The Twilight Saga

The year is 2050.  Humans no longer exist.  But there are still people on Earth.  Well, I wouldn't say people.  Demons, witches, vampires, half gods, angels, etc.  They've been at war since 2025.  What happens when people start to change who their loyalties lay?

Autumn Marly Evans



Autumn is very rebellious for an angel.  Her parent are completely dedicated to this war, but she's not so sure that she is.  She sneaks off in the middle of the night to see her friends that she is suppose to hate.  She is not a spy.  She doesn't tell anyone on either side what is going on with the other.

Derrek Dylan Moore



Derrek is dedicated to this war, but he is a prankster.  He loves to cause trouble, and he doesn't have a care in the world.  But when he needs to be serious, he's a completely different person.  He's a natural born leader.  He's extremely smart, and does a lot of the planning.

Name ~ Braelyn James

Age ~ 16

Species ~ White magic witch

Bio ~ Her brother is Xavier. She isn't very into the war. She doesn't ask people what side they're on. She won't judge whether you're "good" or "bad". 

Name ~ Xavier James

Age ~ 18

Species ~ Angel

Bio ~ Xavier is into the war, but only because he wants to protect his little sister. His parents don't pay much attention to him or his sister so he treats her like a daughter more than a sister. He'll do whatever to protect her.







"Good" Side

Half Gods


White magic witches



"Bad" side



Black magic witches



Boy & Girl.

Longish replies.

Don't ditch.

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Sutter Kelly


Half God

Even though Sutter is a demi god, he's a pretty laid back person. He usually goes with the flow. Sutter's family is invested in this war. Some have died from it. Sutter himself wants nothing to do with it, but "we all have a part to play" his father always says. And so Sutter will play his part whether he likes it or not. He's killed his fair share of people something he's not proud of. Being a demi god, Sutter has multiple abilities like teleportation, telekinesis, etc. But he possess the unique ability of fire. Sutter can do anything involving fire.  


Parker Holland


Black Magic Witch

Parker is stubborn, arrogant, selfish, unpredictable and clever. She doesn't care about anyone, but herself. She'll kill anyone who gets in her way. Parker has nothing left to lose except for this war which she doesn't plan on losing. Parker lost her family a long time ago, and can only count of herself. She has been practicing black magic since she was a child and is a very powerful witch. She is especially good at necromancy. Parker hates everyone on the good side because she was brainwashed to think that way. 


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