The Twilight Saga

Danny is the alpha of his pack his mate is a human. But she has a boyfriend she loves very much. How far will he go to have her? What will he do to get her in his arms. What if he finds out her boyfriend is a vampire and a bad one at that? What if he finds out he been beating her when something go wrong?


Kids: none


Age: 17

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Can I make a girls three girls or two

I don't care but cab you still play the one girl the main one but beside that you can make what u want even kids just tell me how they fit in

Yes. But does the main girl have the name?

No you make that up i find ppl like to make that stuff up there self did you read?



This is the main girl.


Age 15



Kids: None

Do you want a picture?


Age 15



Not really do by phone till y fi get back on so can't past it a ny way. Let me put this up then i Will start k

Ok. : )

Danny:I just moved back to take over as alpha. I walked into town and smelled the most wonderful smell I have ever smell but did not know where it came from.

Brad: I went to work but b4 i left i left a list i wanted Casey to do and what I wanted for dinner when i got home. And it better be done to (sorry phone call)

Casey: *Look at the list and Pull her sleeve down to hide bruise  She leave when to store and was buy the things he want. Her arms had been hurting her today. she keep shopping. I smiles when I see him. he was cute and look around*

Danny: I see the girl in the store o she looks so good and smell nice to. Why is she making me fill this way. She smiles at me

Brad: I went to the hospital I am the head doc. There. Nothing go on with out. Me knowing.

(where is other girl and how is she. Fitting in the story )

Maggie: *Come into the house with her broken arm and wait to see a doctor and it was really hurting her. Her sister Casey couldn't come with her*

Casey: *Smiles at him and try away. Know if her boy foud out her was going to be Mad at her*

Brad: walked up by here looking at the shelf.

Danny: calls home to see if she did what I ask


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