The Twilight Saga

Embry and Braelynn have been friends ever since preschool. They did everything together. A week after Embry phases, he sees Braelynn and imprints on her. How will their story unfold?
Embry- Delta
Braelynn- Dani

Collin and Mara had been friends for the past year or so. Collin had started to fall for Mara, but never told her because he knew that she got hurt a lot and didn't trust people. Collin ends up imprinting on Mara. How will he tell her without breaking her even more and ruining their friendship?
Collin- Dani
Mara- Me

Paul had always been a complete jerk to Giselle, and she strongly disliked him for it. Paul imprints on Giselle and has to get her to believe that he's changed. How will he make her believe that this is real?
Paul- Me
Giselle- Delta

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Giselle's body began to shake violently and she felt her eyes go black. She could easily hear the heavy footsteps pounding towards her but she was just so overcome with anger she couldn't help it. She growled and she jumped backwards away from the body as she shifted and she stood huffing her eyes red and black in the same shape as a snakes.. She glanced at everyone else and she dug her claws into the ground pulling up the first few layers of top soil with her. She looked around and she counted off everyone and when they were one short her eyes narrowed. She'd deal with the lack of attendance from Paul later.. Giselle calmed herself down enough to shift back and she helped the ambulance carry away her fathers body. When she walked back into the woods with Sam she let out a low growl and she shifted back staring at everyone. She was angry.. It was more then just a small feeling of anger. She was livid which rubbed off in the rest of the pack since they were there besides Paul. She heard there growls echo behind her own. "Find Him." she snapped and she watched as the pack took off towards Pauls home. she sprinted towards council rock and she climbed to the tallest peak waiting for the pack to drag Paul here.

Paul slept sprawled out on his bed, dreaming nice and peacefully dreams. He jumped awake as he heard someone come into his house. He quickly sat up and looked at his door as Sam barged in. "Get up. Now." Paul quickly stood up then followed Sam outside. Paul watched Sam phase then phased quickly after him, wishing that he hadn't. The whole pack was yelling at him, and he didn't even know why. He followed the pack to council rock then waited to be told what to do.

Giselle stood facing the edge of the cliff her back towards the pack as she watched the mood. she couldn't even begin to believe that Paul hadn't come when the pack was called. She growled quietly in thought and she swayed her tail back and forth slowly and she heard the footsteps of them arriving behind her and she took slow deep breaths. She could barely control herself as she turned around quickly her claws scraping against Pauls face and she snarled. "how dare you not show up when called. Who do you think you are? You are no one but a third rank. You respect the elders and you had the nerve to not show up when one was found dead!"

Paul arrived at the council rock and saw Giselle standing on the rock. He swallowed hard as he watched her walk over to him. He put his paw over his nose when she scratched him, wincing. "I'm sorry! I didn't know what was going on, and I didn't know an elder died!" Paul yelled. He honestly didn't know and he didn't think he should be yelled at for this. It wasn't his fault.

Giselle couldn't help but growl under her breath as she heard his excuses "I don't care. When someone calls you come." she ordered and she walked away slowly facing the cliff once again. She couldn't help but be angry. How could she not? Her father had just died. She closed her eyes slowly and she took a deep breath

Paul stepped forward a little bit. "Nobody called for me. I didn't hear anything that was close to a call. It's not my fault that no one told me anything about this life. I didn't choose it!" He yelled.


Emmalina growled quietly and she quickly swatted at his face. She could feel her paw connect with his cheek. "the pack did call..." she yelled "nobody chose this life but we've got it! And it's our job to protect the pack! We've gotta protect the tribe and our people! And if you feel like you can handle it then just leave!" she yelled and she phased back before brushing herself off "Pauls on watch duty tonight.. Everyone else go home and get some sleep."

Paul growled at Giselle, instantly phasing at how angry he was. He turned around and ran off, not wanting to start anything. He didn't know anything about this life, and no one was giving him any answers about it. He didn't want to be a stupid wolf. It made him a freak. Paul howled up at the moon as he continued to run. He didn't know where he was running to though. He just wanted to get away from everything. He heard a howl in return to his and knew that someone was calling for him, but he didn't care. If they wanted him, they could come and find him. Besides, it was just Giselle. It's not like it mattered what she said to him. 



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