The Twilight Saga

The wolves have been killed by the volturi now there kids are only the thing left.People dont think the pack still exist but they do but Vampires dont exsist and now there just there for Forks to protect there town.


Boy and Girl

One line and up per character.

no outside drama

Dont ignore others



Pack leader

second in line pack leader
















Role- none just part of the Pack

Nickname-Bri, Bree, Tinny

Bio-She lost her parents to the volturi and sometimes dont talk as much but she loves to swim , hangout with the pack and likes to rome around.

Parents-Renesmee , Jacob







Role in pack- Non Just part of the pack

Bio-He loves to hangout with them , rides his motorcycle sometime, loves to go swim , always laying around.

Parents- Leah and Paul

Crush- Tbh


Braeleign Kyler Clearwater




Seth Clearwater & Human Mother.

Brae's Mother died the day she was born so she's always been a daddy's girl. She strong and in charge. She's perfect for the leader, she doesn't let people get in her way. She loves to dance in the rain and just be weird.



Bryden Michael Uley.

Just another Wolf.

Sam Uley and Emily Young.

Bryden didn't want to be leader even though he's suppose to be. Responsibilty isn't his thing, he's a fun-loving guy who doesn't care about who he hurts.




Name: Melissa Atera

age: 16

Nicknames: Mel, Melly

Role: Second in command

Parents: Quil and Claire

Bio- Melly is outgoing and bubbly. She can be a bit childish at times but it's cute. All the guys want her but she doesn't want any of them. She is a swimmer.

Crush- TBA


Name: Wren Call

age: 18

Nicknames: N/A

Role: Apart of the pack

Parents: Embry and Human mother

Bio- Wren is quiet and shy and likes to keep to himself. He has a big warm smile when he shows it.

Crush- TBA



Louisa Elizabeth Littlesea



Collin Littlesea & Human Mum

Lou is very tomboyish, her hair is short cut, out of her way. She's naturally stong willed, hates to listen to anything that people say to her. As a little girl, she had a lisp, and as she grew up, it left her with what sounds like an English accent. She's not violent, but will fight when she's threatened. She's very territorial, as a natural wolf insinct, and isn't afraid to tell whatever she thinks. Especially in the pack, when the girls act like they need to be saved, it annoys her. After her parents died, she doesn't really like to be a human, prefers to be a wolf.


Corbett Sean Fuller


Brady Fuller & Human Mom

Corbett is probably the least wolfish out of them all. He shifted late, after everyone else, and he'd already had friends in town, especially after his parents died, he wasn't as close to the rest of the pack. He's very sarcastic, and doesn't care what other people think about him. He's hard to get close to, and doesn't really like to have people knowing everything about him. He has his own secrets, and he likes to keep it that way. He doesn't really argue with other people, but he can hold a grudge.




age :16



parents mom human dad:wolf

bio:spencer became a wolf at a very young age,12 and couldnt control her angry and had to leave her home.spence is a fiery wolf though shes a girl,her pack was slaughtered when she was 14 and shes been an omega since.well until she met up with toby.

crush toby





nn:tobe t

role omega

parents both wolf but died

bio:spence is also an omega but he left his pack because they were savage and killed innocent people and now travels with spencer.


crush :spencer

Name:Cadence  ......


Bio:No one knows who her parents are and therfore, they don't know her last name or how she inherited the werewolf gene all they know is she was left on one of the pack members step at age 5 and kept insisting her name was Lilliana. this happened a week before the pack was killed so she lost everything. when she turned fifteen she phased after some really bad beating from her third adopted father.. they still are trying to figure out her real heritage and ancestry..

Personality: She is often times dubbed as a cold-hearted loner because she often keeps to herself. She is quiet and dislikes the fact that people look at her with pity and sorriness, even her pack looks at her with pity and tries to make her feel welcome. If you get to know her and gain her trust( Which Takes a really long time) She is sweet, kind, loyal, trustworthy and Fierce.

Parents: no one knows

Looks in human form like :but when she is in her wolf form she looks:


Jake Carter



both parents are wolf

 meet up with spence and toby.


Raven Parker


N/N: Rave Ra Ra


mom wolf dad human

Her and Jake meet up with Spence and Toby.

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"He's not like us but, he sorta is! He's way Different in some ways! He attacked me from behind!!" Cadence says weakly

Brienna-stopped"Wait you mean more powerful ".She started to get exsited ."This means more fun".

" It wasn't fun! i didn't even get a chance to phase before he attacked! It was something he told me that made me waver before phasing.." Cadence said in reply to Brienna Ok i am sorry but, i have to go so i am logging off can someone be Cadence?


Brienna-"Well i wanna see this guy so im gonna go ". she jumped and ran into the woods where cadence was at.


i think im the only one on so i dont know if anyone is getting on yet.

Bryden wasn't going to let Brienna go alone so he followed her, and then phased as he ran, growling.

Brienna-She looked around the woods to see if that guy was till her."I dont see anything." she sees a bunny and smiled.She runs after the little creater and phased .

Bryden followed her, closely, just in case someone or something jumped out at them.

Brienna sits down and lissons ."I dont hear anything". she thought.

Bryden sat down and listened with her, "Me neither."


[ Okay, is that person who plays Spencer ever coming back...? o.0 ]

Brienna - looks down ." I kind ruined my clothing".


( I dont know they havent been on).

Bryden nodded, "me too."


[ Soo what do we do? ]

(i dont know yet)


Brienna-"Well im gonna go home like this then". she got up and looked at him then ran off toward her home."I dont think i will fit in the doorwat". she thought and sits down.


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