The Twilight Saga

It's been two months since the end of the human race and other species began. The vampires were trying to take over the earth. They have been building an army and kidnapping teenagers to use as blood banks, but what they don't know is there's a resistance building it's self too. A bunch of young people of different species: (4)werewolves, (2)witches/(2)warlocks, (3)demons/(3)angels, one vampire, (3)humans(Hunters like in Supernatural), (2)shapeshifters[Not the Supernatural Kind], 2(Sirens), [If you'd like a different, not named here, species, ASK ME FIRST]

The name of this resistance is ______ (don't have it yet). They are young, strong, confident, courageous and prepared to save their planet. They continue to build as they save more and more people from the vampires, but they have to under go training before fighting in the field. They don't want to lose anyone too quickly. The leaders of the resistance are two people, the vampire and a demon. They give the orders.

HINT: Vampires can die from a wooden stake to the heart or head getting chopped completely off in this RP.


The Form:

Full Name | Played By: || Age Looks(17-25)/Real Age || Species || Group(R. or V.) || Love Interest(s)/Imprint || Weapon || Power(s)/Gift(s) || Face Claim || Extra(Like/Dislike)
Short Bio(See my examples)


Boy & girl. No exceptions
You can make as many characters as you want, your MAX is SIX.
Follow the Plot. Please do not take over my RP and start a whole new thing in it. Thanks.
Do not crush on yourself.
Drama is loved here. So please in character drama, like love triangles or a cat fight over someone (;
The Age Looks are ONLY Seventeen(17) to Twenty-Five(25). The real age is whatever you want, but it has to be over 17 years.
Please make detail replies, no two liners or one liners.
Proper spelling and Grammar to the best of your ability. No text talk ever.
Please do not GOD MODE, meaning do not make others' characters do something without their consent.
Please do not ditch. If you'd like to leave, tell me, I will put up you characters as available. Also tell why you're leaving. If you do not reply within a two week span and I haven't heard from you, I'll assume you no longer want to be in the RP.
YES you can reserve characters until you have the chance to create them.
No perfect characters, make flaws guys.
Have fun!
Before adding up your characters, post 'Find the Sunshine' if you have read all the background and rules. Thanks!

Vampire Army: sail.(1) | Faith(2) | NYAB(1) | Aria(1) | Shruti(1)
Werewolves: Guys: sail.(1), Faith(1) | | Girls:Stella(1)  1Girl OPEN
Witches(FEMALE): sail.(1). Aria(1) | | Warlocks(MALE): 2 OPEN
The Vampire: sail.
Demons: Guys:Stella(1), Shruti(1) | | Girls: Faith(1)
Angels: Evon(1) 1 Girl OPEN, 1 Boy OPEN
Hunters: Guys: Evon(1) With You X(1), | | Girl: With You X(1)
Shapeshifters: 1 Boy OPEN | | Girl: NYAB(1)
Sirens: 1 Reserved for ♥


The Resistance:

Rae Barnes | Played By: sail. || Nineteen / 4 3 3 || Witch || Resistance || To Be Determined || Bow & Arrows(Wooden) / Spells || She's a witch, she casts spells, duh. || Ashley Benson || --
When Rae was young both of her parents died in a war. When she was thirteen she looked out of her house and saw as guards of the kingdom she lived in kill her mother and father. She then went with her older brother, who is now dead, and they ran as far as they could, escaping the kingdom and living in a forests for several years, learning how to control their gifts, they met an elderly warlock who taught them everything they know, but when Peter was protecting Rae in the night, he was killed by warriors of the old kingdom who were on patrol. Ever since then, Rae has been alone. It's been 390 years since then and when she met Scott they became friends and have been fighting side by side for 22 years now.


Kaden Truneths | Played By: sail. || Eighteen || Werewolf || Resistance || To Be Determined || His Wolf Form is his favorite Weapon || Shifting into a wolf || Dylan O'brien || --
Kaden has lived in the same town his entire life, never once left to go on vacation or anything. He played for his lacrosse team all four years of high school and now that he's out of high school, the world is ending. Great, just great. He had met Rae at a party a couple of months back and they went on a date, but they never did again, she only did that so he could meet Scott, so they could determine if he'd be a good addition to the Resistance group they were building. He decided to stay in the group and help fight. So he did.


Scott Barnes | Played By: sail. || Twenty-Two/ 6 3 9 || The Vampire || Resistance || To Be Determined || A wooden stake & his sword to cut off the head. || He can controls all the elements. || Hunter Parrish || He may seem tough but he has a soft side too.
Scott was originally part of a royal family until he was abducted as a 18 year old boy. He was abducted by vampires, and that's when he lived with them for 4 years until they bit him and turned him. He then escaped from them after killing them all. He ran and ran, and now he's been a vegetarian and he had been on his own for 595 years. Then when he met Rae, he helped her, she had a similar life. So they became close friends and fought by each other's sides for a very long time. Rae is now like his little sister and if she gets hurt, all hell will be raised with in him.


