The Twilight Saga

There lays a town among us that houses the paranormal existence that we come to believe is Fairytales. Witches, Vammpires, and Werewolves! Oh my!

This town is like any other town, it's patrons has jobs and day to day tasks. They can leave but never has a human been able to break the invisible barrier the ancestors had laid for all of the townspeople's sake. This is Urbs miraculo.


*No Forcing others Character

*No Mature scenes

*Please talk in third person


"Hazel watch the tree sway in the distance, "The storm is coming." she said while never taking her eyes off the movements."

*Keep it clean

*Characters must have a job or go to school.

*Character ages to be roleplayed is 10 years old - older.

*Wait for approval after character info post before you start roleplaying.


Character Form.



Job: (If their old enough)

Species- (It doesn't have to be witch, vampire or werewolves)

Photo: (A real life photo of a model please)



Name: Liliah Heavenwood

Age: 19

Job: Cashier at her Family's enchanted pharamacy.

Species- Witch



Name: Drea Rovenhill

Age: 19

Job: Helps out with Liliah

Species- Werewolf



Name: Pier Welmington

Age: appears 20

Job: Runs Miraculo Bank

Species- Vampire



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Drea cleared his throat, his lips tried to form words but nothing came out. He tried clearing his throat again, "I'm......not really used to it....b-b-but I don't h-h-hate it." His blush deepened as he looked up towards the sky. He trembled as he slowly reached out and grabbed her by the hand leading her to the gas station.

Her cheeks grew uncomfortably warm as they reddened, his hand holding hers. "Well," She started,"If it was like this all the time, I'd never stop loving it." They stepped into the gas station, Jael not letting go of his hand and walked with him towards the back. She opened the refrigerator door and grabbed an AriZona iced tea, "Do you want something, Drea? I can buy it for you." She lead him to where they had the Cheetos Hot Fries and grabbed a large bag. "You can get anything, you'd like."  She smiled at him, kindly. 

Drea let go of her hand going over to open the ice cream box and grabbed a Ben&Jerry's Peanut Butter and Fudge ice cream. "Naw, I'll mom taught me to never let a lady pay." He smiled slightly. He grabbed her hand again getting used to the contact and pulled her to the register. He got out a fifty dollar while he waited her to put her stuff on the counter.

Jael looked at Drea, "You sure?" She put her things on the counter, her eyes sort of widened in wonder. 'How sweet', She swooned. His hand was warm and soft, it was absolutely perfect and she could feel the butterflies flutter against the walls of her stomach. "I'm going to pay you back."

Drea shook his head, "Absolutely not, women give so much now a days....lives to children, love to their partners, food to their family, and happiness with their bright, beautiful laughter. It's about time the men give back." He looked her right in the eye before he gave the fifty to the cashier and put the change in his pocket. "Come on, we'll share the ice cream." He pulled her outside and beckon her to sit on the sidewalk with him.

Her lips fell seemless, what he said was so beautiful. She was falling for him, and she couldn't stop herself. "Wow," She whispered. Jael followed him outside, and walked with him. "Back to the store, then?"

Drea smiled a privated smile, "After we finish sharing this." He held the ice cream up in front of her. "Li, won't need me.....she hasn't since preschool when she beat up a boy who was bullying me. She's like a big sister to me, she even makes me do things that make me uncomfortable knowing about the result. She can see the future, ya know." I smiled brightly at her, feeling my shell falling away.

Smiling, Jael let out a soft laugh. "Well, I can do cool stuff,too. I can grow a pretty lavender sort of colored fin and swim underwater and look just like you." She chuckled, "Or even a puppy." Jael grabbed the carton of ice cream and opened it. "We need a spoon, by the way." She felt like she was being awkward and idiotic. "Sorry, if I'm talking to much."

Drea smiled, "I should say that." he reached in his pocket and pulled two spoons out. "Li magicked all my pants so that if I need anything, all I have to do is reach in my pockets." He gave her one and started to dig in. "Lucky, I can only turn into a wolf." He let his dark brown eyes turn into a golden color then back to their normal color. He winked at her and looked at the sky.

Jael looked around, spotting a bench. She took his hand and lead him over to it; she sat down, patting the spot next to her. "Sit with me?" She ran her hand through her hair, then looked at her shoes. It was finally happening, but, she didn't want them together to fast. Jael wanted to enjoy the chase. 

Drea sat next to her, relaxing into the bench. He reached up and ruffled his hair nervously before continuing to dig in the ice cream. "It's a pretty day." He sighed with a smiled. "I bet Dulcie wants me to her take out when I get home." 

She laid her head on his shoulder,"Who's Dulcie?" She took another spoonful into her mouth, a smirk on her lips.


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