The Twilight Saga

In a land named Terra, far into the future, after humans exhausted all of Earth's resources and a small population flew to a new inhabitable planet, there was a girl. She was a special girl, but none knew how or why. She was seemingly always causing mischief, but always seemed to be doing it to the current empirical government that was in place. She had a somewhat, "magical covenant," one might say. A contract that gifted her with instant reaction time, quick reflexes, speed and strength. She certainly could not toss around boulders or run fast enough to blur, but she could hold her own against a fully grown man with something resembling almost ease. She could see future events before they happened, but it was not as simple as it sounds. They often come in vivid, hard to understand dreams, but with only some dreams being prophetic in nature, it was not a sure thing to know. This is not the future one expects with laser assault rifles, or flying cars, and fancy homes. This was Terra. It was an almost seemingly desolate planet, but the only one nearby that could sustain life for any period of time. It had very simple technology unless you were a part of the government. Simple white, beige or grey robes were your clothing, and your house, often not more than brick and mortar. There was also a boy. He met her when they were both only 16, but things were different in these times. At 15 children became legal adults, and were encouraged to work and marry quickly, as little of the human population had been chosen to make the shuttle flight to this new planet. The boy, under the name Sage, met her a few days before The Reaping. The Reaping was a routine protocol in this new empirical government. All the children that were about to come of age to become adults would go through a series of scans and tests, and then depending on a number of factors, choose the job that they would be best suited for. No child looked forward to The Reaping, as once you had chosen a job, it became your life. You lived, ate, and breathed that career until the day you died, or the day it killed you. One thing found interesting about this new government, was that it outlawed all religion. It made sense at the time. People fought over their beliefs, and with the human race teetering so precariously on the edge of extinction, all precautionary action against death had to be taken. But this special girl, one of the very few, while publicly obeying this law, did not in the privacy of her home. She had no parents to speak of, and no job that is known, but she lives on her own in apartment complex on the top floor at the end of the hall. The girl, Lily, met Sage for the second time after having seen him in a dream, and they became fast friends. They only had each other as Sage's parents died in an accident when he was about four years of age. For the four days before The Reaping, it was as if they had not a care in the world. They became very close, and shared many a secret with one another. On the day aforementioned, they got in the small lines with guards in black armor that ran a small length of their small town. Just before the first set of scans, they shared a look. A look that said simply two words. "Not today." Then they took off, laughing. The guards panicked but could not waste manpower to chase them down, for as soon as they took off, the small crowd of close friends and understanding parents came down upon The Reaping. What happens next, is up to them, and healthy dose of both luck, and fate. Welcome to Terra!

Anyone interested in doing an rp like this?

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