do.


Adam Starr | 18 | Vampire | Muteness | TBH/strait | Scarlett Biersack

Adam had a horrible past.He had a true girl that he really loved and he lost her right after a fight with another girl. then soon she was dying of cancer and when he found out it was to late she was already gone. alot of people think he is a monster that takes peoples lives just to get blood to drink on but they are wrong he drinks on animal blood and he no more talks cause people with think he is a pansy or something more of that. 


Camilla Grace DeBerry | 18 | Human | Muteness | TBA / Straight | Sky

Camilla loved dancing, it was the only way she could express herself since talking was never an option for her. Ever since she was a little girl Camilla never spoke two words, to be honest she has never even said her first words. Her parents became very worried and decided that at the age of three they should see if anything was wrong with her. Sure enough the doctor had found that she had been born with the disorder mutness. It drove her mother crazy that her daughter may never be able to speak. When Camilla turned sixteen her mother couldn't bear her disorder anymore and that's when it was decided that she would be put in the asylum.


Kaya | via TumblrKaya | via Tumblr

Ariel Sparks | 17 | Human | Psychotic Depression, Anorexia, Muteness| TBA, Bisexual | graveyard.†

Ariel was always the outcast in life. At school, she was always bullied because she was different, she didn't have money and wasn't society's idea of 'perfect.' By age 13, she had been diagnosed with Anorexia and was pulled out of school and to her first trip to a rehab center. Her parents wanted to support their daughter, but it was always difficult for them to accept her illness. Months later Ariel returned from rehab and was slowly recovering. One December day when she was 15, however, her world came crashing down on her again. She had received a phone call that her parents were dead, they had hit an ice patch on the road and lost control of their car. Ariel sunk into a depression and relapsed on her Anorexia. She had nobody left in the world and just shut down, eventually becoming mute. Her grandmother, who took custody of her, was fed up with her and put her into the asylum, where she has been for the past three years.


Coups de cœur | TumblrUntitled

Jason Langdon| 18| Human| Schizophrenia, Insanity, Bipolar Disorder| TBA, Straight| graveyard.†

Jason always seemed to have something wrong with him, he just didn't know what it was. At a young age, he was discovered to be bipolar and was placed on medication for it, which seemed to keep him under control. He was never very popular at school and everyone seemed to bully him. He had a voice in his head, a female voice, who he named Emma. Emma wasn't a good voice though, she was pure evil. She would encourage Jason to hurt the people he loved most and do rebellious things the normal Jason wouldn't do. He wanted Emma out of his head, he would shout and shout for her to go away, but he knew she wasn't going anywhere. His mother grew concerned for him and placed him in the asylum for his own safety.


Darien James Hall | 19 | Vampire | SAD | TBA/Straight | P/B Sky

Darien use to be a social butterfly. He always got along with others and was never rude. One night his friends and him were driving home from a party. On the way home the car was hit and he was in a serious accident everyone was pronounced dead but Darien had seem to gone missing. He awoke and immediately felt different and strange. The place was nothing like he's ever seen before. He reached up and touch his teeth feeling his fangs. It scared him to the point where he wouldn't speak for a while. He was diagnosed with the disorder SAD, he began to speak more but only when it was necessary. Those who had turned him got irritated with the disorder and placed him in the asylum.



Isabelle "Emma" Roman | 16 | Angel Of Darkness | Insomnia & Bipolar | Crushing On Caleb/Straight | ME

There's nothing much to know about "Isabelle". She came the latest to the asylum and is a HUGE flirt, all the girls hate her, most of the boys love her and she just doesn't care about anything. She can also change her looks to anybody she wants. She also can make voices into people's heads, just by whispering in their direction and they would never know. She's like another Katherine but a little worse since she's bipolar, one little thing and she'll snap. She also prefers people to call her by her middle name, Emma.



Iris Makayla Lockheart | 16 | Werewolf | Social Anxiety Disorder + Bipolar Disorder + Schizophrenia | Crushing on Jason / Straight | ron loves harry
Iris was always that shy girl that played the piano and barely had friends. She was the girl that would read instead of going out to the movies or talking about boys. She always lived in her own bubble, people thought she was weird because she didn't talk much but she felt anxious whenever she had to speak to someone that wasn't her parents. On a full moon she was bitten and since then everything changed, she went crazy - harming others because of the power she didn't know how to control. Her parents got worried and sent her there, she doesn't blame them for it since she came close to ending her own life. She was locked away in the asylum not able to go outside for four months, now that she knows how to control herself she can be as normal as anyone else in the asylum. She goes for her middle name Makayla or Kayla, only a few people can call her Iris. Iris is nice and caring and is mostly consider a wallflower -- she see things, she keeps quiet and she understands. Because she is now a werewolf she has a bipolar disorder and can snap easily at times, she tries her best not to because she knows that the asylum has humans. People think she had muteness but she doesn't, she has a very lovely voice to sing but she only sings in private. Her long sleeves hide the scars of those endless nights where she turned into a monster.



