The Twilight Saga

Twilight Relation: Biters are like Walkers, however they just drink blood. 

...Day 56...

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, very few are left alive and breathing. Others, have all been turned into Walkers. Walkers are the dead, the living dead, and though they don't seem so threatening when alone, when there's a herd of them, it's best to stay away.  Then, there are Biters. Much like the Walkers, except these are more after drinking your blood than eating your flesh. They'll drink you dry, if you're not careful. 

A group of survivors band together to stay alive, but are their efforts futile, or will there a cure to this disease be found? The stakes are high when the dead want to feed on your flesh, and if these survivors don't want to turn into one of them, they need to stick together. 

But when humanity is nearly entirely lost, conflicts within the group as well as outside will arise.

"Fight the dead. Fear the living."


  • This takes place in Georgia, however this group of survivors are entirely separate from the ones we know from the comics/game/TV show. There won't be any copyrighted characters. 


  • Follow all TTS rules.
  • Boy and Girl.
  • Longer replies, no smaller than a detailed paragraph. Please be detailed with your replies.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and please spell the best you can. 
  • No drama outside of character. There will be plenty of in-RP drama, so there is no need for any more. 
  • No power playing/god modding.
  • Kill with permission. Since this is a TWD RP, some characters are bound to be killed off. However, if you are thinking of killing someone else's character, ask first. Not everyone wants their character dead.
  • No Mary/Gary Sues.

Character Form:


Age (no younger than 20):




Weapons (don't overdue it):

Image (No anime.):


Name: Derek Slattery

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Bio/History: Derek grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island, with two younger sisters and her father. Her mother died while in childbirth with her youngest sister. Her family had moved down to Georgia to live with family there when she was 15, thinking it best to stay near family. When strange things were broadcast on the news, her family thought it was all just a joke. However, when walkers started popping up, the lives of her family were taken. While the walkers were distracted by the flesh of her family, her cousin had grabbed hold of her and taken her to a small farm, where he left her with just a baseball bat and whatever was in the house. 

Around day 15 of the apocalypse, Derek set off on her own and soon came across other survivors. 

Personality: Derek is a strong, tough woman who often shows a great amount of kindness to those younger than her. However, she's a cautious girl who often takes great care in making any decisions. She plans ahead, and doesn't like those who are foolish and reckless, as she sees them as a danger to the group.  She doesn't trust other survivors easily, as she believes that if she trusts too much they'll eventually kill her and take her supplies. Derek also has quite the temper, and will lash out others as she sees fit. When it comes to killing walkers and biters, she has no problem with it, as long as they aren't children. If she has to kill a child walker or biter, she nearly always shows some sigh of resistance, as the older sister in her wants to be kind and protective. 

Weapons: A simple pistol (though any gun is fine with her) and the baseball bat her cousin gave her. She also wears a silver gas mask around her neck, and she puts it on when having to kill walkers or biters, as she fears that if the blood gets into her mouth she'll become infected.


Name: Johnathon (John) Mardones

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Bio/History: Johnathon was born and raised in Georgia as a single child. He lived in a small flat along with his girlfriend when the disease broke out. They thought they would be safe there, but they were proven wrong when a walker had gotten into the basement and killed his girlfriend. After that, Johnathon could barely stand living anymore. He had known her for five years before her death, and he couldn't stand to shoot her after she turned into a walker. Instead, he threw food, clothing, and medical supplies into a backpack and head further away from the town he lived in, when he met the other survivors. 

Personality: Johnathon is a hard person to get along with at first. He doesn't like being around too many people at once, and since his girlfriend’s death he tends to push others away. He doesn't want to get close to anyone anymore, as it would be harder for him to deal with if any of the other survivors turned. He always to put up a friendly demeanor, though he makes sure his opinions are heard, whether they’re harsh or not.
Weapons: A rifle and a hatchet.

