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It is the year 2022. Every year, once a night, all crimes are legal .. including murder. Robbery, murder, kidnapping, etc. is all possible. How will a group of people, some friends, some enemies, survive this wild night? Will they live? Will they not? Nobody knows, until the 12 hours end. And it will be the longest 12 hours of their lives .. And to make it worse, most of them are Supernaturals.



1) Follow All TTS RP Rules & Guidelines

2) No Out Of RP Drama


4) No Hating On This RP :/

5) Don't Join And Never RP

6) Be 2 To 4 People

7) If You Read The Rules Please Comment, 'The Purge'




Character Form:

1 OR 2 Gifs/Pictures

Name | Age | Species | Purger Or Not(Meaning Do They Take Part In The Purge Or Hide? And Yes, I Heard Purging Means Vomiting But Whatever XD) | Love Interest  Extra | P/B

Their Story And Why They Purge (Or Not)



Harold "Harry" Edward Styles | 20 But Supposed To Be 28 | Vampire | Not A Purger | Dating Louis Tomlinson((SORRY IF YOU'RE NOT A LARRY SHIPPER)) | Nothing Extra | P/B: Open
Harry Styles from the former band One Direction(They're broken up in this), had moved to the US with his former bandmates and still best friends/boyfriend. Then one night there was an announcement about The Purge. Once he heard about it, he thought it was fake until he had seen someone be kidnapped on the street with his own eyes and when he called the police, they said it was a part of The Purge. Him and his former bandmates, 5 Seconds Of Summer and other non-purgers(also secret purgers) try to survive the night. Even though he's a vampire, he tries not to kill anyone unless they hurt the people he loves.
Louis William Tomlinson | Looks 22/Is 31 | Vampire/Human | Not A Purger | Dating Harry Styles | Nothing Extra | P/B: ME!!
Louis Tomlinson, also from the former boyband One Direction had moved to the US with his boyfriend and former bandmates. He knew about The Purge and didn't like it at all, but his vampire side of course loved the idea. He hides with his friends and resists the urge to kill and tries not to hurt anybody he loves.
I'm too lazy to make the rest of 1D sooo if you want to be them then make them plzzz? cx and I'm running out of original stories :P sowwiiie
Lucas "Luke" Robert Hemmings |  Human | Not A Purger |  TBA | Nothing Extra | P/B: Me
Luke Hemmings, a member of the boyband 5 Seconds Of Summer decided to stay in the US for a year until The Purge came. He heard of the Purge and was disgusted by it and now tries to hide with his friends, finding out about supernaturals along the way. All he wants to do is go back home.

Ashton Irwin | Human| Not a Purger |TBD| None | P/B: Okay? Okay.

Beside the fact that Ashton is from the Australia, so coming from there to the US for a tour and seeing that there is literally a day where any law means nothing is very weird and terrifying, Ashton also has the responsibility of protecting and calming his sister down. He has to keep her safe.

Michael Clifford | 18 | Human | Purger | TBA | ... | Reborn

Michael thought it would be nice to experiment something new. He didn't want to hurt anyone but he'll do it if he has to. When he came to the U.S he had no idea what was going on, and really didn't care much about the purge, but then, he felt curious and when he started he just wasn't able to stop. He left the group because they weren't purgers. 

((I know I use Austin A LOT but I looove him sooo much cx Best character I ever made :P))
Austin Lou Roman | 16 | Vampire/Fairy(Doppleganger) | Secret Purger | Crushing On Harry Styles | He has Multiple Personality Disorder so even though he doesn't want to hurt people, his violent personality does. So far he only has 3 but may have more | P/B: Me
Austin Roman, the younger brother of Velencia Roman, is a HUGE nerd and is very shy and sweet .. but he also has a disorder called Multiple Personality Disorder, so far he's only experienced 3 personalities, his regular sweet & nerdy self, a violent/murdering maniac and a broken, depressed, suicidal boy that always cries and barely speaks. This is his first time experiencing The Purge since he recently moved to the US from England to see his sister. He soon finds One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer and other people trying to hide from the Purgers, the problem, he doesn't know when any of his personalities will switch .. and if they do, he might kill somebody ..
Velencia "Vel" Belle Roman | 19 | Vampire/Werewolf | Purger | TBA | Has Schizophrenia/Insanity: Hears Voices In Her Head Telling Her Things Like She's A Waste Of Space Or She Shouldn't Live/Sees Things That Aren't There | P/B: Me
Velencia "Vel" Roman, is the older sister of Austin Roman, she is rude and a total diva. She was never like this until she started experiencing Schizophrenia where she sees things that aren't really there, since Austin had lived with her rich father in England and she stayed with her poor mother in the US, her mother could never afford a doctor's appointment so her mother never knew what she had, she called her daughter crazy when she heard voices and never believed her when she saw something which caused her to become very rude and distant. The Purge was a place for her to let the voices in her head take over, when they said kill someone, she did it. When it said kidnap someone, she did it. When it said hurt yourself, she did it but she never killed herself which was what the voices always told her to do. Now she'll find whoever she can to let her anger out on, maybe even her brother.

