The Twilight Saga

You are invited to the wedding of: Dr. Temperance Brennan to Detectve Seeley Booth.Temperance and Booth have been through ups qnd down but they have finally reached a point in their relationship.The wedding.But what happens when Pelant kidnaps Bones right before she walks down the isle and gives booth 7 days to find them or hes gonna kill bones and ends the game for good.And when Bones and Angela figure out the real truth behind Pelants obession with Brennan.Will bones survive.Will pelant be stopped.W ill bones and booth ever bet married.Read on...




Seeley Booth-

Angela Montenegro-

Christine Booth-

Jack Hogdins-


boy and girl

have fun

dont ditch

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"Oh no. Pelant

Who?im calling daddy,,''runninh down the hall into the ball room.''daddy,.''inyell run down the isle and  into his arms.

"Christine? what's wrong baby?" Booth asks hugging her tight

"he took mommy from the dressing room...he took her.''i cry out loud knowing everyone can hear me

"Ok.... ok.... shhhhh..... we're gonna find her," he whispers. "do you want to come with me or do you want to go back to auntie ange?

no imwant us to go to the room and check the wall.i dont think its ketchup...i think he cut mommy.''

"it's ok Christine we'll find her

no its not yiour too calm.going get the aunty ange and unxle jack and go scan that room.find her .''

bones.when i come to its dark and cold and my memory is still inmy dress but its been chained to a walwall it what seems to be an under ground dungeon.',what am i doing here.''i grumble to myself.

pelant.,'dont you remember Tempe 

pelant-''we're playing a game.and im winning.''

Booth grabbed his ringing phone still holding Christine protectively "Bring Bones back home now and we'll cut a deal

pelant.-''well seeley,its not that easy ,remember rhis is my game and at the end someone dies.but i can make you a deal ill make.ill givebyou one minute to talk your bride but remember you owe me.''i say placing the phone to her ears.


"Bones? listen I'll come get you you just hold on ok?


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