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The Monster .. [ Asylum RP/STARTING ]

Started by Skyla Medina .™. Last reply by graveyard.† 47 minutes ago. 614 Replies

When you were younger, older kids maybe your cousins, older siblings, older friends or neighbors, any older figure in your life would try to scare you .. by telling you about monsters that hurt…Continue

Dreams Awakening

Started by нακʋиα мαтαтα †. Last reply by S t e l l a™ 6 hours ago. 7 Replies

It's summer vacation finally, school has just been released and everyone is excited. There's about to be a big retreat that will occur for two months. Eight weeks. Only Sixteen teenagers are allowed…Continue

Trapped (join)

Started by Shruti Lautner. Last reply by Shruti Lautner 21 hours ago. 4 Replies

By falling asleep the humans got sucked into another dimension, not their physical body but their mind. So their souls are trapped in the land of nightmares, but it’s not only theirs souls who are…Continue

Nightfall [ A One Direction/Larry Stylinson Spinoff Of Twilight ]

Started by Skyla Medina .™. Last reply by Skyla Medina .™ yesterday. 2 Replies

Based Off Of: The Twilight…Continue

Looking for New RP site

Started by Karina Marie Torres. Last reply by S t e l l a™ yesterday. 1 Reply

Now that roleplayplayground shut down, I need a new site that allows me to create the rps I want to create.  No offense to The Twilight Saga, but we are kind of limited here.  If you could just leave…Continue

You Are The Heart *Join please.*

Started by You Are The Heart. Last reply by Shruti Lautner yesterday. 4 Replies

A group of teens are enrolled in a summer camp by their parents because they are different from society. Not the perfect child that they expected them to be. Love, Jealousy, and hatred will run its…Continue

Moving Back Home (Join!)

Started by Miss Sixx. Last reply by Shruti Lautner on Monday. 3 Replies

Sam's little sister moves back to LaPush for her senior year after being at a boarding school in Europe for the last three years. What happens when she gets imprinted on by Paul? When neither of them…Continue

Black (join pleeease) (now ready)

Started by Shruti Lautner. Last reply by Shruti Lautner on Monday. 3 Replies

"our love is not possible"A hybrid vampire is all set to attack Mystic falls. He has army of vampires.His army name is Black. He is living in mystic falls and is waiting for his wizard freind to help…Continue

I'm Only Human {Join!}

Started by α тнσʋƨαи∂ ʏɛαяƨ™. Last reply by Shruti Lautner on Sunday. 2 Replies

This is a roleplay about if all the Twilight characters were regular humans who had never really met. They attend Forks High School where Esme Cullen is principal and everyone knows her children,…Continue

Rise of wolves

Started by Shruti Lautner on Saturday. 0 Replies

You were taken by your family. Taken away forcefully, you were given to your new 'owner'. Like all the other wolves you are abused and neglected and almost beaten to death multiple times. As you grow…Continue

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Comment by ღ ☁ Okay? Okay. ☁ ღ on June 11, 2014 at 4:07am

I honestly don't remember cx I think I had one of those cliche names like Twilightfan123. I had a couple of these accounts though, since I always forgot my passwords.

Comment by єℓìℤαвєтн cυℓℓєи on June 11, 2014 at 4:04am

I can understand that. By the way, I noticed we are friends. What are some of your old profile names?

Comment by ღ ☁ Okay? Okay. ☁ ღ on June 11, 2014 at 4:01am

Yeah, I mean, I like joining when it's already active cx

Comment by єℓìℤαвєтн cυℓℓєи on June 11, 2014 at 4:00am

Well, I kind of have to find people to make it active. Haha.I used to have like 50 people but they all got spread out.

Comment by ღ ☁ Okay? Okay. ☁ ღ on June 11, 2014 at 3:55am

Yeah. I would join, but I prefer sites that are pretty active. I joined one that wasn't really active, and every time I've checked it within the last week, nothing's been commented on. 

Comment by єℓìℤαвєтн cυℓℓєи on June 11, 2014 at 3:46am

That's why I got my site back. I missed having a ning site so I made a new one and thankfully I can afford it.

Comment by ღ ☁ Okay? Okay. ☁ ღ on June 11, 2014 at 3:32am

I'm more into now. I found a lot of people I used to rp with on there, and you're more free. Like, you can swear and stuff in roleplays, as long as said roleplay as a PG-13 or M rating. I check here a couple times a day to see if the roleplay I'm in has been commented on, though. 

Comment by єℓìℤαвєтн cυℓℓєи on June 11, 2014 at 2:35am

Okay so for the people who are still here, I have a baby site that I just started that has nothing to do with Twilight, unless you wanna do Twilight. I don't really care. No over the top rules. Just add and message me if interested.

Comment by midnight on June 6, 2014 at 3:41am

I completely agree with all of you. I wish I still had Admin priviledges here so I could perhaps make it look nicer. I made that icon almost 3 years ago, I think, it's atrocious haha. Maybe we can all start a new RP or something, agree to come on often, try to make a new start here.

Like I said, I don't even think the Mods come on anymore.

Also, the creator was never really on anyways. This site was created by a publisher. It was/is the Mods jobs to keep track of it.

Roman, I'm not really interested in joining anymore websites. Sorry.

Comment by Skyla Medina .™ on June 5, 2014 at 12:33pm

The creator never came on either


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