Name: Lanaa Berry

Age (no younger than 20): 26

Gender: Female

Bio/History:  Lanaa was born and raised in Georgia, with her parents and twin sister. However, before the apocalypse started, Lanna's parents died in a car crash. Her twin sister, Lenore, and her were raised by their Uncle afterwards. At first when the first signs of the apocalypse appeared in the news, their Uncle took it very seriously, but didn't tell them much about it. 

The Walkers started coming around, and they were attacked while coming home (somehow they'd gotten into the house) and their Uncle died while saving them. Lanaa and her twin fled, and eventually found a save place to stay for awhile. Lanaa had left for an hour or so, to look for food and came back to find Lenore teared to shreds. She killed all of the Walkers then and their in a fit of rage and sorrow, and then stayed in the room for a week, starving herself for awhile and never moving from the corner that she'd curled up into. She eventually snapped out of it, and went off on her own, meeting up with some survivors. 

Personality: She's stubborn, and very determined girl, although she can sometimes be shy at times. She was never much of a trusting person, and trends to keep to herself. She's been a little strange, since her twin was killed, and tends to have odd episodes, though she tries to control them whenever she's around people, not wanting them to think she is weak and disposable. 

Weapons (don't overdue it): Machete


Name:  Damien Tres

Age (no younger than 20):  30

Gender: Male

Bio/History: Damien doesn't really remember where he was from in the first place, or where he was born.  Damien last his memory at some point, and only remembers when the apocalypse started. He knew that he was in Georgia, but couldn't remember if it's where he lives or if he was visiting. He got caught up in all  of it, and managed to live through the beginning. He traveled about for a bit, and met up with some survivors

Personality: He's very quiet, and keeps to himself. He has trouble having conversations with people most of time, since he has not memory of his past, and gets nervous that people will become afraid of him or kill him for that fact. 

Weapons (don't overdue it):  .45 Caliber Handgun and crossbow


Name: Vanessa Mery

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Bio/History:  As a young girl Vanessa was a foster child who was taken in by her two foster parents. At school, she always had trouble fitting in, but her foster parents did their best to make her feel comfortable. When she turned eighteen, her foster parents took in another little boy, who made Vanessa overjoyed. Vanessa began to work as a local police officer short after that, but her little foster brother became afraid for her, so he persuaded her to stop working as a police woman. About a few years later, the apocalypse began. Vanessa found herself sitting on the porch with her foster brother one day, who was now eleven. He was telling Vanessa of how he saw stories of the “living dead” on TV. Vanessa neglected to believe him. And then seconds later, a walker appeared before her foster brother, and bit him. She was so horrified that she drew her gun that she had kept, and shot the zombie. But it was too late. Her foster brother had died. Vanessa became sad and lashed out at her foster parents, and blamed them. Saddened, she went to go live on her own, but soon found herself in the middle of an apocalypse. She stayed with a few friends for awhile, but then decided to go out on her own in search for a larger group. To this day, she still wonders if her foster parents are still alive.

Personality: Vanessa is a quiet person, but she’s not afraid to speak her thoughts. She always stands up for what she believes is right. If you anger her or annoy her, she’ll defiantly lash out at you, and she’ll never forgive. She’s depressed most of the time, and likes to be alone, but she can be social when she wants to.

Weapons: A Sniper Rifle; Sword


Name: Austin Fernay

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Bio/History: Austin always liked to hunt as a little boy. He and his father would go out hunting everyday in their woods. He was very close to his father. One day, while his mother was going to work, she got in a car crash. She died from a vital damage to her brain. Austin was only seven. He cried almost every day, and neglected to go hunting. He would carry a picture of him and his mother wherever he went. His father soon convinced him to go hunting again, when he was thirteen. He started hunting again, and soon forgot his worries. His father was then diagnosed with cancer, but miraculously survived after undergoing multiple surgeries.  His father, however, was unable to hunt because of the scar the cancer had left in his arm. Austin took care of him until he was nineteen, and then he went off to go live his own life. He married a girl named Samantha when he was 24. They lived happily together, until they heard the news of the living dead on TV. At first they thought it was a joke, but they were proved wrong. He lost his wife to the walkers when one broke through the house window and took her by surprise. After that, he vowed to extinguish any walkers that got in his way or hurt his friends. He now finds himself wondering for a group of survivors to live with.

