The Twilight Saga

Based off the first season of The Vampire Diaries.

The town of Mystic Falls has secrets of the supernatural world. But it has the true secret of three doppelgangers living in the town, and this is there story from the beginning.



follow tts rules

stay in character

5 to 10 sentences.

You could play as many people as you want.

Main characters


Elena Gilbert-

Annalise "Anna" Denisa-me


Stefan Salvatore-

Damon Salvatore-

Caroline Forbes-

Bonnie Bennet-

Matt Donovan-

Tyler Lockwood-

Jeremy Gilbert-

Flashback main characters (till they finally appear in modern Mystic falls)


Katherine Pierce-

Clarisse Denisa-me



Annalise & Elena-Best friends

Annalise & Bonnie-Best friends

Annalise & Caroline-Best friends

Annalise & Stefan-unknown

Annalise & Damon-unknown

Annalise & Jeremy-Exes but still good friends

Clarisse & Stefan-Childhood friends & engaged

Clarisse & Damon-Not fully close

Clarisse & Katherine-Bitter rivalry

Carina Doppelganger info


Able to reincarnate when died or turn into a vampire.

The Denisa family is part of the founding families of Mystic Falls.

There also the richest family in Mystic Falls.

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does stefan studies in school?
"Hey, Bonnie things are not going well in mystic falls ". He looked around, He was quite tensed. " have you seen Caroline? "

"I'll go to talk to him then Elena." Anna said heading outside to talk to Jeremy. She used to date him for a while but broke up but they are still in good terms, and just friends.

Bonnie looked at Stefan and she sighed softly "You're telling me." she said with a slight sarcasm in her voice. Of course she knew strange things were going on in Mystic Falls, she was not stupid. "She went to class."

She then looked at Anna and she nodded "Okay." she said as she went to her locker and she set her perfume there, before putting on the necklace. Once she had her things and closed the door, she went to her class.

Jeremy was sitting outside, on a bench and staring into space. He didn't know Anna was back yet. He sighed softly closing his eyes and he leaned his head back slightly.

"Jeremy can we talk?" Anna asked walking up to him continuing to feel the guilt for not being there for them.

Jeremy was lost in his thoughts and pain and grief was written all over his face. His head snapped up hearing a familiar voice "Anna." he breathed out-he looked surprised to see that she was back. He knew she was on holiday and what not, but he wasn't sure when to expect her return. Sure they broke up, but she was still one of his friends and he cared about her. He stood up wrapping his arms around her in a hug. He needed it. He closed his eyes as he hid his face in her shoulder, holding back tears.

"Jeremy i'm so sorry of what happen to you, and Elena. I should have stayed to comfort you, and Elena after what happen when I was gone." Anna said with guilt, and tears in her eyes.

Jeremy looked at her as he sighed "It's not your..." he trailed off as he realized what she just said and he looked slightly confused. "Ho....w did yo...u kn...ow?" he asked, his voice shaky and he swallowed his saliva.

"Bonnie told me what happen." Anna said still feeling bad for not being there for them.

He headed to the class room . He saw Elena and smiled ..He went Caroline and took her aside. " look Caroline, I 'm behaving like a freak but believe me I 'm joking." He saw Elena coming ... "Don't tell anything to Elena behave normal."
Hey, If Tyler is free can i play him?

Sorry I haven't replied :( I've been busy all weekend and today I'm in not in a good mood :/ How do I jump in?


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