The Twilight Saga

When famous novelist Alan Wake goes on vacation with his wife Alice, he has no idea that the idyllic town of Bright Falls will soon be the site of a terrible battle between good and evil that could threaten everything, even Wake's own sanity.

A young, psychological action thriller, best-selling novelist by the name of Alan Wake, realizes that he is suffering from severe writer's block. Hoping that taking a vacation will calm his mind and help him get over his writer's block, Alan, accompanied by his beloved wife Alice, travels to the small town of Bright Falls in the American Pacific Northwest. When Alice mysteriously disappears, and Alan's writing seems to take on a deadly life of its own, his real nightmare begins. Using any source of light he can find, he must fight those 'Taken' by the Darkness, along with a group of people willing to fight with him, to save his wife, the town, and discover what he can about the true nature of the Dark Presence.

Along the way, Alan and his friends, meet the Cullens, and the Cullens help him with whatever he needs, whether it'd be knowledge on the Taken, or some upgraded flashlights, batteries, ammo and some weapons. Though, the Cullens are not helpful in actual combat against the Taken [ since they are supernatural creatures ] they can help Alan Wake fight them with all the supplies and knowledge they've got.

Will you help fight the Taken with Alan Wake...? 


TWILIGHT RELATION: The Cullens Are Protagonists. The Taken Are Vampire Figures. Setting Also In Forks.

| Rules | 

| Be A Boy & A Girl *Including A Cullen* Please |

| Follow The Plot & Important Information |

| Please Don't Ditch, Every Role Is Important, and If You Are Not Committed, Please Do Not Join |

| Detailed Lines *Also Meaning Writing In Third Person, If You Make A Mistake On This, I Will Address You On It* |

| If You've Read The Rules, Please Write "The Light Will Conquer The Dark Presence" In Your Reply |

Character Form: 

[ 2 GIFs ]

Full Name || Age *19+ || Love Interest || FC: ||

Weapons [ Include Flashlight Or Any Other Source Of Light ] || Played By ||

Bio [ Include Why You're Helping Alan, How You Met Him, Personality ] ||

Alan Wake's Handbook *Not Completed*

The Taken:

- This Is What The Taken Look Like, & This Is The Only Way To Defeat The Taken * Light & A Weapon 

The Poltergeist

- Moving objects controlled by darkness. HIGHLY dangerous.




Alan Wake || Twenty-Six || Alice-Married || FC: Henry Cavill ||

Combat Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Flashlight || Me ||

Alan Wake is a tired writer in search of a vacation, a place where he could forget everything. While he was once much happier in his life and marriage, his rise to fame coupled with a developing writer's block has made him rather short tempered. At times he can still be caring and sympathetic, but this is rare as he is becomes more frustrated with his life and work. Sadly, continuous pursuit of fans and paparazzi have made him somewhat cynical to people, which is why he usually spends most of his time with his wife, Alice. Alan's history of substance abuse combined with his insomnia makes him especially prone to anger. He is also very strong-willed and brave, although at times blurs the lines between courage and stubbornness. This is in part fueled by his intense love for Alice, making him willing to take on the seemingly invincible Dark Presence in the hope of saving her. ||


Alice Wake || Twenty-Four || Alan-Married || FC: Emilie De Ravin ||

 || TAKEN [ Summer Love ] ||

Alice is a well-trained photographer and the wife of Alan. The two had a very turbulent marriage in some ways, seeing Alan sometimes can suffer from depression or writers block. Alice also has a fear of darkness, or nyctophobia. According to Alan, she feels that darkness is in a way something awful and something that you could "feel or touch." When in darkness, she usually stays completely still in horror until the lights come back on. ||

Barry Wheeler || Twenty-Five || Zoey || FC: Dylan O'Brien ||

Crowbar, Headlight & Christmas Lights || TAKEN [ S t e l l a™ ] ||

Barry Wheeler was born in New York and has been Alan's best friend since childhood, and as Alan wrote as a teenager, Barry became his literary agent. For years, Barry has helped Alan write and even though Alan suffers with his writers block, Barry still tries to poke ideas out of him. Alan looks at Barry as a true friend as he has been there for him from an early age. ||


Bella Cullen [ TAKEN *™ ρяιη¢єѕѕ ¢нι †* ]

Edward Cullen [ OPEN ]

Esme Cullen [ OPEN ]

Carlisle Cullen [ TAKEN *Me* ]

