The Twilight Saga

Do you dislike Bella for at least one of the following reasons?


1. She gets whatever she wants.

2. She's stubborn.

3. She gets to have kids.

4. She keeps Renesmee away from Rosalie, like, all the time after she wakes up from the change.

5. Nessie likes Rosalie but Bella doesn't think she's a good influnce on her.


These were commented on here, and I am posting them. Thanks!!


6. in every scene she is paler than Edward or blue. Smurf Vampire!! the Twilight meadow scene, she is stuffed wrong so 1 boob is bigger than the other.

8. Even reading in Bella's POV, you still don't know what she wants half the time.

9. She was fickled and went back and forth between Edward and Jacob, leading them both on.

10. She supposdely loved Edward enough to sacrifice everything and spend eterenity with him, but didn't want to marry him.....what?!!

11.She is intimidated by Rosalie because she is so beautiful and assumes the worst of Rose unitl she hears her story.

12. She got mad at the Cullens in Breaking Dawn for being annoyed by Jacob, but didn't care that Jacob was disrespectful toward them and Edward.

13.She is quick to yell at Edward but lets Jacob walk all over her.

14. She complains about Leah's "ANNOYING pacing" of course Leah would be angry seth got hurt becaus of Bella! Bella's lucky Leah didn't attack her-she should be grateful!!!

15. She asks Rosalie to help her during the pregnancy, but is quick to take Nessie from Rose when she's a vampire and barely lets her see Nessie!! 


The list goes on and on!!


If you have anymore reasons please post them in a comment, and I'll add them on here!! Thanks!!

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i like her but she needs to choose who she wants edward or jacob? and if i were bella i wouldnt want rose near her either. no offense to people who think otherwise. but its true
I disagree. Rose knows when to stop for Nessie's sake, and she can control Emmett, too. Everyone knows that!
This seems somewhat like a debate? Anyway I see no necessariness to be so harsh with Bella.
I see a BIG necessariness to be so harsh with Bella. She is over-exaggerated in just about EVERY way, and there's tons more!

This is not a debate. Maybe it seems like it, but it's not.

I don't like Bella. Three words to describe her? Selfish, Arrogant, and Retarded.
i have no problem with bells but the only thing i don't like is that she does things that has serious consequences and acts retarded when coming to facing or fixing the consequences.......
She is just some selfish brat
Bella- Hey Edward, I know we've only known each other for a month, and I know we're at prom, and I know that there are people standing around, and sure, you almost got me killed yesterday, but I want you to bite me right here, and forever change me into a vampire so I can give up my family and life for you, even though we met only a month ago, okay?

I hate Bella. :P She is my least fave charater, and thats saying something. All the above reasons are true for me. lol. :) I cant stand her, and I don't think Kristen Stewart is a very good actor. Shes emotionless.

****No disrespect to any Kristen/Bella fans****

I hate Bella. She's very stuck and kind of a brat. And the 'Edward & Bella' relationship went too fast. A month and their supposed 2 b fascinated with each other? Get real.

Bella  is so winey and seems to always get what she wants then when she doesn't it she jumps off cliffs and trys to hurt herself. She is so annoying. Rose and Alice are so much better then her.


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