The Twilight Saga

The Volturi have finally met there match, and they never even knew they where real.

News of sailors disapearing on the shores of Italy reached the Volturi and they thought it was the act of vampires. So to stop it one night they left and headed that way. Only to find out that vampires where the fatherest from what was killing.

Mermaids are lurking in the waters and killing the sailors, and when the Volturi step in they are furious. They wont have some one get in there way,

On the spot the war has started as the Volturi fears that the mermaids are going to attempt to take over.


boy and girl

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Volturi Memebers











Ariel is the princess and in charge. she can be snappy but thats how she i. she gets what she wants when she wants it

crush is alec

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marcus is mine, you can pick another and thanks


Alec, and I'll make  girl in a sec

okay! thanks, once you make your girl we can start if yalll want to



Andy is one of the strongest mermaids from them all, and she usually stands alone, but she believes in the power of many, instead of the power of one. She's arrogant and manipulative, deceitful and strong, but she is reasonable with her kind, and stands beside Princess Ariel.


thanks! once i stop fan girling over the jonas brothers ill start lol :P

hey lucy can you please go on the town secret rp?


Ariel swam toward the surface and took a deep breath of air once she broke it. She looked around and into the night. She noticed a smaller ship not far from where she was. She looked back down into the depts of the water. She sometimes perfered to go off by herself and find a snack. She dove down into the water and went for the small ship. She reached the ship and came back to the surface, thats when she saw the dark figures on the beach. She raised a eyebrow forgettinfg about the ship, and dove back into the water, to get the others.

Marcus stood beside Aro as he looked around. It didnt seem like vampires have been here. There wasnt a trace of their scent are anything. The only thing he could smell was the water and a odd sweet scent coming from it.

Andy practiced her special speed ability she obtained from the powerful octowitch from down below the depths of the sea. It helped her get to the more faster boat mobiles, they usually had more humans in it, thus, more food to devour. It was tiring returning up to sea every night fall to feed, when eating more of them, was more time spending in the water. She suddenly saw Ariel swimming towards them.

Alec kept his eyes on the shore, keeping his ears as open as his eyes were, and he hadn't heard nor saw a thing for the past ten minutes. He looked over at his sister, and then at the others before glancing over at the sea. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary this night, maybe the vampires knew they were suspicious and quit while they were already ahead.

Ariel grinned at Andy. "We have some visitors" she said as she motioned for the others to follow her as she turned and took off swimming up to the surface. She swam closer to the shore and broke the surface. She titled her head to the side. She was curious. She had heard of these creatures but never seen them

Ill reply to Marcus later. I don't have time right now

im here

Andy smirked, following Ariel up to surface, hearing soft murmurs on the shore. Maybe it was more civilians out, she could go for something to eat.


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