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What if Rose never found emmett? Do u think she wud be even more mean? POST COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!

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u are so sick SEDUCE please we are talking about rose here she hates edward in that way
ALOT!!!!!! but of course she would find someone shes so bueituful!!!!!!!! and ik im a badspeller
she would not be with edward so get that in your hard skull
LMAO nicely said
i think she would have fell in love wit someone else NOT edward because shes not attracted to him. BUT wat if she fell in lovee wit sam in stead of jacob falling in love wit renesmee and thats how the pack started
I love Rose and if she had never found Emmett her future would be utterly dull :((
Emmett would have gotten mauled by bears and she would be lonely
I think it would be least likely that shed go with Edward since they have shown hostility towards each other from the moment Rose heard Edward speak
Plus Edward and Bella were meant to be and that wont change
I think Rose has some good in her to stop envying Bella and come clean to her about not liking the idea of Bellas transformation into mortal human to immortal vampire
They would become decently good friends
But Im totally sure that Rosalie would be dreaming about someone like Emmett and mourning over what couldve been
Its totally sad :((
And Im more than glad that Rose did find Emmett or else there would be none of his hilarious teasing
yea because all cullens has couples but she doesnt and she would be more mean and bitter!
i think she would be super mean because everyone fall in love with their soulmates and she doesnt have one that would be sad!
She would have hated herself even more and focused on the negative side of her life if she didn't have Emmett. But with Emmett, Rosalie can have someone to turn to.
guys this is everyone's OPINION. no bein mean or ill show you mean

I think her and Edward would have gotten together. :)

If not that, I think she would have found someone else. :)

I like either option, but her and Emmett are '' together together''. ;D


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