Personality: Austin is nice and kind, but he can sometimes can loose his cool easily while under a lot of pressure. He will often get angry, but he wont show it. He cares a lot for the people he loves, and thinks that their safety is the most important thing. He will do anything for his friends.

Weapons: A revolver, or any gun he comes across; pocket knife


Name: Vivienne Rose Dupont

Age (no younger than 20):21


Bio/History: Vivienne was Born in Paris, France to a High ranking Officer in the French Navy, and a seamstress mother. She grew up in a decently wealthy family in France until she was 11, when her father was killed in battle. Her mother scooped up the last of their money and moved them to Canada, where They barely scraped by until she was 16. Her mother remarried a alcoholic, abusive man who abused them both terribly, but since he was wealthy they stayed with him. During her time in Canada, Vivienne practiced losing her accent and it only slips out now when she is flustered, mad, or excited. She learnt how to play the guitar and studied Jazz, Ballet, and Belly dancing. At 17 years old she moved out and got a scholarship to a med school, and was studying to be a surgeon/doctor.  During her break, she visited Georgia with her 2 friends so they could see some family when this all started happening. Her Friend Kylie got ripped apart when she went to go get some food, so Vivienne and Damon stock piled some supplies in his old red van and left

Personality: Vivienne is a stubborn women, who has become emotionally and mentally tough and strong because of her abuse and family life. She has good instincts and is smart, usually picking the logical path. Vivienne has a witty and slightly bitter and sarcastic sense of humor, but uses it to cover up how depressed she is on the inside. She is a pretty good judge of character and likes to help when she can.

Weapons (don't overdue it): She has a combat knife that her dad taught her to use, and a Glock G17 

Image (No anime.):

Name: Damon Hale

Age (no younger than 20):25


Bio/History: Damon was born to a upper class Family in Vancouver, BC and lived a fairly happy life. he had 2 sisters, a few pets, a Lawyer dad and a Doctor mom. He was always a mommy's boy, and decided at a young age that he wanted to be a doctor. Damon got good grades in school, had a few girlfriends, went on vacations. He was pretty much living the life. When he graduated high school he ended up going to the same Med school that Vivienne started going to a few years after him, and they became quick friends, along with Kylie. Kylie's grandmother came down with cancer, and He, along with Vivienne came down to visit her.

Personality:Damon is a fairly easy going guy, very chivalrous, and likes to cheer people up. He is smart and a little bit funny, and a all around good guy. He works good under pressure, and is good at calming people down

Weapons (don't overdue it):A Hatchet and a Shotgun

Image (No anime.):

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It's no rush ^.^

Vivienne Drove the man, listening to Damon ramble about how much he misses home and how it was before, and how he misses Kylie. when Damon brought up their dead friend, Vivienne clenched her jaw slightly "damon..can we not"She said quietly, and heard him quickly change the subject. She did not want to think about how her poor friend Kylie got killed because of their faulty mistake, or their lack of judgement.

Damon sighed slightly,and looked out the window while talking randomly "Maybe they will find a cure? I mean, the military could not of just given up, lost hope and all. I could help find a cure, we could help" He told and, and since he got no response, he quieted down. A Few minutes later he widened his eyes"Vivienne, theres a person out there! not a walker, a person!"

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I'm nearly always on, it's just that I try to wait for everyone else to reply before replying. :/

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"Tomorrow" Damien repeated, and then nodded a bit, sighing softly. He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling slightly antsy. He wasn't comfortable being out here anymore. He was glad that they were heading back

(Damn that was short...) 

where did everyone go..

Geez, guys. I'm really sorry. I was off of the computer for nearly the entire month. I don't think I'll be able to keep up with anything all that much anymore, so I think I'm going to just delete the roleplay.

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