Gretta Horn | Played By:NotYourAverageBeauty || Eighteen / 1 8 || Shape shifter || Resistance || Got the hots for Kaden || Handles a sword well but Has a gift for archery. || Change her appearance. Cant shift into animals only people. || Jennifer Lawrence || Can be used as a spy on the other side. She is deceptive and good liar, but is trustworthy to those she is loyal to.
Her father was part of the secret service. She basically grew up surrounded by secrets and lies. When the apocalypse hit, she used all the training her father gave her and snuck away into the background. She's been in hiding for the majority of the take over. She heard whispers of the Resistance and dove in head first.


Ambrosia Mikealson | Played By: Faith Lehane || Twenty - One / 6 0 0|| Demon || Resistance || Scott Barnes || Hand to Hand and her special knife(can kill vampires) || Normals demons abilities(enchanced strength, resistance to damage,etc) and Telekinesis || Katie Cassidy || She has a knife that was made in hell, that can kill vampires and other supernaturals
She was originally on the Vampire Armies side with a group of demons, but when the vampires slaughtered them all without a second thought she changed her mind and joined the Resistance. Back when she was a human she was a witch, so she has knowledge of spells and can still perform some. She was burned alive after her village found out, and since she had made a deal she went to hell. After being tortured and stripped of her humanity in hell, she became a demon, but still managed to hold on to some of her humanity, so she still cares somewhat.


Kol | Played By: Faith Lehane || Twenty - Five || Werewolf || Resistance || To Be Determined || He can track people || Joseph Morgan || He has a intense hatred for vampires.
Kol's 17 year old Sister Rebekah was kidnapped by the Vampire army, and he does not currently know if she is alive or dead. His 3 other siblings were also slaughtered, so he is very passionate about this.


Sienna Reed | Aria Monroe || Eighteen || Witch || Resistance || Crushin on Scott || Magic, plus a wooden stake. || Magic || Chachi Gonzalez || -
Magic is the only thing that's been able to get Sienna through it all. Yeah, she comes off as this bubbly, bright girl, but behind her smile is a troubled past. Her mother died at birth, leaving her in the hands of her father. He was a wonderful man and they had a great relationship, but after a vampire raid he was turned and the bite changed him for the worse. He became a vicious man and for years he hunted Sienna hoping to turn her too. After a few years she was able to settle down in Seattle with a coven where she met a lovely warlock, with whom she became best friends with. But the vampires won out again and everyone she loved was ripped from her life. You'd think that all of this would make her bitter, but she tries to focus on the positive. She's just happy to have a place to belong... and she'll be happier when she's had revenge.


Kit Holland || Stella || Nineteen / 6 8 4 || Demon || Resistance || To Be Decided || He doesn't need one || upper level demon abilities || Logan Lerman || -
Kit was born in the 12th century England. His parents were wealthy for there time. But there are somethings even money can't buy. Kit was the only one of his siblings to survive past infancy. This lead Kit's mother to make a deal. She wanted just one more child. And so nine months later his sister was born. As the years went by Kit's sister survived past infancy and for a little while they were happen. We Kit was thirteen his mother died unexpectedly. Little did he know that her ten years were up. After his mother's death he became bitter, angry and a bully. He remained this way until he was nineteen. When Kit was nineteen he contracted the plague. He was sick for a long time before he eventually died. Kit went to hell. Probably because he did more harm than good in his life. Over the years he became a demon. Kit has learned from his mistakes. He has let go of his anger and hate. Kit believes that demons are misunderstood. Not all of them, but some. He surprisingly remembers what it's like to be human. This is why he joined the resistance.


Kylara Youngblood || Stella || Eighteen || Werewolf || Resistance || To Be Decided || Hand to hand combat || Able to shift into a wolf, can communicate with other wolves telepathically || Shelley Hennig || -
Kylara comes from a long line of werewolves, but the gene is hit and miss. She is the only one of four siblings to be born with the gene. Her father is also a werewolf, but her mother is human. He taught her everything she knows. How to control the temptations and pain on the full moon. Most importantly he taught her not to be scared. Ky still has trouble controlling the shifting, but she manages. Everything changed for her a little over a year ago. She returned home from a friends house to find her family slaughtered. Drained of there blood. All except her father who was missing. She found his body a weak later, tortured and mutilated. After that she became bitter. She killed every vampire she could. The resistance found her on one of her rampages and she reluctantly joined them. She doesn't listen to rules and isn't really a team player. Kylara is stubborn and sarcastic. She often speaks her mind which gets her into trouble.