Ryan Alex Smith | 18 | Demon | Bipolar & Insanity & PPD | In Love With Louis(Obsessed With Him)/Gay | ron loves harry

Nobody really knows anything about Ryan except Dr. Payne and a few nurses. He had been diagnosed with being Bipolar, Insane and PPD. Before going to the asylum, everyone knew there was something wrong with him. He had a crush or obsession with his guy best friend and stalked him and when his friend said he didn't like him back, he attempted rape and was put in jail. When he first comes to the asylum, the first person he notices is Louis and soon he becomes obsessed with him. He hates Harry since he's Louis' boyfriend and he actually stalks Louis all the time. Because of his PPD, he feels like Harry is attacking him every time he pulls Louis away from him or keeps him away. He would do anything to make Louis his ... anything.


Jordyn Alexandra Rumancek | Nineteen | Human | DID/MPD & Dementia | TBD/Bisexual | Pewds All Day
Jordyn had dealt with her illnesses for as long as she could have remembered. The Dementia had started early, when she was ten and it had only gotten worse. Treatments didn't help, pills only worsened her condition, and therapy only agitated her. Through out her middle and high school years, she then developed DID and/or MPD. It not only became very serious, but interfered with her dementia for the worse. All things un-imaginable happened; she became dangerous to herself and others, and her parents felt more sorrow for their only child than ever. They saw a pamphlet for Bridgewood Asylum. When they saw their success rates, it was in their agenda to place Jordyn there for enhanced treatment.


Oliver Nathan Caar | Sixteen | Fallen Angel | Bipolar Disorder, MDD, & Insomnia | TBD/Straight | Pewds All Day
Oliver never thought he'd be in such a predicament, where being stripped of his wings, would cause him to inhabit human mental disorders. It didn't start off right away, but it did act quickly, and it never was an easy time. He's a young kid, he doesn't know how to fix the things he's suffering from, until he heard about Bridgewood Asylum. He refused to put himself through it though. But when he had found himself thinking about sinister ideals, and went through with them, he broke down. Bridgewood was the only answer to his problems, so he 'signed' himself up.


Samantha Hennery (AKA Sammie)/ 18/ werecoyote/Paranoid Personality Disorder(PPD)/ Straight/PB: shiver

Sammie always dreamed of being an  famous artist as a little kid. She had her life all planed out; get good grades  in high school, go to that art school that's famous for having brilliant artist's going there. But all the cards for her future changed when one night after sneaking out to go to a party, she woke up  in the middle of the woods with nothing on but a towel  getting thrown over her body and being told that she has been turned into a werecoyote. Ever since this event Sammie couldn't think straight and felt that people were holding something from her.



Robby Miller/ 19/ Human/ schizophrenia/ Straight/PB: shiver

Robby was known as the 'class clown', but when he turned eight-teen these demons appeared to him , telling him the hurt and kill his family, friends and teachers. Robby, first tried to ignore these temptations, because he was a 'lover not a fighter' type of person. But, closer to his 19th birthday his 'class clown' mentality disappeared , and was replaced by a more serious one. On the evening of his 19th birthday Robby killed his father with a knife to his neck, giving in to his demons' desires.


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Merana Efron| 19| Vampire | Insanity | In love with Liam & Straight | P/B: Shruti Lautner

She is totally normal it's just that her stepfather murdered her mother and she saw that and ran away. She was almost invincible for everyone for a year. She wanted to get revenge. In those two years she turned into a vampire and went back home. She killed her stepfather.She was sent to this asylum and she readily accepted that.Liam who is a councellor there is very helpful though he is helpful to everyone she thinks she is special.She is very good in fighting and martial arts. Anger problem...She loves to sing and dance.


