The Twilight Saga

   The School. Winchester High School. Also known as hell.

A History Lesson:

The world had crashed into chaos when Dr. Albert Mason released a deadly virus upon the human race, Starting with the White House. What started as a revenge attack to the president, turned out as a Bio-weapon towards mass destruction on earth. The virus, Aka Deathmas was a flesh eating virus that ate it's host alive. Deathmas also had the tendency to reanimate dead cells, bringing the dead back to life.

The virus mutated rapidly and took on it's own qualities. Making it immune to every medicine scientists created. The only cure that could save the world's decreasing population was Dr. Mason's daughter. No one knows where she could've been hiding until now.

Having been captured by Lieutenant Liam Raider and his guard dog Shredder, Masons Daughter and her only love and reason to live were in the hands of mad men. Being brought back to Raiders Military based camp, Eli Mason and Brandon Stone were plunging towards their twisted fate.

Having been a bit of a pesky brat, Eli refused to enter the camp. In return to her refusal, Shredder injected Brandon with Deathmas in hopes of making Eli want to help. But what Shredder didn't know, was that Brandon was already immune and Eli had slowed the process of the virus so he could live. But having been given such a high dose of virus, he didn't make it.

Leaving Eli with no choice but to help these men who had killed her reason to live.

Now with the new world under construction, The teenagers who are cured are put here.

To continue life as normal as possible until the new world is bright and shiny.

But how normal can a teenager be?

Enrollment requirements(Not necessarily in this order):


Full Name:




Species(if necessary):




No bullying.
two characters at the most. one is fine too.
high school is high school, but be safe with everything you do.
It's a new world. so this is your second chance to shine bright. make a difference.
once your immune, beware that if you leave the camp, your at a high risk of becoming one of them.
Have fun and hopefully get more people to join!

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Full Name: Eli Rose Mason

Age: 17

Birthday: August 21

Species: Loup-Garu



Eli Mason Is the daughter of Dr. Albert Mason. She parted ways with her father when he had gone mad with revenge on the President for not funding his cure for cancer. After a few days of the outbreak, her father Injected her with the Anti-bodies necessary for his daughter to stay alive and produce a cure when the time came.

Eli holds herself high, she has no shame in telling anyone who crosses paths with her how she feels about them. She has little to no patience with others due to the fact that her other half who had the Patience no long resides in this world. Or so she thinks.

Full Name: Brandon Shane Stone

Ailis: Cody Forest

Age: 18

Birthday: July 17th

Species: Immortal

Jamjars | via Tumblr


Brandon was a nobody before he met Eli. He is the son of Dr. Masons best friend/partner; Dr. Christina Stone. Brandon was placed in the protection warehouse by his mother so that when Herself and Dr. Mason found a cure, Brandon would be safe and ready to become immune. But Dr. Stone was one of the first to be infected and never made it to her son. So Eli was the only one who had gotten the vaccine and had become immune to Deathmas.

Now known as Cody Forest, Brandon was brought back after Eli had helped with a cure. Raider saw to it that Brandon was put into a program to monitor his life. This is the biggest secret he has ever kept from Eli, and he's not sure how she will handle the fact that he's alive...

Full Name: Zoe Sirius Lykos


Birthday:December 21


Species(if necessary): Wolf Shifter

Bio: Zoe was always...different. She was never accepted and never will be. She's a bad kid who just wants to be good. She has fought for her life since day one. All she needs is an Alpha who respects her.

hi , what species are there ?

anything you want

but it's in the middle of a zombie outbreak 


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