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Paisley and Kit Archer are the oldest of six children. Their mother, Molly is an alcoholic who is barely in her children's lives. Paisley and Kit are currently trying to get custody of their siblings along with getting their own lives together. 


Guy & Girl.

Don't make it all about you.

Don't ignore other characters.

Stick to the plot. 

Secondary characters can be made after the primaries are filled.


Paisley Archer | Twenty Two | Me

Paisley is the oldest child of Molly Archer. Paisley didn't have a real childhood. She learned that she needed to grow up fast. She and kit have been taking care of their siblings their whole lives. When Paisley became a teenager she went through a party phase where she didn't care anymore. She realized that she'd be just like her mother and resorted to her old ways of mothering her siblings. She attended college put decided to drop out and get a full-time job to support her siblings. She works as a waitress and often works overtime. She and Kit are currently trying to get custody of their siblings. 

Kit Archer | Twenty One | Shruti Lautner

Kit Archer is the second oldest child of Molly Archer. Kit never had a real childhood, having to care for his siblings. He started making dinner and doing laundry at the age of six. Since their father has never been in their lives, Kit is like a father figure to his siblings. They look up to him, and so he tries to set a good example. Because of this he didn't have a party teenage phase like Paisley. He currently lives with Paisley in an apartment. They both attended college, but decided to drop out and get full-time jobs to support their siblings. Kit works as a mechanic. He and Paisley are trying to get custody of their siblings. He is close to Paisley and his two younger brothers. 

Sutton Archer | Nineteen | Me

Sutton is the middle child of Molly Archer. He is very smart, having straight A's all throughout school. He graduated the valedictorian of his class. Sutton has an IQ about average and was offered numerous full rides into college, but he turned them all down to help his family out. Sutton has a dry sense of humor and is often sarcastic. He his very close with his brothers, Kit and Landon. Sutton often scams people to in order to get money for his family among other illegal things. 

Alexa Archer | Seventeen | Skyla Medina

Alexa is the middle child of the Archer siblings. She is the most rebellious if the six of them. Alexa is always in trouble with the law, her siblings having to get her from the police department on numerous occasions. She is miraculously still in school and is a junior, although she barely shows up anymore. Alexa would rather be drunk or high with her friends than deal with reality. She resents her living situation and has a hatred for her mother much like Emily. Alexa is the black sheep of the family and isn't particularly close to any of her siblings although she loves them all. 

Landon Archer | Sixteen | Skyla Medina

Landon is the youngest child of the Archer siblings. He is the twin brother of Emily. Landon and Emily are the most fortune of the Archer siblings, not have to suffer from many of the things there older siblings had to. Landon is somewhat of an odd child. He's social awkwardly and has a hard time talking to girls. He believes he is secretly gay and is afraid to tell his siblings in fear of what they will think. He is a sophomore in high school, but is biggest dream is to join the air force. He is close to his older brothers, but the person he is closets to is his twin sister. 

Emily Archer | Sixteen | Shruti Lautner

Emily, along with her twin brother Landon, is the youngest of the Archer children. She is a spitting image of her older sister, Paisley, but personality wise they are nothing alike. Emily is selfish, self-absorbed and bitter. Emily resents her mother for the things she's done more than any of her siblings. Although her personality is harsh, Emily loves her siblings and is very close to Landon. She's a sophomore in high school and is quite popular. Emily has a hard time trusting people and doesn't let anyone know about her home life. 

TJ Ives | Twenty Two | Open

TJ is Paisley's boyfriend of five years. They were high school sweethearts and have been dating ever since. TJ had a hard time adjusting at first, since Paisley is so independent. He holds a grudge against Molly for robbing Paisley of her childhood. TJ loves all of Paisley's siblings. TJ supports Paisley in her decision to fight for custody of her siblings and will stand by her no matter what. TJ attends college and also has a job at the diner where Paisley works. 


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Guy & girl please
kit and Emily? :-)
Thank you!

Alexa & Landon??

P a i s l e y

Paisley was up at six although she didn't have to be to work till ten. Every morning she went to Molly's house to make sure her three siblings that were still in school actually got up for school. Molly was the woman who gave birth to her, to all of them, but she was no mother. Paisley was more of a mother to her siblings than Molly ever was and because of it she never got to have a real childhood. Paisley took a quick shower then dressed herself for work. "Kit I'm heading over to Molly's to make sure the kids are up for school!" She shouted before leaving the apartment. Kit was Paisley's younger brother. He was burdened with the same responsibilities she was. Paisley wouldn't have been able to get through any of this if it weren't for Kit. Her siblings only lived a few blocks away, and so Paisley walked. "Landon, Lex, Emily!" She yelled as she pushed the door open. "You better be getting ready for school! Don't make me come up there!"

S u t t o n

Sutton awoke to the sound of his sisters voice. He rolled over to glance at his clock and groaned when he realized it was only 6:15am. He pulled his pillow over his head and lay there for a few moments before getting up. Sutton rubbed his eyes as he walked downstairs with only his boxers on. He saw Paisley in the kitchen. "Hey Pai." He said groggily. Sutton opened the refrigerator and rummaged through it until he found the milk. He poured himself a bowl of cereal only to find out that the milk was three weeks expired. Sutton groaned. "F***." He said to himself as he shuffled to the bathroom and flushed his would be breakfast. Sutton raided the rest of the cabinets which were mostly empty so he was forced to settle with toast. Luckily they had butter so it was too awful. "We need groceries." Sutton said as he sat down while taking a bit of his toast. "I know. What does the bank look like?" Paisley asked as she grabbed the jar from a nearby cabinet. "I think most of that's for the power bill, but we much be able to take a few bucks from it." Sutton said in between bites. "I'm doing a job today so I'll have money for groceries and such." He added. 

((in the tts rp rules it says you're not allowed to cuss or censor them))

[ Alexa ]

She groaned when she heard her sister walk in and yell their names. She was still in her bed while her other siblings had gotten ready. She got out of bed and grabbed clothes, putting them on quickly and groggily walking downstairs while running a brush through her hair. "I don't wanna go." She told her older sister with a glare. She hated school., it was just a waste of her time and fun.

[ Landon ]

He was already ready and was downstairs, smiling at his older sister. "Hey Paisley." He said and frowned when Alexa came downstairs, complaining about not wanting to go to school like always. He rolled his eyes as he waited for his twin sister to come downstairs so they could go. He had a feeling Alexa would try and skip today but that was her problem.

(I know. I forgot)


P a i s l e y

Paisley rolled her eyes at Alexa. "Lex you have to go. Don't you want to graduate? If I find out you didn't go to school you're going to be in big trouble." Paisley was use to parenting her siblings. Especially when it came to disciplining Alexa. Although most of the time she didn't listen which resulted in Paisley punishing her. "Landon make sure she goes to school."

S u t t o n

Sutton finished his toast and put his plate in the sink. "Give her some slack, Lex." Sutton said. "I'll pay the power bill later today since I think it's due. We don't need a repeat of last month." Sutton added. The things they had to do sometimes just to keep there power on. "I can try to pick up some groceries too." Paisley smiled at Sutton. "Thanks Sut. I'd do it, but I'm pulling a double today for the money. Has anyone seen Molly?" Paisley asked. "Yeah no problem." Sutton shook his head. "I have seen her since yesterday morning. I don't think she came home last night, but what else is new."


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