The Twilight Saga

Bella is Paul(Bono's little sister) that lives in England now, where the two brothers Ivan and Neil want to get big as the band U2, but Neil and Bella had a crush on each other as kids, but when they meet, Bella does not recognize him as it;s been few years since they saw each other, Neil wants to use her to get to Bono, but this time he really ends up falling for her.


Neil McCormick || 25 || Ivan's Older Brother/Lead Singer of Shook Up || Werewolf

He used to have a crush on Bella, but he never admitted it. Now it's 8 years later and he wants to use her to get to her brother, but ends up falling for her

Played by Katerina

Ivan McCormick || 20 || Neil's younger Brother/Member of Shook Up || Human/Werewolf

He knows how Neil feels for Bella, but he almost knows he made a mistake when he tried to use her.

Played by Me

Paul Hewson (Bono) || 28 || Older brother to Bella/Member of U2 || Human

He grew up with Ivan and Neil when they were kids, he always knew how Bella felt about Neil but never said anything. He is famous now but he still keeps close to his sister

Played by

Isabella Hewson || 20 || Younger sister to Paul/Bella is a young actress in a London Theatre || Human

She had a crush on Neil as they grew up, but she had not seen him for 8 years now, so she does not recognize him when they meet again. She feels hurt and betrayed when she finds out, he is just using her

Played by Me

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Ivan was in his apartment with his brother Neil and the band, they were practicing and let the door open, for the acoustics as it sounded better, he noticed his brother looked deep in thought and he nudged him slightly "Yo...Neil...the song?" he said waving his hand in front of his face, the rest of the band chuckled as they kept strumming along to the lyrics they had in front of them and they smiled once Neil got back into the roll of things, they were pretty loud though. Ivan played the guitar and he didn't even notice that Bella...his childhood friend and Neil's long time crush.walked in, they had not seen each other for 8 years...well she and Neil haven't. Ivan saw her a few days ago in town.

Bella walked in and she crossed her arms over her chest and she coughed "Ahem! Would you mind turning it down a few decibels or at least close the door, that's what it;s there for." she spoke in her Irish accent as she looked at them all and she raised an eyebrow at Neil who watched her with shock, she let her blonde hair fall to her elbows and she looked at Ivan "Oh and tell your cute friend to stop staring at me, with his mouth open. It's rude" she said as she span on her heel and she walked back out, she had a bounce in her step. Her mind was on Ivan's tall and muscular friend, he was rather handsome and he reminded her off someone, she didn't know she looked right into Neil's eyes when she walked in, she thought about him and she sighed softly, she wondered how he was.

Ivan chuckled softly as Bella called Neil, his cute friend. It was clear she did not recognize Neil after 8 years, he looked at Neil and he nudged him "Bro, you okay?" he said and he waved his hand in front of his face "Yoo-hoo earth to Neil." he said


Neil-My eyes widened as my mouth was wide open. I pushed Ivan's hand away so I could continue to stare at Bella. Wow...she looks so beautiful. And she called me cute, I felt my cheeks burn red. I felt stupid, I shouldn't feel embarrassed. "Huh?" I looked at Ivan as he continued to nudge and bother me. "What do you want?" I asked him, trying to look at Bella again but kept my eyes on Ivan because if I didn't, I'd probably be drooling right now. She called me cute, I smiled at my own thoughts-zoning out again. What is wrong with me? Everything pretty much.

One of the band members checked Bella out as she walked out of the room, with a bounce in her step, he looked at Neil who was blushing and almost drooling "Hey, if you're not going after the hot chick? I assume she's free to date." he said and was about to head for the door and after Bella but Ivan pulled him back "What? is she not single?" he said looking confused.

Ivan looked at the other band member "She might be single, but she has been my brother crush for years now, so she's pretty much out of bounds." he said and he looked at Neil "You're going to stand here all day and stare after her? or go after her and do something about it?" he said and he shakes his head "She might not recognize you Bro, but go after her." he said nudging him towards the door.

Neil-I sighed, "Yeah, why not. I mean hopefully she wont think...never mind." I looked at Bella and followed her out the door, closing it behind me. "Bella?" I looked at her, biting my lip lightly. What was I supposed to say to her? I have to think of something quick before she walks away again or think I'm stupid. I looked into her eyes, seeing that same glare and sparkle in them like I used to when we were younger. That brought me back to our childhood memories together. "I was...I was just wondering if would...could go out...on a da-date." Nice job stupid, I thought to myself.

Bella turned around hearing her name being said and she saw Ivan's friend and she blinked when he said her name...he knew her name. "Neil?" she said and she blinked in shock, she called him cute..Ivan's cute friend. Oh jesus christ, she thought to her self and she bit her lip as she was nervous and embarrassed for calling him that, what would he think about her? She asked her self and she looked into his eyes, She raised an eyebrow at him stuttering and she felt her cheeks burn red, he was too adorable, when he did that. She smiled softly at him "I'd love to." she said as she looked into his eyes, he was still handsome as ever, even more than she remembered.

Neil-A wide grin appeared across my face. I opened my mouth, but of course I lost my voice-not knowing what to say next. It took me a minuet to actually know what I was going to say. "Really?" I bit my lip, she already said yes you nitwit. I think I'm going crazy, talking to my so-called conscious. I looked at her, hoping she didn't think I was dumb...if she didn't already think it.

Bella could not help but smile back seeing that grin on his face, she giggled slightly at his surprise when he actually spoke after a few moments and she just smiled "Yes, really you silly billy." she said as she nudged him softly, in a playful way as she always did when they were younger and she smiled "I have to get to work now, but I'll see you later." she said and she kissed his cheek, as she did, she touched his hand setting her phone number on a piece of paper into his hand before she left and she walked down the stairs in a quick step as she was running bit late, once she got outside, she got to her car and drove to work. She blinked surprised at her self, she had a date with Neil...she kissed his cheek, she even called him cute. She was letting him know, she liked him already, this was so not like her, because she kept it to her self all these years


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