The Twilight Saga

By falling asleep the humans got sucked into another dimension, not their physical body but their mind. So their souls are trapped in the land of nightmares, but it’s not only theirs souls who are caught. Thosedead guys,they are kind of trapped to,it’s not their physical bodies either but their minds as well.They were supposed to travel to the afterlife but got stuck on the way,being trapped in a lonely prison they can never get out from, being all alone – until now.What has happened to their mind after what happened to them,all alone for what could be decades and now suddenly some people who are not even dead just happened to land on their graveyard.Brining a lot of troubles.So your soul is stuck in another dimension with a bunch of spirits of dead humans andcreatures created by the fear of man, how do you get out? Well there is an exit, but you just have to find it and get there. In one piece.If you do that, you survive, you get to live your normal life again. You will wake up from this horrible nightmare. Or is it really a nightmare? Yes it is a struggle but on the way, don’t you get close to each other? Aren’t you friends in the end, maybe not, you might as well kill each other’s in the end because you can’t take the pressure.

The Humans::
Well they are just unlucky fellows who got dragged into something they actually can’t control at all. They can be from anywhere in the world, in any ages, with any background. But they must come from our time, no sci-fi and no medieval characters here.
pic or gif|Name|age|bio|human|p/b

The Dead::
They are neither zombies nor ghosts, they are just souls of people who died that got caught in this land of horror. You can touch them since they have the same form as thehumans and the other creatures - spirit form, a form that can’t be seen by a normal human but lurks in your mind either way. They can’t be killed but they do feel pain. These characters can come from any time you want except the future, they could have died hundreds of years ago or just yesterday. They don't tell the humans that they r dead
pic or gif|Name|age u were dead|bio include how u died|p/b|dead

The Nightmares
These creatures can have any form, they can be animals and they can be human like or magic. They can use magic if you want them to, but the magic they use should be connected to what kind of nightmare they represent! Well only your imagination can prevent you on this, they can be any kind of monsters (vampire, werewolf, bogeyman, the creature under the bed). Just have fun making up some monsters.
Pic or gif|wat kind nightmare|name|p/b

Imp.note working
If you play as a human in your first post you should be writing about that person’s last night in the real world before ending up falling down into the graveyard. It would be a lot more fun that way. You should include the crashing down on the ground part however and after that you can do whatever you want!

If you play as a dead person your first post should be – just like the humans – started before the others appear before you, give us a taste of that person’s lonely thoughts and reactions when he/she suddenly isn’t so lonely anymore.

If you play as a nightmare you can start your post doing whatever you feel like there is no restrictions for you.



Go to the full index.|Rose Johnson|19|She was a very kind girl. She always wanted to save someone's life before dying but that could not happen . She was travelling in her car and she saw some robbers surrounding a girl and were showing her a knife. She got out of her car to help but she was too late and they killed the girl. The robbers saw Rose watching and they killed her . She died in 2009|Shruti Lautner|dead

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| Sutton Castillo | Twenty | Sutton was always a go with the flow type of guy. He was sweet and genuinely cared about everyone. He always loved adventure and would just about try anything once. Sutton was one of the most loyal people you'd ever meet. He would always up others in front of himself. Sutton was cliff jumping with his friends one day when something yet terribly wrong. The area where he jumped was too shallow and Sutton hit his head on rocks and drowned. That was in 1963. Now Sutton his a ghost and has the ability to shift into a black cat. | Stella | Dead

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| Red | Simply known as Red because no one knows her real name, Red is vicious, malevolent and bloodthirsty. She is smart, cunning and clever. Red knows how to get what she wants and often uses it to her advantage. She looks like a beautiful, innocent young lady, but is actually far from it. Her age is unknown and no one really knows what she is besides the fact that she's a killer. She isn't one to be messed with and people often underestimate her which leads to there downfall. Red is hot-headed, unpredictableand often unstable. | Stella |

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| Alicia Mendez | Twenty One | Alicia had just fallen asleep when she had woken up in this very odd place. She doesn't like it at all and wants to go back home especially since there seem to be other people there who aren't very happy. Alicia is considered the bad girl in her school and can fight really well but right now she is terrified. | Human | Skyla Medina

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| Ryan Perez | Eighteen | Ryan was a very sweet person and was always the one to make everybody laugh. One day him and his friends were goofing around and play fighting until Ryan slipped and hit his head hard against the ground and bled to death. Now he's stuck in this place and hates it, he's never really happy anymore and barely talks. | Skyla Medina | Dead
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Kimmie Heath|21|On her 21st birthday Kimmie decided that she wanted to get drunk with her bestie at a nightclub ;her bestie went home in a taxi,but Kimmie thought she could make it back to her college dorm safely...she endedup getting into a car accident & barley making it out alive. She then was trying to stumble her drunken self to her dorm when the ground beneath her caved in.|Human
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Banshee |Ianthe Willow |Ianthe was sought after supernatural hunters. One second she was screaming her lungs out; because she knew someone nearby was about to die,but had no clue that person could have been her if not for the floor beneath her had caved, sending her to God knows where ,dodging an army knife that was heading straight for her head. :info- A Banshee is a female spirit,usually as an omen of death & messenger from the other world.
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Evan Wilson|19|Evan is a college hottie and hates too much talks of greatness.A great flirt! but respects others feelings too.He doesn't believes that he is struck here.|human|me

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He sounded rude but she ignored him and went to the humans. She said to the girl (Alicia)" how did you get here?".
"Ah! it's just new faces in dream". he said.

Kimmie: Kimmie jerked up off the stairs where she was sitting, because she thought she heard someone talking. She went around the corner where the voices came from. "hey, what do you mean " she asked "in a dream?" Kimmie continued, while being confused.

Ianthe: "What is this world" Kimmie thought to herself knowing that something about this new place seemed real, yet fake all at the same time. Her instincts was telling her that she needed to move; and that is when she saw someone walk past her, so she followed.

Everyone was not so happy around him. He did not like that He went to guy who seemed most angry (Ryan) and said, "What is happening here and do I know you? ".


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