Alice Cullen [ TAKEN *Alice Cullen* ]

Jasper Cullen [ OPEN ]

Rosalie Cullen [ TAKEN *Me* }

Emmett Cullen [ TAKEN *Summer Love* ]

T H E 

O C ' s

Zoey Sloan || Twenty || Barry || FC: Kaya Scodelario ||

Bat & Revolver, Headset & Flashlight || Me ||

Zoey had a life ahead of her, becoming manager of her soon to be company, coming to a rush of fame and fortune. But when the Darkness consumed her home, she had no where to turn. Everyone in Bright Falls knew about Alan Wake, they loved him and his magnificent work, including Zoey. At first, she was skeptical about reading his novels, but once she had, she knew what the town was to interested in. She was afraid, everyone had seemed to have been taken by the Darkness, and she hid, hid for as long as she could until she bumped into Alan. He was her savior, and Zoey wanted to help immediately, even if it would get her killed. She has definitely changed since the bizarre happenings, and she finds out, that Alan's brilliant work, has caused all of this, though she sees he needs all the help he can get. Zoey wants to help him to help save his wife, but to also find out just exactly is happening to Bright Falls, and now Forks, the hometown of the Cullens. ||

Scout McAlister | | Twenty One | | --- | | Amber Heard | | 

Hunting Knife, Nine Iron, Camera, Lantern  | |  S t e l l a™ 

You can always find Scout with a camera in her hand. Preferably an old Polaroid. She's always loved photography and takes pictures of anything and everything. She hopes to become a famous photographer one day, but for right now her waitressing job will do. Scout is trying to save up enough money to get out of Bright Falls. She's been there her whole life. Scout wants to see the world. She's never read Alan Wake's books, but she's heard of him. Scout's a fast learner and quickly learns that the Taken and Darkness are not good. She figures that the only way to know what's going on is to read Alan Wake's books. So while she is hiding, that's what she does. When she finds Alan and the rest of his group, Scout is willing to help him to save his wife, the town and everyone she cares about. 


Episode One: Nightmare~Part One: *Not Completed *

In a nightmare he is having, Alan Wake is driving towards a lighthouse that he feels compelled to get to, but cannot remember why. On the way, he hits a hitchhiker that appears in the road and when Alan stops and checks the body, the man is dead. Suddenly the headlights go out on the car, and Alan turns to look, but when he glances back to the hitchhiker's corpse, it has disappeared. With his car disabled, Alan carries out on foot towards the lighthouse, but is soon chased by a dark, axe-wielding figure who chastises Alan for "making up stories". It doesn't take Alan long to realize that the axeman is not only the hitchhiker he just 'killed', but the hitchhiker is also a character from a story Alan is working on.

The axeman asks Alan how it feels to die by the hand of his own creation before turning into a black tornado from which Alan must run. The howling tornado chases Alan down the path, destroying the lights along the path ahead of him. He eventually reaches a suspension bridge and runs across. Just before reaching the other side of the tornado-buffeted bridge, Clay Steward appears there and urges Alan to hurry up.

Once Alan is across the bridge, it collapses and Clay, who claims to know Alan, tells him to get inside a nearby cabin. Once Alan is inside, the door closes and locks, trapping Clay on the porch. The tornado re-forms into the axeman and goes directly for Clay. Clay attempts to defend himself by firing a couple of rounds from his gun, but this seems to have no effect on the axeman. The axeman brutally slays Clay, and then turns his attention to Alan inside the cabin.

Alan must escape, but all exits are locked. During his search he can hear howling tornado winds and the axeman chanting for his death though the voice seems to be coming from everywhere at once. The cabin shudders as if slammed by an earthquake, and again once more before Alan notices a bright light emanating from one of the walls. As he watches, a section of the cabin wall dissolves into the light and a disembodied voice tells him to follow.

He runs through the opening to the back yard and can see a blinding white light just outside the cabin. The light shines a beam to Alan’s left and tells him to follow it to his ‘safe haven’ which is nothing more than a simple light pole casting a warm circle of light on the path. The bright light then says it has something important to tell Alan, and it recites a poem:

"For he did not know
That beyond the lake he called home
Lies a deeper, darker ocean green
Where waves are both wilder and more serene
To its ports I've been
To its ports
 I've been"

The bright light then asks Alan if he understands, to which of course Alan answers that he does not. So the light instructs him to follow again, recreating a staircase for him to reach the bottom of the short cliff on which he’s currently standing....

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