Now we all know that the TTS rules state no violence so I tried MY BEST to keep the gruesome, violent scenes in these character's lives out and just put things like "Guess what happened next" just "hurt". So please don't do too much violence in the extra info/story because I don't want this RP to get deleted or to be banned from this site so plz do me that favor :) Also ik ppl will have alcohol or violence mentioned in their bios but I ASSURE all of you & the mods as well that there will be none of that in this RP. The stories are about their past which means it'll never happen in the RP :) so don't worry about that. Thnx guys and plz join! Byyye <33


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Brianne ; she sighed, she finally woke up from the medication and the nurses had told her that Ariel was sent away as she had to go to normal group couseling. she sighed and was given a notebook so she could write down what she felt and other things - she would soon share them with Doctor Payne on her private meetings as the good Doctor was afraid she wasn't ready to go on the group meetings yet because of her anxiety. she took time to think and finally wrote about her day, she wrote about how selfish she felt for what he said to Louis and how she wanted to change but she also wrote about how pushing people away made it better. she was very confused about what to do so she had decided to just try to get better and do nonrla things with Ariel once she was out of this room. they would let her go back to normal tomorrow if everything was alright and if she didn't have any breakdowns. she kept writing abd she wrote about how she was worried for Harry and Angelica, Jason and Ariel and how she felt guilty for making a sense in front of everyone. she didn't want to be the center of attention. she wanted to go back to being the sweet fun girl that was nice to everyone and she would try to go back to her no matter what. she just hoped she could apologize to Louis even if he hated her for snapping but he needed to learn that self pity was going to get him nowhere. ((Since you made him a Katherine I decided to turn Brianne into a Caroline XD))

((Lol XD great idea cx))

Louis ;; [ He went to group counseling and everyone's eyes went to him. He rolled his eyes and saw the confused looks but ignored them. He saw Harry in the back of the class but ignored him, sitting in the circle and not talking to anyone. He saw Camilla come in and he waved at her a little and gave a small smile then he heard someone run in and felt tiny arms around him and heard crying and "I'm so sorry" 's. He hugged Angelica back and nodded as if saying it was okay and she pulled away and went to the back of the room to Harry. He saw the look on Katherine's face when she walked in and looked at him with a confused look. He shook his head and looked down, picking at the carpet. ]

Angelica ;; [ When she had gone to group counseling, she hugged Louis tightly and said a string of apologies as tears ran down her face, she felt him hug her back and nod as if accepting her apology. She pulled away and looked at Harry in the back of the room and ran over to him, wiping the tears from her eyes but they kept flowing out. ] "Harry I'm so sorry, I was telling Isabelle about how cute you and Louis looked yesterday and Brianne over heard and I'm so sorry, please don't hate me please."

Katherine ;; [ She walked into the group counseling and looked confused at Louis' choice of clothing especially his flower crown since it wasn't it's normal pastel or neon colors. She just shrugged it off and sat in the circle, across from Louis. ]

Isabelle ;; [ She walked into the group counseling and everyone looked at her. She adjusted her mask and walked to the front of the class as Liam looked at her. ]

Liam ;; [ He looked at everyone and nodded in approval when (almost) everyone was there. ] "Okay everyone, this is Isabelle." [ He looked at her when she cleared her throat and wanted to be called by her middle name. ] "Okay and what would that be?"

Isabelle ;; [ She looked at the class and smirked, staring directly at Jason. ] "Emma."

Ariel was kicked out of Brianne's room after she fell asleep to go to group. She walked in and sat where she usually say and stared blankly at the wall. She was tired, she needed Brianne back in her room with her. She missed having her best friend by her side. She had to admit, she was a rad hard on Louis, but he did need to hear all of those things she said. She watched as Dr. Payne introduced Isabelle, but wasn't really listening. She knew this girl was trouble.

Harry looked at Angelica and smiled a bit "It's alright, love. Really, It is. Don't worry about it." He looked at Louis and bit his lip. "Is he alright?" He whispered to her once Dr. Payne started talking.

Jason sat in his usual spot and watched as everyone poured in. Today was an eventful day for everyone and the gossip was spreading like wild fire. He watched Isabelle walk in and go to Dr. Payne who introduces her. He looked confused when she said she wanted to be called something else, but soon his eyes went wide once she said the name, Emma.

Angelica ;; [ She smiled then frowned and shrugged. ] "I don't know, I haven't talked to him until now but he looks mad." 

Isabelle ;; [ She smiled and sat in the circle next to Louis. ]

Liam ;; "Okay well, so since recent events that have happened, you can do whatever you want for today but you must stay in this room until it's time to go." 

Ariel was upset she couldn't leave to see Brianne, but she decided to go check on Louis. She went over to him and tapped his arm lightly 'are you alright? I just wanted to make sure since you just kinda left earlier.' She showed him the board, unsure of how this would go.

Harry looked at Angelica and nodded "Fair enough, I just don't want him to be hurt because of me. I should've thought before I acted." He looked at Angelica "Honestly, I love spending time with Louis and I just forget about everything else when I'm with him." He needed someone to listen to him and right now Angelica was going to be that person for him.

