The Twilight Saga

Damon when you find this letter i'll be long gone .

I am sorry to tell you that my time has come to an End but I will see you when i get the chance.

I wanted a new start so Im leaving you my daughter Elena , Please take good Care of her and dont let her out of your sight.


Your friend ,



Miranda and her Husband John were on there way back to Mystic Fall but they never made it back the crashed over a bridge and now they Left there kids to the Salvatores.Elena is now 17 and is stubbern at most piont but she learns afew things about life and her brother.Now that she is still human she fined her brother as a vampire hunter.Jeremy learns to confroll his inner hunter mode and helps the Salvatores.Elena and Stefan always picking on each other .Caroline is a vampire and is with Klaus .






Boy and Girl optional

Please follow the plot

2 line and up

tell when leave





Elena/18/Human/ Is dating Damon, always picking on stefan, is always up and moving know matter what.Doesnt lisson most of the time to people.


Caroline forbes/17/ Vampire/ SHe is always with Klaus now , she is elenas friend , she loves to hang out with elena and always around her even if Klaus is with her.




Damon Salvatore/165/Vampire/He was left to watch the gilbert kids but he fell in love with Elena and is now greatful the have them there.

Stefan Salvatore/164/Brother to Elena ,Jeremy and Damon .Friends to Caroline.He is always waiting to cause trubble.


Klaus/322/Vampire/ONe of the origanle vampires, He is always with Caroline <--- is love.



We need one more Girl so who ever wants to make one  first come first serve

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what oh i forgot the S sorry ....


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