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Hi all, I would just like to make a discussion of how to annoy rosalie, i dont care how many i get, i just wast to know what people think would annoy her!! and please number your reply!!

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Thats really messed up and takes a pretty disturbed mind to think of something like that. His name was Royce by the way and he deserved everything he got. Im pretty sure if anyone ever said that to Rosalie or Emmett they wouldnt be able to utter another word ever again. That's a twisted remark.
i no that Royce deserved everything that got to him and i really think that he should of suffered more than he did. but im just saying that if someone said that to Rose she would get lyk super pissed-off.
*and really if i didn't say that someone else would*
That is not something that would annoy her that is something that would make someone deserve to get their butt kicked and you were the only one to say something so wrong so how do you know someone else would say it? Not everyone thinks along those twisted lines. Most of the comments have been pretty funny ones and then theres......that one.
well something always comes and omg it's just a comment,really.
And I am allowed to say my opinion about that comment.
She is allowed to say her opinion about that comment.
Guys dont fight we are all team edwards here
we need to stick together in peace and harmony
We are all NOT team edwards here!
Long time no see Dirk!
chip her nails

constantly tell her that she secretly loves jacob

kiss emmett gooodbye in front of her

Wow...I think these would really work.

Now let me think... Maybe put Jake's old shirt in her wardrobe? =]


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