The Twilight Saga

sometimes people don't understand how you feel inside. sometimes things happen you can't talk about. Rachel. 16, knows firsthand. Her mother died when she was a baby. Her father is detached from her and she has to take care of her little sisters. Emma is 5. and Tesslynn is 2. She's also bulimic when Jake imprints on her. will he be able to help her find her voice?
Rachel- me

Emma Jasper's Girl



name another wolf











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"yeah that's true." Rachel tucked her into bed "here's blankie and here's Teddy

"where" she asked confused she felt funny not like sick funny but like she wasn't in her body type funny.

Rachel put Emma's hand on Teddy and tucked blankie around her "you want Rachy's hand?

Emma nodded tiredly "Rachy lay down with me" she said.

a .while later she heard Emma calling "yes em?" she said groggily

Emma "I'm so thirsty" she said tiredly

she got her some water

She chugged it down

"does anything hurt?

My stomach she said

"that's just the medicine making you feel a little foggy. your tummy will hurt for awhile

Emma frowned "that's not fair she said


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