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Some people have said that Nikki Reed wasn't pretty enough to play Rosalie who was supposed to be the most beautiful girl on earth. I think they don't know crap!! They really hurt her feelings and in my opinion were just plain wrong! Show your support to her, and opposition to them , and your opinion here!

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I think as a brunnette, that she is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen! I admit I felt very jealous when I saw her in the People Magazine New Moon Collector's Edition! I think as a blonde, it took away from her natural beauty, but that those mean bloggers should shut up and also analyze her acting which is amazing! I totally support Nikki Reed as Rosalie, what bout you?
I thought Nikki Reed was horribly miscast but I don't mean that as an insult to Nikki Reed in ANY way. She is a lovely young woman, but her dark hair and darker skin (I read somewhere she is part Native American) do not work for the Rosalie as described in the book. I thought her acting was fine but even she has questioned why the hell they cast HER as Rosalie! Her look in the movie simply didn't work for me, but I have to admit that now when I visualize the character of RosalieI picture Ms. Reed rather than the Rosalie I conjured up while reading the book.
Nikki totally captured Rosalie. Rosalie is NOT just a shallow beauty. Yes she is beautiful but she has been through hell and managed to come out of it a stronger person. Nikki shows that in her performances. She showed Rosalie's bitterness toward Bella and her hate for having her family put in danger. In New Moon, she blew me away with her words in the vote scene. Her pained facial expressions, her apology, her explanation, only Nikki could have pulled that off and I am so tired of hearing people bash her as a person. None of us have the right to do that and Nikki has been nothing but classy. She has been taken back by the fan support and always been sweet. She is shy and baffled at times by the love for the movies and the saga but always gracious so she deserves all the respect in the world! Nikki is Rosalie Hale....end of story.
*clap clap clap*
Yes. Exactly. Case Closed.
i think who evver sad is dumb I love nikki reed she is best friends with kristen stewart she makes a perfect rosalie! i love rosalie cullen aka nikki reed!
Plus Nikki can totally portray that fierce intimidating side of Rosalie but when she smiles at Emmett you get a glimpse of her love for him or when she mentioned briefly her past during the vote scene in New Moon you saw the pain and torture in her facial expressions. i think that is really hard to pull off. Nikki is awesome so forget the haters!
I think Nikki was a great choice for Rosalie. She can portray her physically and emotionally.
I know!
in my opinion though, Nikki looks more beautiful as a brunette. but she looks great either blond or brunette
Nikki Reed was the PERFECT and I mean the PERFECT person to play Rosalie Hale. If they say that Nikki Reed isn't pretty enough, I say, screw you! But she is the BEST one to play Rosalie.
nikki is totally meant to be rosalie i like her blonde though like roslie i dont think as a brunette shes that good i think kristen stewart looks good as bella not goth =O


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