The Twilight Saga

The Volturi have finally met there match, and they never even knew they where real.

News of sailors disapearing on the shores of Italy reached the Volturi and they thought it was the act of vampires. So to stop it one night they left and headed that way. Only to find out that vampires where the fatherest from what was killing.

Mermaids are lurking in the waters and killing the sailors, and when the Volturi step in they are furious. They wont have some one get in there way,

On the spot the war has started as the Volturi fears that the mermaids are going to attempt to take over.


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Ariel is the princess and in charge. she can be snappy but thats how she i. she gets what she wants when she wants it

crush is alec

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Ariel looked back at Andy "Come one" he said and made her way to closer to the shore. ONce she got there she pulled herself up on the shore and watched her tail fade away leaving behide legs. THen she grinned and looked back at the figures. Normally she would sing to draw others to her but some times she likes playing the poor girl in danger. So she let out a loud scream

(pewds do you want me to make a girl for andy?)

[ Andy is a girl :D ]

Andy swam beside Tayla, watching Ariel with wide, intense eyes, wanting to pick up on everything she had done. "She's excellent." She whispered to Tayla.

Alec looked up at Aro and nodded, quickly striding to the other side of the beach where he had heard the screams. Seeing a girl up a head, he walked at a normal speed, concerned of what the girl was screaming about. "Is everything alright?"

Andy looked over at Tayla worriedly. "How so?" She asked, thinking that this was all going to go well and as planned for Ariel, but is she was in danger, she wanted to get her out before anything had happened.

(yeah i knew she was a girl i got that backwards. I could have sworn i typed guy though lol)

Ariel grinned at she looked up at the boy. She forced tears in her eyes as she made her voice shake. "theres something in the water. I was swimming and it was after me" she whispered softly

[ Lol! Well then, sure :] ]

Andy sighed, shaking her head. "You and your worries, Tayla. I thought you were a hundred percent sure. You startled me." Andy spoke, her mouth under water, but her eyes above it.

Alec furrowed his eyebrows, as he crouched beside her, looking her over before standing up once again, looking over it. He searched thoroughly shaking his head slightly. "I am sorry, but I do not see anything in the water. Are you sure you had witnessed something coming for you?" He asked in all seriousness, wondering if it were the vampires they were searching for, trying to attack the girl.

Ariel just smirked. "Yeah im sure there was something in there. Are you ready to join them you little bloodsucker?" she asked as she stood up. Mermaids have always been as strong as vampires though vampires where harder to kill. But she found it fun. "And just so we are kill your little pack of blood suckers leave my girls alone, they dont know you exsist" she said

(kk give me a second im getting my graduation annoucments filled out then ill make him, ill go ahead and name him and let you know he is a vampire now and ill fill out his form later so i can go on and start playing him)

Andy squinted, and smiled widely as she saw Ariel reveal herself to the vampire, the reaction on his face, humorous to her. "You are right, but I feel the princess is going to do quite well. And besides, we're here to help if she is in trouble."

Alec was taken aback, surprised, yet feeling like it was suspected. He creased his eyebrows, his hands clenching into fists. "What makes you think that you can defeat me? Or any of my people?"

My guys name is gonna be Ryan and ill get pics tomorrow)

Ariel smirked "you wouldn't be the first I've taken down. "Did you know some things found in the ocean are strong enough to slowly cut one of you in half?" She asked as she titled her head to the side. "Your cute though. So I might take it easy on you" she said as she put both hands on his chest and pushed him back into the water.

Ryan stood be hide the rest of the guard and had watched Alec walk off. Jane had wanted to go after him but he held her back. Alec could handle himself and he knew that.

Andy glanced over at Tayla once again. She furrowed her eyebrows and glared over at the other vampires on the shore, watching as they had all talked to each other silently. "You're right. They do seem... different." She responded, agreeing with Tayla for once. "Maybe we should worn the princess?"

Alec felt her push against his chest as he fell into the water, letting her be stronger than he was, until he heard her collide in the water beside him, he contacted Aro and the others through his mind, calling for assistance.  He felt the water consume him, and watched as the girl swam her way to him. When she was close enough, Alec placed his hands in front of him, a black smoke quickly spilling out of his hands, wrapping around her, tightening, poisoning her.

Ariel blinked as suddenly everything went dark. she knew how to fight against this. But some times it was hard for her to use her powers. She has never really worked for them. She held her hands up palm up, she hoped since she couldnt feel what she was doing and she closed her eyes though she couldnt see. Soon the water bubbled around her and slowly her senses where coming back.

Ryan took off at full speed and dove into the water after Alec

(yeah i know his replied suck i have to jump off real quick)

Andy's eyes widened, gasping as she saw the black fog from beneath the water. "ARIEL!" She shouted, following right behind Tayla. "You were right, Tayla! Something was wrong!" Andy suddenly felt a barrier hit her as she tried to get to Princess Ariel. "What the... Ariel!" She screamed, pounding her fists against the invisible barrier.

Alec saw Ryan jump in after him, and motioned toward him to help him with the mermaid. He noticed her trying to clear the smoke away from her, and he forced it out thicker, faster. He didn't want to kill her, but he did want to take her in... It's been a while since the Volturi had any slaves to torture. 


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