The Twilight Saga

Embry and Braelynn have been friends ever since preschool. They did everything together. A week after Embry phases, he sees Braelynn and imprints on her. How will their story unfold?
Embry- Delta
Braelynn- Dani

Collin and Mara had been friends for the past year or so. Collin had started to fall for Mara, but never told her because he knew that she got hurt a lot and didn't trust people. Collin ends up imprinting on Mara. How will he tell her without breaking her even more and ruining their friendship?
Collin- Dani
Mara- Me

Paul had always been a complete jerk to Giselle, and she strongly disliked him for it. Paul imprints on Giselle and has to get her to believe that he's changed. How will he make her believe that this is real?
Paul- Me
Giselle- Delta

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Paul stayed in the forest the next day, not caring about anything. He walked by Giselle's house a few times, wanting to go see her and find out if she knew anything. After walking by for the fourth time, he bucked up the courage and walked up to her door. He knocked on the door then stood there, waiting.
Giselle jumped hearing the door bell ring and she bit her lip as she slowly walked downstairs. She had forced herself to come down to lock the doors and windows.. She even shut all the blinds... "Who..who is it?" she asked before she unlocked the door
Paul frowned, worried about her. All the blinds were shut and it scared him. "Giselle, it's me. Paul. Can we tak? Please?" He leaned against the doorframe, waiting for her to open the door.
Giselle's eyes widened hearing his voice and she closed her eyes her head rested against the door "No... I can't open the door..." she said and she thought for a moment "I'm not allowed..." She looked up slowly "I'm sick and I can't get you sick.."
Paul sighed as he rolled over, resting his forehead against the door frame. He closed his eyes and spoke quickly and in a rush. "I know you know. Just let me explain." He stood up straight, hoping she would open the door.
Giselle laughed nervously "explain? Explain that you can turn into a werewolf in my Backyard?!" she said and she backe up a bit "Paul...I think you should go.. I can't do this.. And I need to pick a school!"
Paul sighed deeply. "Giselle, please. Let me explain. Then I'll leave and..." He trailed off not being able to say what he would do. He closed his eyes tightly. "..and I'll never bother you again. I promise." He winced after he said it. He just basically ripped his heart out. Hopefully she would trust him enough to let him explain.
Giselle's hands trembeled as she slowly opened the door "you have 20 minutes..." she said and she closed the door after him and she walked into the den, sitting on the couch

Braelynn was very confused... What were wrong with Embry?, i mean one minute he was the kind and sweet guy that she knows, and suddenly changes, looking more like Sam... she shook her head, what happened?

She stood up and put on her shoes, she needed something to relax, like the beach,but LaPush was her closest option and Embry was there, she thought about options and decided to stay home and watch a movie... Embry was making her insane

Embry walked to his room and he slammed the door. Everyone is getting in his nerves and he just needed to getting on his nerves. He laid on his bed and he yawned slowly falling asleep

Collin was burning on fever, his mom tried everything to control it but it was almost impossible, considerating the fact that Collin wasn't sick, well not literaly, when his mom got out the room he stood up and jumped over a tree by the window, then he started running, faster, and faster and faster, when BAM!! it happened, he was a huge brown wolf and obviously a member of the pack, the old ones called him and explained it but he was very confused, what about his life?, his friends? and... Mara, what about her?

Paul sighed with relief as she opened the door. He saw her trembling and frowned. He had to stop himself from pulling her into a bear hug. That'd probably be the worst thing he could do right now. He walked into her house and followed her to the den. He stood on the opposite side of the room, not wanting to scare her. He didn't know where to start, so he figured he would let her talk first.


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