The Twilight Saga

Embry and Braelynn have been friends ever since preschool. They did everything together. A week after Embry phases, he sees Braelynn and imprints on her. How will their story unfold?
Embry- Delta
Braelynn- Dani

Collin and Mara had been friends for the past year or so. Collin had started to fall for Mara, but never told her because he knew that she got hurt a lot and didn't trust people. Collin ends up imprinting on Mara. How will he tell her without breaking her even more and ruining their friendship?
Collin- Dani
Mara- Me

Paul had always been a complete jerk to Giselle, and she strongly disliked him for it. Paul imprints on Giselle and has to get her to believe that he's changed. How will he make her believe that this is real?
Paul- Me
Giselle- Delta

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Is it okay?
Okay. Good. I can't put pics up while I'm on my tablet.
We can't eithe.. so well just post them on here and you can put them up later. :)
Okey dokey. :)


All done :) hope you guys like them!
Love! Thanks.


Awesome :)
Would either of you join this one? Kinda like ours but exactly Like the books :p with special twists ;) lol
Do you want me to start?


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