The Twilight Saga

Danger Ahead.
A group of dangerous experiments escape from a secure lab just a mile From Mystic Falls. Among the Scientist hunting them is Dr. Carlisle, who calls the vampires he knows in town to help him, but will they be able to catch them before they get hurt or worse hurt someone else in town.
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2.Don't Steal From My RP.
3.Play All Your Character's Equally.
4.Include Everyone.
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Katherine Pierce ✘ Species: Vampire ✘ Is in town ✘ Age: Immortal ✘ Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
Never Underestimate the will to survive...
The role of Katherine Pierce is Taken
Originally, Katerina Petrova, she was born in Bulgaria and later banished to England after having an illegitimate child. She used a vampire named Trevor, who'd fallen in love with her, and tricked vampire Rose into turning her. She then spent 500 years running and hiding. Hundreds of years later, Katherine arrived in Mystic Falls, where both Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore fell in love with her. When all the vampires in Mystic Falls were discovered and brought together to be burned to death, she escaped. Now she's back in Mystic Falls, causing a little trouble now and again she is returning a favor for Carlisle who she owes a debt to for helping her years ago. Though she says she's trying to find them to help she is really more interested in finding them to see what they can do.
*Important Note This is Pre-Season 3 Katherine Don't bring things from later seasons into this.

Elena Gilbert ✘ Species: Human ✘ Lives in town ✘ Age: Seventeen ✘ Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
The worst things in life come free to us...
✘ The role of Elena Gilbert is Taken
Elena Gilbert used to be an average high school girl, but after discovering the vampires in her town she had become immersed in the supernatural aspect of her town. Elena is not with either brother at this point in time, taking time to herself, but still in contact with them she has been asked to keep an eye out for the escaped experiments, for her safety, but she wanted to find them just as much as everyone else; mostly out of curiosity, but also because she feels she can relate to them and how alone they are.
*Important Note this is more Season 3 Elena but don't bring show things into this.

Stefan Salvatore ✘ Species: Vampire ✘ Lives In Town ✘ Age: Immortal ✘ Faceclaim: Paul Wesley
They call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone...
✘ The role of Stefan Salvatore is Taken
He was born and raised in Mystic Falls, Virginia to Giuseppe Salvatore and an unnamed mother, who died when he was younger. When Stefan and Damon were human, they were very close and were best friends in life. Damon always confided and trusted in Stefan and Stefan always defended Damon, especially to their father, and was fiercely loyal to him. However, this all seemed to change when he and Damon fell in love with the same girl, Katherine Pierce, who turned out to be a vampire. In 1864, Stefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father.After decades of absence from the town he called home, Stefan returned to Mystic Falls to visit his home and Zach. Now he and his brother have moved back permanently and plan to keep Elena safe by capturing and returning the lost experiments. But will he be able to keep that promise when he comes face to face with them?
*Important Note don't bring show things into this unless it was mentioned in the bio.

Damon Salvatore ✘ Species: Vampire ✘ Lives In Town ✘ Age: Immortal ✘ Faceclaim: Ian Somerhalder
The dark is too hard to beat, and I’m not keeping up the strength I need to push me...
✘ The role of Damon Salvatore is Taken
Damon appears as the frightening older brother of Stefan, but slowly, Damon begins to be kinder and shows brief moments of compassion, he admits that he came to the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself wanting to protect it after everything that's happened. He's not a hero, but he is more complicated then just a bad guy. Wanting to keep Elena and the town safe he agrees to help with finding the experiments. Will he be able to keep his switch off when he tracks them or will they change his mind about who they are?
*Important Note don't bring show things into this unless it was listed in the Bio.

Graham Deliam ✘ Species: Human ✘ Experiment ✘ Age: Seventeen ✘ Faceclaim: Damian McGinty
Take you down another level and get you dancing with the devil...
✘ The role of Graham Deliam is Available
Graham, who was apart of the plan to escape the Lab, was placed in the project after losing his parents in an accident he was only 5. Now 12 years later he is on the lose with his unstable emotions, apart of him wants to be normal and fit in with the people in town, and another part he can't control wants to get revenge on the lab for using him all those years. His powers developed by the lab is to manipulate people's short term memory, making them black out for a few brief moments.

Alessandra ✘ Species: Human ✘ Experiment ✘ Age: Sixteen ✘ Faceclaim: Marina
And you just want to feel like a coin that’s been tossed in a wishing well...
✘ The role of Alessandra is Taken
Alessandra, or Alex like she prefers to be called, lived in the lab her whole life, never knowing her family or how she ended up here. She got separated from the other experiments when they broke out. Alex's powers were developed to help with fires; originally designed to put them out, Alex's gift took an unexpected turn when she started creating them. She can control them most of the time except when she's asleep, fearful she wondered into town hoping to find a new life for herself.

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