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Dear Student, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Academy for Vampires and Wolves at Forks, Washington. We teach you about who you are and how to be who you are, successfully. We welcome you and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Sincerely, Head Master Esme Cullen



Pick At Least 3

Paranormal History - Professor: Carlisle Cullen - History of All Things Supernatural

Vampire BiologyProfessor: Emmett Cullen - The Changes That Overcome a Vampire, When the Body Begins to Crave Blood, Fang Development

Feeding 101 - Professor: Edward Cullen - Teaches Vampires to Feed but Not Kill

Interrelating - Professor: Alice Cullen - Teaching Supernaturals How To Coexist With the World

Transformation - Professor: Jacob Black - Teaches Wolves How to Deal with the Pain of Transformation

Mind Speech - Professor: Sam Uley - Teaching Wolves to Speak with Their Minds to Other Members in a Pack

Vampire Creation - Professor: Jasper Hale - History of Newborns, Learning About Venom and it's Powers

Vampire | Human Hybrids - Professor: Bella Cullen - Learning About the Hybrids that Result in Humans and Vampires Mating





Vampire | Wolf:

(If Vampire, Include:) Power & It's Meaning:


Picture of Character

(If Vampire, Include:) Eye Color Picture When Hungry

(If Wolf, Include:) Picture of your Wolf Form



Name: Lauren Hallworth

Age: 17

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power: Pathokinesis - Ability to Feel the Emotions of Those Around

Classes: Vampire Biology, Feeding 101, Interrelating, Vampire | Human Hybrids

Name: Baxter Hallworth

Age: 18

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Paranormal History, Interrelating, Transformation, Mind Speech

Name: Eilir Sutton

Age: Eighteen 

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Paranormal History, Interrelating, Mind Speech, Transformation

Name: Kit Hollister

Age: Seventeen

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power: Pushing: ability to implant memories, thoughts, and emotions into the minds of other people.

Classes: Feeding 101, Interrelating, Vampire Biology, Paranormal History

Name: Alexandra Queen
Age: 18
Vampire | Wolf: Vampire
Power: Telokinesis - Can Teleport Anywhere
Classes: Vampire Biology, Feeding 101, Vampire Creation

Name: Damien Kage
Age: 19
Vampire | Wolf: Wolf
Classes: Transformation, Mind Speech, Paranormal History

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We can start now if Stella is here.
Her page says she is offline
well that sucks. i guess we'll have to start tomorrow.
Alright , sounds good :) wish we could have started today though . lol

May I join?

Yes of course.

Alright thank you.

Name: Hunter Barnes

Age: 1 9

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Transformation, Mind Speech, Paranormal Speech

Name: Kayden Rivers

Age: 1 8

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power & It's Meaning: Hydrokinesis - the elemental ability to manipulate water.

Classes: Paranormal History, Vampire Biology, Vampire Creations

Name: Leena Jacobiens

Age: 1 8

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power & It's Meaning: Cryokinesis - the ability to control the element of ice, or cold in general.

Classes: Vampire Biology, Vampire Creations, Paranormal Speech

Name: Ethan Barnes

Age: 1 8

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Paranormal Speech, Transformation, Mind Speech

Alright, comment and say here and then we'll start!
Baxter pulled up to the school with his sister Lauren in the passenger seat. "It's out in the middle of nowhere." He parked the car and got out, going to the back to get their bags. He grabbed his and Lauren's bags an started walking toward the school.

Lauren looked out the window at the big school as they pulled up. It was like a mansion. They had to come up this huge mountain and there weren't any houses on their way. It was like the Head Master just owned the mountain. The school was at the very top and behind it, a cliff. "Feels.. homey." She laughed and walked toward the school with Baxter.

E l l e

Eilir, often called Elle because no one can ever pronounce her name, was already unpacking her things. She didn't want to come to this school, but it was her parents way of a fresh start, a clean slate. Elle had no idea who her roommate was, but they have yet to arrive. She told her parents she wanted a single room, but they insisted she get a double. "It's a good way to make your first friend." They insisted. Elle was never really good at making friends. She liked to keep to herself. She was stubborn and headstrong. Not really friend qualities. 

K i t

Kit sucked at packing. His way of packing was throwing random things in random boxes and calling it a day. Which made unpacking that much more worse. Kit has a short intention span so he tends to get preoccupied quickly which makes unpacking a longer process. He's also a procrastinator. He opened a box labeled clothes and the contents were revealed to pictures and supplies for school. "Why I really need to get better at organizing." He said to himself. Kit started to pin some of the photos to his wall. 


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