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Dear Student, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Academy for Vampires and Wolves at Forks, Washington. We teach you about who you are and how to be who you are, successfully. We welcome you and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Sincerely, Head Master Esme Cullen



Pick At Least 3

Paranormal History - Professor: Carlisle Cullen - History of All Things Supernatural

Vampire BiologyProfessor: Emmett Cullen - The Changes That Overcome a Vampire, When the Body Begins to Crave Blood, Fang Development

Feeding 101 - Professor: Edward Cullen - Teaches Vampires to Feed but Not Kill

Interrelating - Professor: Alice Cullen - Teaching Supernaturals How To Coexist With the World

Transformation - Professor: Jacob Black - Teaches Wolves How to Deal with the Pain of Transformation

Mind Speech - Professor: Sam Uley - Teaching Wolves to Speak with Their Minds to Other Members in a Pack

Vampire Creation - Professor: Jasper Hale - History of Newborns, Learning About Venom and it's Powers

Vampire | Human Hybrids - Professor: Bella Cullen - Learning About the Hybrids that Result in Humans and Vampires Mating





Vampire | Wolf:

(If Vampire, Include:) Power & It's Meaning:


Picture of Character

(If Vampire, Include:) Eye Color Picture When Hungry

(If Wolf, Include:) Picture of your Wolf Form



Name: Lauren Hallworth

Age: 17

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power: Pathokinesis - Ability to Feel the Emotions of Those Around

Classes: Vampire Biology, Feeding 101, Interrelating, Vampire | Human Hybrids

Name: Baxter Hallworth

Age: 18

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Paranormal History, Interrelating, Transformation, Mind Speech

Name: Eilir Sutton

Age: Eighteen 

Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

Classes: Paranormal History, Interrelating, Mind Speech, Transformation

Name: Kit Hollister

Age: Seventeen

Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

Power: Pushing: ability to implant memories, thoughts, and emotions into the minds of other people.

Classes: Feeding 101, Interrelating, Vampire Biology, Paranormal History

Name: Alexandra Queen
Age: 18
Vampire | Wolf: Vampire
Power: Telokinesis - Can Teleport Anywhere
Classes: Vampire Biology, Feeding 101, Vampire Creation

Name: Damien Kage
Age: 19
Vampire | Wolf: Wolf
Classes: Transformation, Mind Speech, Paranormal History

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Lauren got her bags from Baxter and went to her room, sitting them down on her bed. She would unpack later. She walked out of her room and out walked out of the school, going to explore.

Baxter walked to his room and started unpacking, noticing that his roommate wasn't there yet. He got the bed next to the window. He liked to see the moon and his room just so happened to have a perfect view of the moon. The Head Master knew he was a wolf so they probably stuck all the wolves in a room with a perfectly good view of the moon. That was just his guess. The moon didnt have anything to do with their transformation but all wolves liked the moon. It was just calming.
| A l e x a n d r a |

She stepped out of the car lugging her bags over her shoulders , with a slight groan of irritation. She looked up at the mansion and tilted her head slightly." Wow.." she started walking almost forgetting that her brother Damien was suppsoed to be here soon. She went inside climbing the stairs to her room ; which already had another girl in it. She gave a soft smile and a wave." Hello." She set her things on the other bed .

| D a m i e n |

he already knew his sister was here , seeing her car already there as he chuckled lightly and carried his things inside looking around intently." Some place here.." he went upstairs getting ready to unpack.

h u n t e r ; she pulls up to school in her brother's pick up truck and smiles looking around, wow, the scene was absolutely stupendous. she looks at her brother and smirks, "See ya sucker." She gets out of the truck and grabs her backpack and suitcases walking inside the humungous building. The first thing she decides to do is take her things to her bedroom. she walks in and smiles seeing her room mate hadn't arrived, she set her things on the larger bed and walks out looking for some people to talk to.

k a y d e n ; he had gotten to the academy very early that morning before most people was even in their car. he didn't like being late and he didn't like getting last pick. he had been in his room for a few hours unpacking and he actually finished, all he had to do was put up a few posters on his side of the room and he'd be happy. He looks out the window and sees much more people in the courtyard and many more girls. He got excited and decided to go downstairs and outside and introduce himself to the lovely people he'll be living with.

l e e n a ; her older brother had decided to drive her to the academy since he had graduated from there years before. He was very approving of this school since he had met his fiance there years before. he kisses leena on the forehead letting her get out and go inside. she says bye and goes to her bedroom dropping her things off and deciding to go talk to some people and maybe make a few friends. as leena exits her room she accidentally runs into Lauren in the hall, "Hey, watch where you're going!" She says in a firm tone. Leena was the type of girl who liked the upper hand, 'guess you could say that.

e t h a n ; he arrives with his sister, who "surprisingly" ditches him right away, he laughs as she runs off and then gets hi things out of the back of their truck, walking into the academy's building rolling a suitcase, carrying a backpack and a box up to his room. He walks in and sees Damien already in his room. He nods to him and walks over to the other bed throwing his things down, "Hey, I'm Ethan." He says as he sits down on his bed looking around the room.

| A l e x a n d r a |

She started unpacking and putting things in the drawers as she did so. She had the tendancy to get sidetracked by other things and get off focused. She glanced over at Ellie and thought quickly. Shes my roommate now. She nodded." Hey my name is Alexandra."

| D a m i e n |

He looked at Ethan."hey wassup, im Damien." He set his things down and started unpacking his clothes , sitting down and looking around." This is huge , huh?" He looked over at Ethan.


Is this roleplay still open to new entries?

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                                                               Name: Jessie Kane

                                                                Age: 17

                                                               Vampire | Wolf: Wolf

                                                               Classes: Mind Speech, Transformation, Interrelating



                                                          Name: Dale Forman

                                                           Age: 18

                                                          Vampire | Wolf: Vampire

                                                          Power & Meaning: Healing Power- Can heal wounds

                                                          Feeding 101, Vampire Creation, Vampire Biology



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