The Twilight Saga

We all know the story of Clar Frey and Jace Wayland, but now their story has come to a end, and their children's is about to begin.


Their four children along with Isabelle's two, grew up learning the way of the shadow hunter, and they also engaged in the mundane world. They went to high school and then came home to their studies.


Mixing in with the mundanes work for  while but soon a demon along with a vampire,  showed up together at school function late one night, to dispose of the young shadow hunters.


The young shadow hunters, had no problem protecting themselves and the mundanes there that night. But little did the know that after that their world might change for ever.


Demons and Downworlders are starting to form together, to try and take over the human race and knock out the shadow hunters for good.



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Allison (Ally) Jace - me


Ally is a spiting image of her father Jace, she even holds his name as her middle name.. She isn't shy at all, she is very bubbly and normally happy all the time. She loves drawing like her mother and normally she don't do what she is told. She loves to read and can be a bit nerdy at time But if you make her mad you better run. She a fighter and has the attitude just like her father. She finds joy in hunting and killing demons. She is short and small like her mother but don't let that mislead you for she is as strong a her father. She is also daddy's little girl

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Shadow Hunter




James Mark - me


James is just a mundane or so he thought, he has the sight like Clary and since he was left as a baby on the front steps of his adopted parents house, he knows nothing about his real parents. He first discovered shadow hunters that night at the school when the demon and vampire showed up. Since then he has just been along for the ride. He is very sweet and isn't a fighter, but he will fight for what he loves. He is also a major goof ball

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Katherine Marie Lightwood
Katherine goes by Kat and is Isabelle's daughter. She is very calm and laid back but don't let that fool you, she will always fight for what she believes in and for those that she loves. In her free time, she loves to draw and practice. She is best with daggers and is always willing to fight when she can. She wishes that she was fighting demons instead of doing schoolwork.
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Shadow Hunter
Matthew Kincaid Owens
Matt was left on the Institute steps when he was just a baby and has lived there ever since. He is very easy to get along with and is always willing to help in a fight. He has never stopped trying to find out who is parents are but hasn't had many leads. He loves going to school and learning mundane things
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Shadow Hunter

Vivienne Ravenscar


Vivienne is from a well known Shadow hunter family, and was born in Alicante. She was a only child, and was trained from a early age, like most Shadow hunters. She excelled in all her subjects, especially hand to hand combat. Her mother died in battle when Vivienne was 13, and her father left her at the new york institute, then never came back. Vivienne thinks of Isabelle as almost her mother of sorts, and is close with Katherine. Vivienne is sarcastic, head strong, fierce, and intelligent. She considers Shadow hunters above Mundanes to a certain degree, and hates doing normal mundane things. 


Shadow Hunter

Damon Verlac


Damon was born in New York to shadow hunter parents, and was raised and trained in the Academy his whole life. He enjoys fighting demons and thinks of Vivienne like a little sister, and they often fight, although he gets embarrassed because she usually beats him. He is a decent guy but holds him self to a high standard, thinking that mundanes are boring and stupid


Shadow Hunter


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