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i like to think its Team Jacob. LOL!

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And I think you are a bit biased. Rosalie hates Jacob. She wants Bella to realize her life is important but she hates Jacob way more. She would not want Bella with a guy like that, especially one who forced himself on her....a hot button for Rosalie. She loves her brother and wants him happy. She just wants them to stop being dramatic so while she is not a cheerleader for Team Edward, she is certainly on the team.

She is obviously team Jacob because she wants better for Bella than for her to throw her life away to be a vampire. Then again, she despises Jacob and wants anything but for him to be happy. I believe she would rather Bella just end up with Mike or some other human. That way Bella stays human, and Jacob will be sad. But if you think in future terms, Bella and Edward is the reason she got to be with Renesmee, therefore, she would probably let Bella be a vampire so Rosalie can selfishly have Nessie. :) But at the end of the day, I think she'll have to go with team Emmett.

Whew- that's a lot. :)

she is team rosalie..ofcourse..her self is num 1
haha :)

OH! That too!!! :D I AGREE!

Team Edward. But it would be very funny if she was Team Jacob! :D


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