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At the age of 10, Bella was a witness to a murder and was nearly killed herself. She knows about vampires since she saw one and was nearly attacked. She and her family have been vacated from their home in Phoenix to the small town of Forks. Bella immediately becomes friends the Cullens. She knows they are vampires, but she has the sense that they won't hurt her. The only one who doesn't trust her is Edward because she wasn't telling the truth about who she is and why she moved to Forks. 8 years have gone by and Edward is just starting to trust her, even though secretly he's been falling for her, the vampire who nearly killed her comes into Forks and starts hunting her down and shows up at the school.


Bella: Claire Oswin Oswald (Known as Miracle)

Malcom: Claire Oswin Oswald
















Neveah Swan

Claire Oswin Oswald



She was recently changed by Malcom when she went to visit her friends in Phoenix and she hasn't been able to face her sister. She is currently with Malcolm so she can find her sister to warn her about him. She's Bella's younger sister

Name: Lisette (Lissa)

P/B: Koko

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

She joined the Cullens at some point in the 1950s after she was changed by an old friend of Malcom's. She doesn't have a mate, but helps keep Edward in check (keeps him from moping too much) up until Bella enters their life. She doesn't have any spectacular gifts, but she is particularly good at cheering people up.

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When she didn't answer the door right away, Edward frowned and observed that her car was gone. They followed her scene to a scene of horror. Her car was upside down and Bella was lying on the side of the street, bleeding out from several places. 

"Oh god Edward... I can't," Alice shook her head before disappearing. I'm sorry Edward her blood is too alluring. I had to leave. I'm sending Carlisle. Edward groaned as he held his breath and leaned down, holding her head in his lap.

"Bella? Bella can you hear me? Please Bella," he whispered, pulling her close to him. "It's gonna be okay. We're gonna make this okay," he murmured as Carlisle rushed up to him. Together they raced, Bella safely tucked in Edward's arms to their home where Alice had warned them and everyone except Lisette had vacated. Rosalie was off with Emmett, even though she wouldn't have been too tempted. Lisette was good at resisting the blood lust and assisted them until Carlisle announced that Bella was stable. 

"What happened?" Liss asked when they had both washed off.

"I don't know. Some kind of car crash, though I don't know anything about how she could have gotten out of the car," Edward answered. Liss took ten minutes to go back to the sight of the crash and hidden from the police that had now arrived, she did her own investigation. 

"It reeks of two other vampires," she growled when she returned home. She didn't care too much for Bella, but someone who was so loved by her family was going to get her protection.

Malcolm raised an eyebrow. "I need her dead. She saw what I was and what happened when I was feeding. She knows way to much." He walked over to Neveah and looked her over. "I wonder what would happened of your sister would see you like this. Two years missing. I bet you know that vampire coven that lives in this city." He stared at her for a bit before chuckling. "Like I said before, she is going to die and it is going to be by hands."

Neveah frowned. He was talking about the Cullens. She knew her sister had a crush on one of them, Edward. She just glared at Malcolm."If I know my sister well enough, she's going to be fine and protected. A little frightened, but between me and the vampire coven here, she will be protected." She snarled.

Bella opened her eyes; her eyesight a little blurry. She felt pain traveling through her system and clinched her eyes shut when the blurry got too much. Bella reopened her eyes and stared the ceiling. She knew the voice she heard was her sister's, but it was different. It was much more forced and careful. Her hunch was correct; he did turn her. Bella sighed softly and let her eyes wonder while they adjust to the light. She was definitely in Carlisle's office. 

Edward was at Bella's side the instant she awoke. "Bella? Are you alright? Where does it hurt? Do you need anything?" he asked. Lisette rolled her eyes as she rejoined the two in Carlisle's office which had been turned into a healing room for Bella.

"Give her space to breathe, Edward," she commanded gently. "She probably doesn't even understand what you're saying right now," she pointed out. "Hey Bella," she then added in a soft voice for the human girl lying on the bed.

Alice made her way back to the house once it was cleared by Carlisle, finding her way up to his office to see Liss and Edward crowding Bella's room. "I'm so sorry I didn't see that coming you guys, there was no decisions leading up to that, but I'll watch more carefully from now on," Alice confessed. Edward suppressed a growl, turning to look at her fiercely.

"Yes, you WILL," he agreed.

"Edward," Liss chastised. 

Bella looked at Edward and gave him a weak smile. "Obviously I'm fine Edward. Not dead. Everything hurts though." She glanced over at Lisette. "Hey there." She looked back at Edward when he wasn't looking then at Alice. "Not your fault Alice. I shouldn't have hit the brakes or been out in the pouring rain. You can't predict everything." She gave her a smile.

Malcolm just snarled back. "I have my ways of getting to people. I got to you didn't I? Just one little persuasion and you turned. All you were doing was seeing a friend. Was that was Bella was doing, seeing a friend because she made a mistake or that she was ending it?" He noticed Neveah continue to stand in the protected glance. "I've already down my research about what school she goes too."

Edward breathed a single sigh of relief and gave Alice an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, you just had us all so worried for a while. We thought we were going to lose you and I...I couldn't stand that. Bella I need you in my life," he confessed quietly. 

