The Twilight Saga

long time ago the wolves got married and had kids but when the vampires attacked every Werewolf in the pack was killed exept for the kids that hid. now there is only the 18 wolves left.

But What will happen when they find each other?will everything fall back into the pack lifes? will everything go back to normal? will the wolves find true love ?









role in the pack(First or Second or third in lead)


Pics-(dont matter what you use)










Pic(dont matter what or who you use)




Lauren doesn't think of herself as particularly beautiful, though she ...

Name-Gabriella Uley (Gabby or Brie)


Parents - Sam and Emily Young Uley

Personality- she can be sweet and is always active around others but she can get upset easly.

Hystory- She and the other kids hid but she ran out of Forks.She didnt know what happen but she is going to find out.










Deon Blanchard, age 17, brown hair, brown eyes

Name- Jason Black


Parents- Jacob and Renesmee Black

Role in Pack- First in Command

Hystory- He ran to the basment of his parents and hid there till he thought it was safe to come out.He saw everything that happen to the Pack and now its his turn to take it in command and find the others or let them came back to him.

Personality- He can Be Fun and serious most of the time.






1. No outside drama.

2.Be nice and creat drama but not to much

3. dont start without me.

4.Have fun and be creative.

5. 1 line or more.


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Scout Ateara 


Quil Ateara & Claire Young

Scout is loyal, smart, clever and cunning. She is never without a plan.

Scout was one of the last kids to make it to the basement. She her the screams of her parents as they were slaughtered and even saw some of it. Since then she has suffered for insomnia and frequent nightmares. She stayed in La Push because even after the horrible things that happened it was still her home. She is one of the first to find Jason. 


Sebastian Clearwater


Seth Clearwater

Second in command

Bass hid in the basements as his parents were killed. He did not see it, but he heard everything and it changed his life forever. After that he left La Push and never looked back. Years later, Bass returns to face his past. He never thought that he'd run into his former pack members. 

Bass is stubborn, sarcastic and quick on his feet. He is a fast thinker and always puts the pack before himself. He is Jason's best friend.  


Thank you !! Lol first one to make one


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