The Twilight Saga

Based off the first season of The Vampire Diaries.

The town of Mystic Falls has secrets of the supernatural world. But it has the true secret of three doppelgangers living in the town, and this is there story from the beginning.



follow tts rules

stay in character

5 to 10 sentences.

You could play as many people as you want.

Main characters


Elena Gilbert-

Annalise "Anna" Denisa-me


Stefan Salvatore-

Damon Salvatore-

Caroline Forbes-

Bonnie Bennet-

Matt Donovan-

Tyler Lockwood-

Jeremy Gilbert-

Flashback main characters (till they finally appear in modern Mystic falls)


Katherine Pierce-

Clarisse Denisa-me



Annalise & Elena-Best friends

Annalise & Bonnie-Best friends

Annalise & Caroline-Best friends

Annalise & Stefan-unknown

Annalise & Damon-unknown

Annalise & Jeremy-Exes but still good friends

Clarisse & Stefan-Childhood friends & engaged

Clarisse & Damon-Not fully close

Clarisse & Katherine-Bitter rivalry

Carina Doppelganger info


Able to reincarnate when died or turn into a vampire.

The Denisa family is part of the founding families of Mystic Falls.

There also the richest family in Mystic Falls.

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can i play elena ? please


You could play one more character if you want to.

Katherine & caroline . ?? :)

Both accepted, and what do you think of Annalise, and Clarisse?

It's a cool idea :D I like it .

Thanks I hope we get Bonnie & Stefan, and I wonder if you wanna sub as Elena in case Scarrlet doesn't come on?

Annalise began to wake up as her alarm went off. It was the first day of school, and she is still tired from her summer trip in Paris. She got out of bed, and showered as she change into her clothes for the first day, and fixed her hair. She went downstairs after grabbing her diary, and grabbed her tote bag, cellphone, and house keys then left the mansion heading to school excited to see her best friends again.

Caroline ;; [ She was at the school and checking out all of the guys, like always and waiting for Elena, Bonnie & Annalise to arrive. ]

Finally arriving Annalise catch her breath feeling a bit exhausted from walking to school, and headed inside recognizing one of her bests friends. "Hey Carol." Annalise said happily to Caroline by her shorten name.

Caroline ;; [ She smiled when she heard the familiar voice. ] "Hey Anna!"

"How was your summer?" She asked about to give Carol one of the gifts she got her, Elena, and Bonnie from Paris.


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