The Twilight Saga

How many of you think that Rosalie's hair in Eclipse wasn't soo nice, I mean it look kinda oily and it looked so thick and it just reminded me of horse hair!!

check this picture out and tell me what you think:

But I liked her hair while they we're practicing fighting:

But her hair in in Twilight was better like this one:

what do you think??

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ya it looked a bit freaky
It was just weird :P
Maybe it's treatened. I just don't like her eyebrows during Eclipse.
MEEEE TOOOOOOO! i did not know someone else felt the same way
I love her hair in Twilight the best. I dislike how the characters change looks each movie, they're vampires! They're supposed to stay the same!

I must say I agree with you. That has always bugged me about the movies. They have made such drastic changes to their appearances, which just doesn't work.


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