The Twilight Saga

Embry and Braelynn have been friends ever since preschool. They did everything together. A week after Embry phases, he sees Braelynn and imprints on her. How will their story unfold?
Embry- Delta
Braelynn- Dani

Collin and Mara had been friends for the past year or so. Collin had started to fall for Mara, but never told her because he knew that she got hurt a lot and didn't trust people. Collin ends up imprinting on Mara. How will he tell her without breaking her even more and ruining their friendship?
Collin- Dani
Mara- Me

Paul had always been a complete jerk to Giselle, and she strongly disliked him for it. Paul imprints on Giselle and has to get her to believe that he's changed. How will he make her believe that this is real?
Paul- Me
Giselle- Delta

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(Sorry I haven't been on. I got grounded and just got my computer back. I'll reply tomorrow. I promise!)

Can I join.?


Do you wanna continue where we left off or start over?

I don't really mind. We can do either one.

Let's start over from the beginning. :) we can start from where he's still being a jerk to her.. Let's make it a little more realistic this time ya know? :p like.. Oh! Let's have some comments before he even becomes a wolf to see how rude he is too her.. And go from there. I don't wanna rush into the relationship part too quick.. I'll start. :) and when you reply me could you send me a comment letting me know you did? Like let's have him genuinely be anjerk lol not that "I made fun of you cause I liked you" show no mercy!

Okay! Sounds good to me!

English.. it was Giselle's best subject of the day.. But then again all subjects were. She was a straight A student and top of there junior highschool class. But English was also her most hated.. Most students disliked classes for the teachers or all the work that went on. Giselle hated that class because of the people in it. Sure she took senior English but she was the only one who did so she was combined with another class. A class full of the people she hated most.. Paul Lahote and his friends. They usually got a kick out of making her life miserable.. It had always been that way since she moved to the reservation in 7th grade to be with her father, the chief. Paul had thought it would be funny to trick Giselle into thinking he liked her.. And of course she fell for it. But soon enough the truth came out and she was the laughing stock of the entire school. Because of Paul she had no friends. She had no one but her family. And her father was always so busy she never talked to him about it. Not only was she a social outcast she was also overweight. She was far from obese but she wasn't in the bestshape she could be in and people took all opportunities to remind her of it. So the summer from 10th grade year to their now 11th she went away for 6 weeks. And she dropped all her excess weight.. She toned her body and started dressing up. That's when she caught the attention of the guys at school. But it was short lived as Paul reminded them all of 7th grade year. Sometimes Giselle wished her brother Travis would just come home and get rid of Paul already.. but he was serving in the marines.-Giselle pulled herself from her thoughts as she took the lone corner seat in the classroom. She was the first there luckily. She sat her stuff down and she immediately began to work. She was in here for an hour.. The last hour of the school day on top of that so it was usually the longest.

English. Paul hated English class. It was the last class of the day, the most boring class, and it was the longest class. The only good part about it was that he got to see Giselle. Paul instantly smiled at the thought of making fun of her. Ever since he met her in the 7th grade, he had made fun of her. He started out with making her believe that she had a chance with him, and that was a great laugh. Him and his friends had laughed about that for weeks. Shortly after that humiliation died out from that, he had started making fun of Giselle because of her weight, and that escalated. Ever since Paul had told the whole school about that, no one had talked to her. Paul really didn't care that he had ruined her whole life. He was a total jerk and he knew that, but he didn't care who he hurt. They probably deserved it in the first place. He shook his head a little as he got out of his thoughts. He heard the bell ring to go to class and grinned. "Time to go have some fun," he mumbled under his breath. A few of his friends heard him and chuckled. Paul chuckled as well then grabbed his book, walking into the classroom. He looked around then smirked as he saw Giselle sitting in the very back seat. He flirted with a few of the girls who were sitting in the front of the class then moved to his seat in the middle. He set his book on his desk then turned around to face Giselle. "Hey Gazelle. How's your day been huh? I hope it's been awful." He laughed as soon as he heard his friends laugh then turned around to face the teacher. He had starting calling her Gazelle after the fat jokes had died out. It didn't really make any sense with her being overweight, but it was the only thing he could think of to make fun of her with. That was his permanent nickname for her ever since. He looked back at her and smirked before looking forward at the teacher again.

Giselle looked up at Paul as he walked inside and spoke to her. She didn't retaliate as usual. She just smirked slowly as if she was hiding something.. But she wouldn't tell him anything. She looked towards the teacher as he handed her, her special work and she began writing quickly. It was a simple essay on the original origins on fairy tales, one or her favorite topics.. She loved it! Giselle tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and she leaned back in her seat when she finished. Giselle then finished her homework with the duration of the time she had left.. She'd have to leave school rather quickly.. Unfortunately they all lived on the same street. Even though everyone had trememndous respect for her father the chief none was held for her

Paul sighed loudly as the teacher started handing out the paper for the group work they would be doing that day. He would always make fun of Giselle when they did this because she never did it, but he decided not to do it today. He would do something worse on the walk home. He smirked and grinned at the same time as he moved his desk to his group, which was with a bunch of girls. For the rest of the class, Paul flirted with the girls and wrote down their answers to the questions. Once the bell rang, he grabbed his book and paper then left with his friends. He laughed and looked back at Giselle as one of his friends said some snide comment about her. Paul joked around with his friends as they walked to their lockers. Paul put his book in his locker then grabbed his house keys, headed out the school doors to his house. He usually drove to school, but he was feeling really hot this morning and didn't want to be in his semi-stuffy car.


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