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Peyton and James have been bestfriends forever. She was dating a guy that treated her horribly, she gave him everything. One day, he left her in alley by herself, saying he didn't love her anymore. She called her bestfriend and he came and got her.

Two weeks later, she went to the hospital because she fell and busted her head. The doctor came in and congratulated her. She didn't know why, she was pregnant. The dad didn't want to be in the life when she told him, so she decided to give her baby up for adoption.

Her bestfreind convinces her not to, saying he'll stay and help out with the baby.

She agrees. He starts to fall for her more and more, but when the baby's dad comes back into the picture, does he stand a change?



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Peyton Kyn Duncan | Eighteen | Main Girl. | Half-Demon, Half-Angel Lizzy. | Eventually her bestfriend and her baby's dad.

Peyton is Childlike, she's small and tiny. Her voice is barely a whisper. People don't expect her to be the bad one, they don't treat her like and adult like she is. She hates being treated how she is treated. She wants people to treat her how she is suppose to be treated. She uses her small frame tricks people into trusting her. She has powers, but uses them for bad and for her own personal gain. She is excited to be a mother after James talks her into keeping it.


Bryden Ray Duncan | Twenty | Peyton's Brother | Angel | Lizzy.TBD

Bryden isn't what people think he is. People tend to think that Bryden is the trouble maker, but he really is always cleaning up after Peyton. Peyton means the world to him, being his sister. He's very protective of Peyton. Has white wings and uses powers for the good of others. He's ready for Peyton to have the baby, but is scared its going to be a demon.

Carson James Morris| Nineteen |Peyton's bestfriend | Human | Taken | Peyton 

James has been friends with Peyton since kindergarten, in fact they're neighbors. He's very spontaneous and outgoing, he likes meeting new people and he's very friendly and kind. He's always had a thing for Peyton but never really acted on it because he's scared that she doesn't feel the same. He knows what she is but doesn't really see the bad in her.

Emily Faith Bennett | Eighteen | A highschool friend of Peyton's | Human |Taken |TBD
 Emily met Peyton when she moved into town the first day of freshman year and they bonded. She's human but she knows about creatures like her friend and what they can do. She's quiet and shy but she's blunt and honest sometimes. She didnt like the idea of Peyton dating the baby's dad but she never listened to her. 



Peyton's Baby's daddy..

Love interest for Bryden.

Friends of Peyton, Bryden and the baby's daddy.






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Peyton grimaced as she woke up. She has just had her beautiful Babyboy, two months ago so he still woke up every three hours. She didn't have any help so she got up everytime and never complained about it. This time she had woke up because someone was knocking at the door.

Bryden was sleeping in his new apartment. He moved out after Peyton had the baby.

James had been visiting Payton almost everyday since she had the baby but he knew it wasn't enough. She needed more help than just a visit. She needed someone to take care of her while she took care of the baby. And as her best friend he had to be there for her even if it was hard. So he finally gathered the courage to PCM his stuff and walk to the house next to his, he put his bags down and knocked on the door.

Peyton ran towards the door, carrying the baby both arms wrapped around him. She hoped it was James. She flung the door open and buried her face into her bestfriends chest, careful not to crush the baby. "James." She sobbed. She hadn't slept in days, and hadn't had a proper bath either. She literally lived by herself.

James smiled when she opened the door but his smile faded when he saw her crying "Hey hey" he said and hugged her gently. He pulled away for a second and frowned at the sad look in her face "Lets go in and talk okay?" He said and looked at the baby. This baby got cuter each time he saw them, it was crazy. He followed her inside and took his bags.

Peyton nodded. "Yeah." She moved away from the door so he could get inside. "Could you please watch him while I go shower?" She asked, "Please?"

James checked the clock when she said she'd take a shower "Umm.. Payton it's three in the morning" he said with raised eyebrows. He got here at this time because he didn't want his parents to start asking questions, but he wasnt sure if she wanted to shower at this time. "but I'd be glad to hold him" he said and sat in the couch "Sorry for waking you up by the way"

Peyton said, "You have to shower while you can." She handed Teagan to James, and kissed his cheek. "Thank you!" She ran up back to the bathroom of her one story flat. She turned on the water and got in, starting to relax.

James took him and held him carefully so that nothing would happen to him "You're so adorable. It's crazy" he mumbled and started playing with Teagan's hand, it was so small that his whole hand barebt covered one of his fingers. He looked very much like his mother and he was thankful for that.

Peyton sunk down to the floor and started crying. She didn't really have to do just cry. She didn't want to upset Teagan and this was the first time that someone else had been there to watch him for a few minutes. She buried her head into her knees.

It was so quiet in the house that he could hear crying and he knew it was her but he felt like she needed space so he didnt go to her. He looked down at Teagan and smiled "It's gonna be fine, you know?" He said to the baby "I promise"

Peyton stood up. She grabbed the shampoo, poured some into her hand and rubbed it into her hand. She did the same with the conditioner and poured some soap into a loofa and scrubbed her body. She washed the soap off of her body. Her body was red from where she scrubbed herself, she had to get clean. She finished everything she needed to do in the shower. She got out and wrapped her body in a towel. She walked to her room, which was next to the bathroom and changed into yoga shorts that had zebra print top part and a purple tank top. She wrapped her head in the towel and walked back to the living room.

James yawned when he saw her come back "Hey" he said and smiled "This baby is so good, he stayed asleep the whole time" he said and stood up. He walked to the nursery and out Teagan in his crib before walking back out "Are you alright, Payton?" He asked and took her hand "Im worried about you"


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