"Give her some space to breathe, Edward. And here, these are the pain meds Carlisle said to give you when you woke up," Lisette handed the little pills and a glass full of water to Bella. "We need you to tell us what happened. You weren't the only one at the car crash, Bella," she continued sternly.

Bella looked at him in silence and placed a hand on his."I'll be fine. Can't get rid of me that easily." She grabbed the pills and the glass of water. "All I saw was figure in the fog and I thought I was going to hit him or her and the truck crashed and the last thing I remember is boots coming towards me and female voice.  That's all I remember."

Neveah frowned and shook her head."Whatever you are doing, I suggest don't. My sister could have easily told that vampire clan about you and they are doing everything to keep you away." She snarled again before walking away. She had to get to Bella and tell her whats going on and about Malcolm. 

Alice zoned out for a moment before returning to them, a look of worry over her face. "Someone wants you dead, Bella," she said grimly. "I can't tell what they're planning or why they want it, but I just keep seeing different scenarios where you end up seriously injured or dying. Can you think of any reason WHY that would be? Could it be something that has to do with us?" she directed her last reason toward her siblings, but both of them shook their heads in denial. They hadn't done anything to set anyone off, except perhaps the Volturi but hit and run wasn't exactly their style.

"Boots and a female voice...That's two people. Just like the two vampires I smelled. Bella how did you know we were vampires in the first place? You need to tell the truth," Lisette stressed.

Seeing her hesitation, Edward took her hand and began to rub circles around the back of it. "Please Bella...we just need to protect you," he told her softly.

Bella hesitated. She had to tell them. She watched as Edward rub the back of her hand before she spoke. "* years ago I witnessed a vampire literally killing a family friend. He tried to kill me too, but the police showed up before he could. I still have a scar that I look at every day. I thought he would never find me, but the boots sent a reminder that he has and I'm not going to be safe." She paused and closed her eyes. She could feel herself trembling.

Malcolm chuckled. "They won't keep me from her. She knows she has to die by my hands. She's weak. I'm surprised that clan hasn't killed her yet. Her scent is too strong to resist. I know you had difficulties while pulling her out of the wreck." He raised an eyebrow at her before snarling back."You can't protect her."

Neveah snarled."Is that what you think? Obviously I can't protect her while being around her, I'm still new to this, but I can risk my life to keep her safe from you."

Edward tensed, but made sure to keep his hand gentle so he wouldn't hurt Bella. "A vampire?" he let out a low growl before standing up and pacing frantically. "He won't get to you Bella. You're safe with us. We would never let anyone harm you, ever. Every single one of us would give our lives for you. You're one of us now, human or not," Edward insisted.

Juliette nodded sympathetically. "Edward is right, Bella. We need your cooperation, though. We aren't going to force you to do anything you don't want to do, but understand that anything we ask of you is for your own protection. The male vampire you're talking about wasn't the only one at the wreck. Can you think of anyone else that might have been with him? A mate maybe? We need to be watching for both of them," she explained calmly. 

Alice searched into Bella's future with a thoughtful look on her face. "Yes it's clearer now that I know his true intentions. He's going to look for an opportunity where you're alone. We can't let that happen. He underestimates us. I don't think he knows that we're skilled in fighting. He thinks we're not capable of protecting you," Alice muttered angrily.

Bella sighed and didn't speak for a few minutes. "He is going to find a way to get to me. He might even take drastic measures to figure out your weaknesses to do so." She sighed and looked at Juliette and raised an eyebrow. "I never saw him with anyone. He seemed to be more happy on his own then with a mate or partner. Unless things changed within the last 8 years." She felt pain racing up her spine and let out a tiny gasp and tightened her eyes closed.

Malcom laughed at the younger sister before giving her an evil glare. He has been waiting to use his power for a long time. He had the power to change people back. "If my current plan doesn't work out the way I want it to, I have another plan that won't easily be defeated or foiled." He walked back over to the sister and grabbed her arm. "You are just the leverage I need." He snarled.

Neveah just frowned and shook her head. "Whatever it is, I can run. I'm so much faster and stronger than you at the moment." She heard him and heard a not much longer. She watched him take off while she continued to stand in the clearing. She pulled out her phone and texted Bella. We need to talk. Neveah knew Bella wouldn't know the number, but it was worth a shot.

Edward raced back to Bella's side. "That's enough questions," he hissed at his two sisters, placing his head on her chest softly, listening to the sound of her heart fluttering. Juliette muttered something unintelligible before shaking her head and leaving the room.

You're not doing her any favors, brother she thought towards Edward. She heard a vampire level growl and rolled her eyes again. 

"He's being ridiculous and he knows it," she told her sister Alice. Alice murmured her agreements before searching more into Bella's future, but finding nothing. 

The pain left Bella's system for a minute and she opened her eyes to see Edward's head on her chest. She felt herself starting to blush and she looked up at the ceiling. She wasn't uncomfortable. It just seemed a little strange to her and new. Edward was never in the same room as her for this long in the past. She looked back at him."What are you doing?" She asked. She looked over at the desk when she heard her phone vibrate.

Neveah waited for a response from Bella. She sighed and walked into the woods. She need to hunt after pulling Bella out of the wreck. She sighed and started running when she smelt blood. Neveah saw a biker sitting on the ground holding his knee. She ran up to him and sunk her teeth into his neck. She barely heard him scream and felt him go limp in her arms. 


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