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Hi all, I would just like to make a discussion of how to annoy rosalie, i dont care how many i get, i just wast to know what people think would annoy her!! and please number your reply!!

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1. Throw food in here hair on purpose!!
2.tell her that Edward loves Bella and not her
This one wouldnt work because she loves Emmett and only thinks of Edward as a brother. She could care less if he loves Bella.
well...that easy! TELL HER YOU CAN GET PREGNANT! :D
Emmetts checking out bella now that's she a vamp.
Doubt this one would work as well. Rosalie isnt jealous of Bella or feel threatened about someone taking Emmett from her. They are mates, their bond is strong just like Bella and Edward's is.
5. Get her a dog and name it Jacob!!
Thats a good one lol I think you could do that to a couple of the Cullens to annoy them.
Join the yearbook comitte and then take a bad picture of her and edit the picture to make her hair green!

u agree???
7.tell her that her ex-husband to be or what ever his name was should of killed her when he had the chance.
now thats mean, but a good one!!!!


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