The Twilight Saga

Ever since Edward left Bella like he, and the Cullens never exist Bella went into a zombie state never to recover till that fateful day in October. When she is in the Cafeteria eating at the Cullen's former seat alone in her zombie state she saw 4 girls coming up to her asking if they could sit with her. She let them, and they introduce themselves to Bella as they sense something special about Bella. They invited Bella to the woods, and as they got there they explain to Bella that they are witches and Bella might be a witch. After testing Bella along with her element Bella then officially became the newest member of there coven that soon change her personality as well. 100 years later Victoria has return seeking revenge for James' death on Bella, and a old traitor of the clan's past has return with thirst of vengeance against the clan. Well Bella finish her witchcraft with her new friends or die from Victoria's grasp? What worse is the cullens had return, and are unaware that Bella is still alive, and a witch.

Witches in the Twilight Universe.


There beautiful

Cannot age unless they choose to give up there witchcraft, and live the rest of there life as a human.

Could chant spells with spell books disguise as talismans.

Could transform into other humans or animals.

Create cloaking invisible barriers in a circle.

Invoke the spirit of Adellena



Doubling is optional

Long or short detailed sentences from 3 to 6.

Follow TTS rules

No Ditching Ever

Enjoy the rp.

The Nocturnal Coven (witches)


Aelia Dekali

Age: 19/100

Rank: Leader

Element: Fire

P/B:  Forever Young. ∞


Kaylie Corneria

Age: 17/80

Rank: Second in command

Element: Water



Claire Fortunea

Age: 16/60

Rank: Third in Command

Element: Earth



Denisa Terriana

Age: 18/40

Rank: Fourth in Command

Element: Wind


Bella Swan

Age: 18

Rank: newcomer

Element: Light

P/B: Roman Cullen





P/B: Faith Lehane


Crystal Relea

Age: 18/200

Rank: Exiled traitor of the Nocturnal Clan

Element: Darkness

P/B: Forever Young. ∞


Other twilight characters


Edward-Forever Young. ∞

Jasper-Forever Young. ∞

Carlise-Carlisle cullen

Emmett-Carlisle cullen

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Crystal, Aelia, Edward and Jasper?



I hope others join.

No one ever gets on anymore. Its weird.

the tts rp only rule cause it.


Il be Victoria!

accepted, and would you like to play one if you want to.

When can we start ?(:

until we get Kaylie,Claire, and Denisa.

Carlisle and Marcus


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