The Twilight Saga

the time machine is made by Steven Thompson and he wants to experiment it , he takes his friends Tyler ,Chris, Justin with him . there is a problem in that time machine it can only go in past . during there journey there time machine fails and falls in a mixed time where all the revolutions are happening together French , Indian , Russian etc . and they are scattered in different places and fall IN LOVE .

                                                           WILL THEY BE SAVED?             


                                                               COUPLE 1
name- Steven Thompson / age- 22 / crush- Lisa / revolution- Indian revolution / species- Vampire (control elements of earth)/bio- He is the scientist after a long time finally he makes an time machine with a limitation . his time machine fails and all his friends are scattered in different revolutions , soon he falls in love with a British girl , theyt run and fight . he soon finds a way to make all his friends together . p/b- me

                                                   Name- Lisa Akins / age- 20 / crush- Steven /revolution- Indian revolution / species- human / bio- She is a British official (Daughter of the main leader) . She was roaming when she met Steven they talked she was confused by his talks but she falls in love with him  . she supports her and believes him at any cost . she is a confident character . p/b-

                                                              Couple 2


Name- Tyler Watson / age - 19 / crush- Alaina / revolution- french revolution / species- human / bio- he is a fun guy roams around during a war stupidly . A girl there finds him and saves him , they talk at first the girl doesn't believe his story later they fall in love . p/b-

Alaina Martin    make yourself (she is witch)                                                                                                 Couple 3 

Name- Chris Sparks / age-  20 / crush- Maria Vansin / REVOLUTION- Russian revolution / species- Werewolf / bio- He is quite less friendly but a very calm and polite boy though he is a werewolf . he is the best friend of Tyler . by chance he and justin fall at the same place. he finds a girl wounded in a battle helps her and fall in love . p/b-

name- Maria Vansin / age - 20 / crush - Chris and Justin / Revolution- Russian revolution / species - Hybrid / bio- She was at the war and wounded Chris found her . She does not believe Chris but Justin more . She later starts to feel for Chris too later . She gets confused . p/b- me

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