The Twilight Saga

You are invited to the wedding of: Dr. Temperance Brennan to Detectve Seeley Booth.Temperance and Booth have been through ups qnd down but they have finally reached a point in their relationship.The wedding.But what happens when Pelant kidnaps Bones right before she walks down the isle and gives booth 7 days to find them or hes gonna kill bones and ends the game for good.And when Bones and Angela figure out the real truth behind Pelants obession with Brennan.Will bones survive.Will pelant be stopped.W ill bones and booth ever bet married.Read on...




Seeley Booth-

Angela Montenegro-

Christine Booth-

Jack Hogdins-


boy and girl

have fun

dont ditch

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i look around to see if my dads out of the room.''can i bef honest.ive seen pelant before.''

"you have?

yeah,you know how me and micheal takes swimming lessons on the weekend.hes one of the instructor,his name is pelant hair.gray eyes.skinny.''

"that's him

do you have to tell daddy.''

"tell daddy what? Booth asked carefully

nothing daddy,arent you suppose to be looking for mommy,before pelant hrts her.''

"Christine, honey I think you can help us

i didnt do it.''i blurt out,not thinking before i speak''

"do what?

i don know just buying myself sometime,but lets look at the bigger picture 7 days tick tock.''

"I know we're trying


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