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What if Rose never found emmett? Do u think she wud be even more mean? POST COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!

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if Rose never found emmett she would go with edward.
well edward already didnt like her before she found emmett...... so edward still wudnt like her.....
i dont think so because edward did not look at any one untill bella came around
she couldn't go with edward because he was never attracted to her in the first place so her would have to exist in the world by her self
i think that rosalie would have nothing better to do then just critizize bella
cuz she would probably be jealous and she already was cuz bella had a choice
to be a vampire and to stay human
ya thats what i think 2.....
i think so to and she would be jelelose that edward wanted bella and she is pretter then bella and she thought she had a better chance with edward then bella
thats what i say too
ya that sounds like wat she would do.....
She would go insane. Emmett saved her from all of her pain and horrible past. She was always on the edge of leaving the Cullens because she didnt like Carlisle for changing her and she hated Edward. If she didnt find Emmett, I truly believe she would have eventually left the family and found a way to end her existence but Emmett changed all of that for her. He saved her just as much as she saved him.
i agree to
ya thts probably wat she wud do....


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