Jason wasn't even sure what to say or do at this point. It suddenly clicked why she looked so familiar to him, she looked how Emma did in his dreams. He was just confused at this point.

Louis ;; [ He looked at Ariel and shrugged as he wrote, 'Fine I guess, I'm just tired of caring about anybody.' He showed the notepad to her and looked down. ]

Angelica ;; [ She shook her head. ] "You didn't hurt him, trust me." [ She smiled a little and sat next to him. ] "What do else do you feel when you're with him?"

Isabelle ;; [ She walked over to Jason and Caleb with a fake frown. ] "Aww what's wrong? Is little Jason sad?" [ She said and smirked. ]

Caleb ; he glared at Emma and if looks could kill she'll be dead. he rolled his eyes at her, " why don't you leave him alone? go away, no one wants you here anyway. " he spoke coldly as he stared at her. he wasn't going to let her play with Jason's head anymore. he was done with her and her stupid ways.

Iris ; she sighed as she played with her fingers looking at the ceiling, she easily shut out all the noise and closed her eyes imagining she was back home with her parents playing the piano.
Iris ; Dr. Payne introduced her after he introduced Emma but no one paid attention to her which she was glad of. she went and sat against the wall and looked down at her fingers not saying much. she didn't think that there would be so much drama in the asylum but she was wrong so many things had been going she had ever heard of a love triangle which only sounded like trouble and she didn't want to get involve but no one looked at her twice so she guessed she was safe. she was near the blonde guy that Emma had looked at ealier and she could see that he was tense so she kept quiet, suddenly nervous. he had someone by his side who was talking on a whisper so she decided to look around and try to see the groups of friends and labels.

Caleb ; he sat next to Jason on the group meeting and when Isabelle said that she liked to be called Emma he felt like someone had just kicked him on the bum. that's why she crept him out, that's why whenever she was near Jason he wanted to push her away - she was the reason Jason was here. she was the one who drove him insane and made him hurt others. he honestly hated the girl and would not think twice before saying smart comments when she came near. he patted Jason on thebackand took a deep breath. " are you alright? " he asked softly as he looked at his only friend.
She focussing on Louis so that she could hear him but suddenly she tried to listen everyone near but she could not hear the thoughts of Liam....
(I guess I made Katherine Edward :P but Katherine can also have a crush :-) quite dangerous though... )

((lol XD she's Kathward :P that's fine ; :o that is very dangerous cx cuz if he doesn't like her, we have to set up his funeral XP))

Camilla filed into the counseling room, after all that had happened eariler there were rumors spread that Isabelle was the voice in most peoples head and she honestly believed it. There was always a bad vibe she gave off, and lucky she hoped that Isabelle wouldn't get inside her head. She searched the room to find a spot seeing Caleb had an empty seat next to him. She sat next to him and gave him a smile. Group counseling began with Dr. Payne introducing Isabelle and when she said she would rather be called Emma it confused her. She then felt Caleb shift beside her and looked, noticing that Jason eyes had gone wide. A frown formed on her face, this obviously caused Jason to feel uncomfortable and confused. She looked up at Isabelle as she sat down with a smile. Was she the reason why Jason was here? Next Dr. Payne introduced Iris. She smiled at her and the watched her sit by the wall alone. Isabelle then walked over to Jason and made a snarky comment, that really upset her. She considered Jason her friend and she didn't want Isabelle to be messing with his head. "Leave...... Alone." The words escaped her mouth, it was faint but still a little hear able to those around her. Joy filled her body as she spoke her first two words but she didn't let her face show it.

Darien was still a little shaky from his encounter with Iris this morning. He really hoped that she wouldn't sit next to him in group counseling. It wasn't that he didn't like her it was just what his disorder did. It pushed people away. His normal corner was open so that's where he stood as usual. When Dr. Payne introduced the other new girl it confused him that she would like to be called Emma and when she sat he followed the smile she threw at someone. It was Jason who eyes were wide. Next Iris was introduced and when she was a little smile grew, but suddenly faded. Why had he smiled? Could it be because she was the only one that made an effort to speak to him. When she was finished being introduced his eyes followed her and he watched where she sat.

Isabelle ;; [ She smirked, hearing Camilla speak. ] "Oh look the little girl spoke." [ She said and giggled, kind of evily. ] "And I'm sorry but I obviously can't leave so deal with it. Cause I can whisper to you and you'll think I'm a voice in your head. And I also can do this." [ She touched Camilla's arm and turned into her, smiling. ] "You'll never know it's me." [ She said in Camila's voice then turned back into herself, standing up and walking away. ]


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