Shaelynn "Shae" Irwin | 19 | Witch | Not a Purger | Has a crush on Luke| She's best friends with Harry, and is Ashton's sister. She also has PTSD | P/B: Okay? Okay. |

When Shae was eighteen, she had a boyfriend named James. At first, their relationship was fine, but a rumor went around school that she was cheating on him, although she wasn't. James got mad, and beat Shae to near death. This traumatized Shae so much. He threatened to kill her family and friends if he ever saw her again. So, Shae decided to go on tour with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys, including her brother. Since Shae was so traumatized by the violence of James, she can't stand violence anymore, so she hides during the Purge.


Autumn Fay | 18 | Metamorph | Not a Purger | Ashton Irwin | Extremely smart. Hysteric | Reborn

A year before the Purge began, Autumn's family was brutally murdered leaving her all by herself, so when the Purge started she felt like that was a perfect way to avenge her family, but everytime she tried to do something wrong, the face of her dead relatives stormed to her brain and she felt like she was exactly like those who killed them, so she decided to hide. Anyway, she's extremely clever and smart, and doesn't like to admit or accept any of her feelings. Sometimes she has attacks of hysteria but they only last a couple of hours. She found the others while hiding.

Jasleen Waters | 18| Human |Not Purger| TBA | P/B- Shruti Lautner
She grew up in a very happy environment. she decided to save purgers frm doing bad to their own kind but they tried to kill her. she was saved by Zayn.. She is dying as she is suffering frm cancer ... She wants complete some wishes before dying...

 Bruce Black| 19 forever | Vampire | Purger | Love does not exist for him| P/B-Shruti Lautner
Bruce parents died in front of his eyes when he of about 11 years. A gangster took him and trained him. He has tattoos all over his body .He remained in hate. When things were getting better his godfather, certainly died. He became more inhuman. He never had anyone to love and care about.

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Yup :/

Should we just start??


Okay :( I hope the other ppl that joined are still on this site.

((BTW SOMEONE NEEDS TO PLAY HARRY!! And I realized the purge is active for 12 hours not 24 so it's 12 hours now cx))

Louis ;; [ He was with the boys in his and Harry's house. They were watching TV and he knew what today was but he didn't have the guts to tell the boys, knowing they would think he's gone crazy. Before they moved to the US, he knew about the purge but of course he didn't say anything. He hated the idea but since he was half vampire, his vampire side loved the idea of getting to kill anyone you wanted. He switched to the news and hoped they would mention the Purge. ]

Luke ;; [ Him and the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer were visiting the US as a break for their tour. He was flipping through channels on the TV in his hotel room then he saw a news channel and they explained that the annual Purge would commence later that evening. He listened in confusion and his eyes widened when they said crime was legal. He ran out of his hotel room and banged Ashton's door. ] "ASH!! ASH!!! ASH COME OUT!!!" [ He started banging on Michael's door then Calum's. ]

Austin ;; [ He was in a diner and was drinking a milkshake, staring at the TV screen above the counter. He had heard of the Purge the day before and on every news channel, they were talking about and explaining it for people who just came to the US. He didn't like it at all and thought it was disgusting and would just make everyone go to hell. He honestly had nowhere to hide, he came here to see his sister but his mom wouldn't answer the phone and neither would his sister and he didn't even know where they lived. Hopefully he'd fine someone's house to hide at. ]

Velenica ;; [ She was in the store, getting things ready for the Purge. Although she didn't need weapons since she could easily rip someone's heart out, she got some anyway .. just in case. She had left her phone at home and was hoping Austin wasn't here, she didn't want him near her. He practically abandoned her when she needed him most. He was having fun in the UK being rich and showered with anything he wanted whereas her and her mom were lucky enough to get a burger from McDonalds. She had went to a store that sold weapons for free today for the Purge. She left a little while later and started walking home. ]

oh! it started!!
"The purge is stupid for me as all the illegal things are legal for me forever.I would not take part in it. His phone rang and he got an order from boss to take charge of purgers but he declined it and decided to just take part rather than taking part...

"This is insane and stupid! ...I don't believe it Purge really!."


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