Eric Swift | Shruti Lautner || 18/110 || Demon || Resistance || TBD || any || Power of calling army of hades for a period of time || Sharukh Khan || He likes to paintHe has decided to help Resistance . He is a very quite but powerful person for resistance but sometimes when he is angry he could not control himself , something remains in him the devil .


Skylar Lewis | Played By: With You x || Eighteen || Human || R || Kaden || Wooden Stake Crossbow || Lucy Hale || Likes: Nice people, working on her own, friends, her brother Dislikes: Control freaks, bad people, Vampire Army
She has been described as cute, adorable and selfless, Skylar has lost alot, her sister, one of her brothers and both her parents, but she has on remaining brother, Sean. She has become very courageous and brave like no other girl has ever seen before, she is her own person and doesn't like anyone to rain on her parade or take advantage of her. She joined the resistance when her and her brother rescued by members but she has a blurred memory of it all. Overall she is a down to earth person and prefers to work alone then with a team.


Sean Lewis || Played By: With You x || Seventeen || Human || R || To Be Determined || Shot gun loaded with wooden bullets || Josh Hutcherson || Likes: Hot girls, people who understand him, his sister Disklikes: Cheaters, jerks, stuck up girls and bad people.
Sean is described to be silly, cute and very protective. He is Skylar's younger brother and her only family left, he loves his sister too much to loose her. He is very brave and very serious about what he does, but at times when the resistance sister down to have for instance he would crack up joke and things. He used to have a big crush on Rae before he found out how old she was. Some times when Sean feels like he wants to cry, he will walk out of the room immediately and find his sister. Overall Sean is an outgoing person with a colorful personality but is sensitive at the same time.


Jullian Ian Watkins || Alyssa || 23/23 || Shape Shifter || Resistance || To Be Determined || Hand to Hand , Knife , Wooden Stake || None || Ian Somerhalder ||
Short Bio : Jullian is a very quiet person at times, but is a rough guy. He can be cruel, but when he loves someone he really does, and he cares. He feels once he gets close to someone he will lose them. During the vampire outbreak, he lost his sister and mother and father, and he constantly feels guilty that he was the only one that survived. Under his thick exterior, he is one the most caring people you have ever met.


Vampire Army:

Ryann Ridder | Played By: sail. || Eighteen / 1 9 || Vampire || The Vampire Army || To Be Determined || Knives & hand-to-hand combat || She read minds || Crystal Reed || She's treated like a child because she is the youngest of the vampires.

Barely a year ago, Ryann was turned from human to vampire by the head of the all the vampire army. He had been watching for months before he turned her, but he made his final decision after he saw her get in a fist fight with some one on school property. Since she was turned everyone else would give her crap and not let her fight or do anything because she was so young and fresh. A few of the young guys, may 30 or 40 years into vampire life, have hit on her but she fought them off.


Carson Jacobs | Played By: Shruti || Twenty-Three/ 2 2 5 || Vampire || Vampire Army || Kathrine & Carter || Anything || He can cause pain with the use of his mind. || Colton Haynes || Colton is a tough guy but he also loves to show off for the ladies.
Carson is a tough type of guy, whom doesn't like to be interrupted, he's also a ladies man. He likes to show off to the ladies, and flirt..... a lot. Carson is second in command in a way but not completely, the only reason is because Eric was his mentor through the past two hundred years. Eric found him and took him under his wing, showing him how to fight and leave no mercy for any human. Eric at first was just going to kill him but then he got the idea of the army, so technically Carson is the start of the army.  When he was turned the vampire that had turned him gave him a choice to die, turn or let his sister die. So he chose to be turned. He then killed that vampire and Eric found him. 


Carter Greggs | Played By: OPEN || Seventeen / Twenty - Four || Vampire || Vampire Army || Ryder Blackwood || Hand-to-Hand & Her gift || She can cause one's self pain with her mind. || Holland Roden || She is a complete sweetie to her friends, and to Ryder, she's completely flirtatious, but her and Kathrine seem to clash a little when it comes to Ryder.
Bio is to be written at a later time.


Daniel (Danny) Scott | Played By: NotYourAverageBeauty|| Twenty / 7 5 || Vampire|| Vampire Army || To Be determined || Sword. Hand to Hand || Vampire || Liam Hemsworth || A more quiet and reserved guy. He stands back and does what he's told.
Danny was apart of the take over from the beginning. Being someone reliable he is often given tough jobs. He's been around darkness for so long his morals seem questionable. However, inside he struggles. His compassionate heart forces him to hold on to every kill he makes. He carry's a book with their names written in it to honor them in his own way.


