The Twilight Saga

At the age of 10, Bella was a witness to a murder and was nearly killed herself. She knows about vampires since she saw one and was nearly attacked. She and her family have been vacated from their home in Phoenix to the small town of Forks. Bella immediately becomes friends the Cullens. She knows they are vampires, but she has the sense that they won't hurt her. The only one who doesn't trust her is Edward because she wasn't telling the truth about who she is and why she moved to Forks. 8 years have gone by and Edward is just starting to trust her, even though secretly he's been falling for her, the vampire who nearly killed her comes into Forks and starts hunting her down and shows up at the school.


Bella: Claire Oswin Oswald (Known as Miracle)

Malcom: Claire Oswin Oswald
















Neveah Swan

Claire Oswin Oswald



She was recently changed by Malcom when she went to visit her friends in Phoenix and she hasn't been able to face her sister. She is currently with Malcolm so she can find her sister to warn her about him. She's Bella's younger sister

Name: Lisette (Lissa)

P/B: Koko

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

She joined the Cullens at some point in the 1950s after she was changed by an old friend of Malcom's. She doesn't have a mate, but helps keep Edward in check (keeps him from moping too much) up until Bella enters their life. She doesn't have any spectacular gifts, but she is particularly good at cheering people up.

Boy and girl please!

Stay Dedicated

Don't be your own couple

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I almost thought Neveah is Bella's ancestor.

She's her sister

Like I said "almost" btw think you could join my rp if you want to.

I'm not interested. I read the plot and it doesn't interest me. Sorry Roman.

*Not sure if I should join or not cuz I have a lot of them on my plate but a few days ago my name was Eponine and I think you might be my soulmate because you like Doctor Who and Les Mis and Sam Barks.

Its fine if you don't :) Les Mis is amazing, Doctor Who is cool like bow ties and Sam Barks is just an amazing actress 

Anyone want to join?

I will :) Any interest in either of mine?

I can play Edward, Alice, and would it be alright for me to make an OC?

Ya of course you can :)

Okay give me a bit to think about it. I have a lot of work to do at the moment, but I can't not be on here....haha so I'm multitasking

haha nice! I have issues multitasking 


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