The Twilight Saga

"My dear Stefan.

Even though I am no longer in this world please don't be sadden of my loss. Someday you will find a new love that will love you like I did. I love you Stefan, and always will. Love Tiana"

Anna was part of the richest family in Mystic Falls Virginia. After her summer in Florida Anna return to Mystic Falls were she, and her family live in the mansion of there ancestors The Denisila family who along with the Salvatore,Forbes,Fells, Lockwood and Gilbert family that founded Mystic Falls and for her first day in high school reuniting with her best friends Caroline,Elena, and Bonnie. During her classes Anna started to have illusions that is giving her split headaches that it began to worried her friends. She then meets Stefan, and Damon who are vampires when they see her they think they are meeting someone from there past. Her illusions continue to get worse after meeting the Salvatore brothers not knowing what they are. Whats it is her issues with the illusions, and why is it somehow connected to her ancestors? The mysteries of Mystic Falls, and her past begins.



Playing two or three characters is optional, and suggested.

1 or 2 paragraphs are fine to use.

Be respectful to one another.

There will be flashbacks from Stefan, and Damon's time so heads up.

This is starting with season 1.

Have fun

The Denisila family



Anna's mother *insert name, and pic*-

Anna's father *insert name, and pic*-



The Gilbert/Petrova Family








The Forbes family





The Lockwood family


Carol Lockwood-

Richard Lockwoood-

Mason Lockwood-

Tyler Lockwood-

The Bennett Family







The Salvatore Family





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no problem. We started, and still need a Bonnie.

Stefan and Katherine ?


can i play caroline ? please


All thats left is Bonnie, and well start.

Anna was in the passenger seat of her mother's car looking at Mystic Falls High School as her mother said she doesn't have to go if she wants to. "Mom it's ok. I really have to do this." Anna said as her mother said ok, and got out of the car. Her mother said that she would she her after school, and drove off. She walk into the school feeling a bit nervous.

Caroline walked in to school and took her seat in the class room .She got out her things and waited for it to began .She looked at her friend Elena and looked at the door way.

(Hey sorry it not to long its hard to tell when im on the phone of mine)

As Anna walk to her first class she notice two familiar classmates from her childhood. "Caroline,Elena?" Anna said seeing them.

Caroline looked at anna "Ann".she smiled at her and got up then ran over to anna and hugged her."How are you , its been so long."
(igtg )

"Yep just got back from vacation." Anna said to Caroline

"Good just got back from vacation." Anna said, and hug Elena.


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