Katerina Von Swartzchild (goes by Katherine) | Played By: Faith Lehane || 19)/879 || Vampire || Vampire Army|| To Be Determined || She does not need one,but knows how to use guns and a sword. Hand to Hand || Mind Control, Normal vampires powers || Nina Dobrev || Katherine is very intelligent and manipulative, and can be quite blood thirsty and cruel.
Katherine is a high ranking member of the Vampire army because of her age, mindset and skills. She is a force to be reckoned with, and because of her damaged human life, when she was turned she became slight unstable, although intelligent. She is quite selfish, and would be willing to sacrifice anyone to save her own skin. Katerina was a young German peasant, who was born too Bulgarian parents. She had a baby at 15 before marriage, and was banished by her family to england since she shamed them. there she met eric, who soon had a sort of sick twisted fascination with the innocent village girl. when she was 16 he kidnapped her and made her a blood slave, and physically and mentally tortured her so she would become twisted and lose as much of herself as she could. Once he broke as much of her spirit as possible, he turned her, and now she is extremely loyal to him although she resents him somewhat.

Eric Northman | Played By: Faith Lehane || Twenty - Five / 1 , 1 0 0 || Vampire || Vampire Army || To Be Determined ||hand to hand, and well he has a army || All his physical abilities are enhanced greatly || Alexander Skarsgard || He is the Leader of the Vampire Army
Eric was turned back in the viking times after his entire family was slaughtered by werewolves, and he quickly became a force to be reckoned with. He slaughtered the entire wolf pack, even the ones that were not there, and to this day still hunts down descendants and kills them for sport. He has a intense dislike for humans and traitors, and shows no mercy.


Ryder Blackwood | Aria Monroe || Eighteen / 2 4 8 || Vampire || Vampire Army || To Be Determined || His Powers || Mind Reading & Illusions || Alex Pettyfer || -
Since Ryder was born, he was trained to be evil, to destroy. His power allows him to look deep into the minds of others and create their worse fears in front of him, but that is not all he does. First, he'll lure in his prey with his words and a scene from a storybook; he likes to play games. But he doesn't know anything else. His mother was a vampire too, but she was insane and immediately immersed him in her twisted world and now he knows nothing else.


Iris Styles | Shruti Lautner || 18/22 || Vampire || Vampire army || TBD || Sword and guns || Can take others power by a touch || Deepika Padukone || None She wants the vampire in rule not the humans . She feels that she is the most powerful person in Vampire army . She hates Ryder . She feels Scott is the powerful member of Resistance . Now she has learnt to control her power of absorbing others powers .


Ayla Larissa LaBrant || Alyssa || 18/97 || Vampire || Vampire Army || Infatuated With Kol || Hand to Hand || Compultion (Controlling Someone) || Candace Accola ||
Short Bio : Ayla is very much her own person. She stands up for herself, and is a very blunt girl. She let people walk all over her when she was human, and let people tell her what to do, but once she was changed she became a very "intense" person. She has her moments where she still has her humanity, and the sweet little innocent girl shows through. But she isn't afraid of a fight. She grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, until she ran away when she was 16. She wanted to sing, so she ran to L.A. After a night at the club on her 18th birthday, she was attacked, by a vampire. She was supposed to be killed. Luckily she survived, but she hates what she has become.


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can i be kaden's love interest :) ill make that girl and ill also make a boy!

Yes(: what species will you be taking? You have to do two different ones.

Gretta Horn | Played By:NotYourAverageBeauty || Age Looks18)/18 || Shape shifter || R || Got the hots for Kaden || Handles  a sword well but Has a gift for archery.   || Change her appearance. Cant shift into animals only people. || Jennifer Lawrence || Can be used as a spy on the other side. She is deceptive and good lier, but is trustworthy to those she is loyal to. 

Her father was part of the secret service. She basically grew up surrounded by secrets and lies. When the apocalypse hit, she used all the training her father gave her and snuck away into the backround. Shes been in hiding for the majority of the take over. She heard whispers of the Resistance and dove in head first. 

Daniel (Danny) Scott | Played By: NotYourAverageBeauty|| Age Looks(20)/75 || Vampire|| V || tbd || Sword. Hand to Hand || Vampire || Liam Hemsworth || A more quiet and reserved guy. He stands back and does what hes told. 

Danny was appart of the take over from the beginning. Being someone reliable he is often given tough jobs. He's been around darkness for so long his morals seem questionable. However, inside he struggles. His compassionate heart forces him to hold on to every kill he makes. He carry's a book with their names written in it to honor them in his own way. 


for sure! just message me when you wanna start

can i make one girl angel and one guy hunter, please? :3

Did you read the rules?

Are the demons the supernatural type?

and can i make a love interest for scott?

Yes, and yes, I know a lot of people with most likely want to have a love interest on Scott, so I wanna RP with like a huge love triangle. 

okay kool. love drama haha. im making 4 characters, 2 bad two good. and 'Find the Sunshine'



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