The Twilight Saga

The quileute pack had been attack by vampires and most of them died all except there kids. Now its up to the kids to take charge of Forks. Little do they no that some of them will imprint and some wont. there will be Drama , love, hate and even alittle of feelings.

Charater form




history/about yourself-


Part in command


Boy and Girl (optional but we need guys too)( Can not be your own siblings or mate)

 No outside drama 

no being rude just a little drama

have fun and be creative

dont ignore other characters

if you dont come back to the character you made in a few days then it will be past up



Jacob and renesmee(Girl and Boy)

Sam and Emily(Boy and girl)

Quil and Claire(Boy and Girl

Paul and Rachel(Boy and Girl)

Jared and Kim(Boy and Girl)


Name-Alexis (Lex) Lahote


parents Paul and Rachel 

history/about yourself- I was there the day they were attacked some Blonde girl claiming that she should of done this long before us kids were born. I was the one who tried my best to help but failed along the way. The pack now thinks i tried but i know that i could of done better. But enought of that cause i feel guilty already. My name is Alexis i just turned 15 and im a werewolf along with the other kids here. I have a broken wrist from helping but thats nothing.I am as sweet as can be but i dont take orders from anyone or anything. I love to hang out in the hide out zone i made ....Oops dont tell. 


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looks interesting.

you can join if you want :)

Is it ok if I made a character that isn't a werewolf, human nor vampire but a creature they thought were a myth plus I need help with a rp idea.

you can but then you would have to explain how its possible and how the person is related 

She's not related to any of them but she does get imprinted on because she is a mermaid.

Elizabeth "Beth" Ateara
Quil and Claire
Beth is the younger child of Quil and Claire. She has already shifted and wants nothing more than to find her mate like every other girl. She spends most of her time drawing, which she is amazing at, or just sitting on the beach watching the water. Beth is very calm and laid back but she always fights for what she believes in and for her pack/family.

thank you , sorry i been off and on 

Aspen Grace Uley


Sam and Emily

Aspen is Sam and Emilys daughter, and has her fathers temper and her mothers cooking skills. She will tell it how it is and won't let other get hurt if they don't have to. Aspen can also be a bit of a clutz. Aspen likes to read in her free time or go out and go do something fun. She can be shy at first but awesome when you get to know more about her. She rips herself to pieces because of her parents dying. She phased two days after their death. She looks almost just like her father in wolf form. Although it is said that werewolfs have big appetites, she rarely has a big one. Aspen also has her eyebrow pierced and two colors in her jet black hair, blue and a blonde/white color. Aspen is all around a people person. 

Robby James Black


Jacob and Nessie Black

Robby is the oldest child of Jacob and Nessie. He phased before his parents were killed and tried to help but failed, he only got a scar on his cheek from the fight. Robby is very tall, just as a werewolf normally is. Robby likes to work out as a way to let off steam, if you can't find him he is either working out or finding something to eat. He'd never tell anyone this but he actually wants to imprint, so he doesn't feel so alone. He really isn't big on the cliff diving thing.

Link Cameron 


Jared and Kim

Link is a good looking guy,and he knows it. He flirts,joke,and dates all the girls around town. He doesn't really care about imprint are spending forever with someone. He wants to have fun and live as much as he can.

Part in command

Arabella Lahote


Paul and Raechel

Arabella is the oddest of the pack. Her skin is pale, her hair blonde, and her eyes are bluest os sapphires.  Her parents dont know where her looks come from,but they love her all the same. She has a short temper like her dad. She shifted and has most of controlling down. She doesn't want to imprint. 

Part in command


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