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For me, it was in Eclipse when she tells her story. It just made me realize how strong she really was plus made me fall in love with her relationship with Emmett. She saved him.....but he saved her as well. When did you start to like Rosalie?

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i liked her wen she said she was sorry in the car to bella in new moon.... it means that she does care for her brother and isnt a mean person and actually has a heart... (metaphorically speaking)
well i started to like rosalie more when i found out nikki reed was playing her and i was just reading twilight at ther time then i got to new moon and i started to like her more for hher charater and i loved her addatudie and how her and bella stared to be really good frieds in the end
I stared to like Rose in Breaking Dawn when she and Bella fought for Renesmee
Yea I never really had an issue with Rose. I just wanted to know what her story was so when I read about a shock. That was all just so horrible poor Rose. Thank God Emmett came into her life.
Totally agree! A lot of people dont think about that but it is true plus since the story is told in Bella's POV you get a skewed view. What if you were happy with your life and the some stranger came in and complicated everything? Then they put your whole family in constant danger. Before Bella, the Cullens didnt have issues with the Volturi or the wolves but after she came into their lives it was total choas. I know we all love Bella and Edward's relationship but it did put the whole family at risk the moment Edward exposed the secret to her.
I agree and like I said when you read the story from Bella's POV you get a very lopsided view of things. Its always poor Bella because you are constantly in her mind but you cant tell me that if you had a brother and he suddenly brought home this stranger who was constantly putting you in danger that you would still be like.....oh she is such a great catch and I am so happy for them.....yea right! Edward definitely overreacted and it wasnt really Rosalie's fault. She really did think Bella was dead and figured Edward should know the truth. She had no clue he would go crazy like that. Everything Rosalie did was through Bella's eyes.....and Bella was ridiculously intimidated by Rosalie's beauty and personality plus a little jealous because Rose was made for Edward. I totally see where Rosalie was coming from especially with warning Bella about being turned. In reality Bella was a teenager in love and she never did think out situations enough to think about consequences so Rosalie didnt think she really understood what it meant to be a vampire but after Bella was turned Rose came around because she saw that Bella was alright with the whole situation.
When she told her story to Bella it made me like her more
Definitely and I really like Rosalie's character and her relationship with Emmett. I dont see how people can hate Rosalie.
Exactly and remember Bella was only a teenager and very insecure. She was also inexperienced in love so she did cause a lot of the problems that happened to her especially with Jacob. She even said she had a feeling she was leading Jacob on and yet she acted surprised when he wanted to be more than friends. I really felt bad for Jacob and Edward in Eclipse because she was trying to play both sides. In New Moon, she only hung with Jacob to have a dangerous time and get to hear Edwards voice. It was all about hearing Edward and getting him back then when she finally gets him its I want Jacob. I need to see Jacob. Then she sees Jacob and its I love Edward why do you think I want to be with you. She is the queen of mixed signals and then she wonders why Rosalie didnt think she really wanted to be turned into a vampire. Bella at times was really strong and others she was weak and fickled. She thought too much about things or not enough. It was like she was the total extreme and Rosalie saw that so she wanted to warn her. The more I read the books, the more I start to see Bella as annoying at parts. I felt really bad for Jacob at times because she totally made him believe there was more there than there really was and poor Edward just wanted her happy so he tagged along for the dramatic ride. I can totally see why Rosalie wasnt Bella's biggest fan when it came to her becoming a vampire.
Unfortunately I think he would have chosen Bella over anyone else. He always had to risk not only his secret but his family's so he could save Bella and Bella really didnt understand the severity of her actions at all. She thought Edward was just being way overprotective by not wanting her to see Jacob in quickly she forgot that Victoria not only coming after her but was willing to do anything to get her. The wolves wouldnt have been able to stop Victoria if she really wanted Bella and Edward knew that. The Cullens had to train to wolves to fight newborns who really werent as dangerous as other vampires are because they didnt have the experience and were too focused on bloodlust. Bella never thought of that though. It did annoy me how Jacob could force himself on her, lie to her, and say things like I would rather have you die than be a vampire and she doesnt say anything but if Edward does something to protect her then she is suddenly so frustrated with him. Rosalie saw all of that and it is no wonder she had so many doubts about Bella in general. Bella was still an infant compared to the Cullens. She was young, immature and never really saw the big picture so how could they truly know she wouldnt start hating being a vampire or not want to be with Edward years later? Yes she was in love and it was obviously true love.....but how was Rosalie supposed to know that? Thats the whole issue with it only being from jaded POVs like Bella and Jacob's because you only get a small fraction of what is really going on so the reader grows a huge bias unless they actually try to think about the whole situation.
I agree and a lot of people might think it was cruel how Rosalie asked why she should care about Bella but seriously.....why should she? What did she really know about Bella, this stranger, who is suddenly causing these problems. Yes they were unintentional but a problem is a problem no matter what the motive is. Emmett is Rosalie's number one priority and her family is the second priority. I do think that just like Edward would choose Bella over the family, Rosalie would choose Emmett. He is her reason for existing and being happy with her life. I dont understand why at times Bella was treated as if she knew more than she actually did. She was arguing with people who had more experience in every possible way.
The reason Jacob pissed me off is because he manipulated Bella and was arrogant about it. He knew what to say to hurt her and also knew she would come running back as soon as he started to pout. That was annoying to me because it made Bella seem weak and contradicted the way she acted with Edward. With Edward, she was suddenly this independent and strong woman who didnt want anything from him....not a ring, not a party, nothing she couldnt get herself. Then with Jacob she changed and that was confusing. All he had to do was threaten to go fight and die and she was willing to risk her relationship with Edward and kiss Jacob....who left anyways which proved just how manipulative and not noble he truly is.
Bella was frustrating and just a teenager who had her first boyfriend in Edward. Why should Rosalie see more than that when they didnt give her a lot of reasons to? Yes Bella kept the secret.....technically she didnt because she told the pack all their abilities even though she knew she shouldnt. Yes she was willing to put her life in danger......but does that actually make her reliable? No, it makes her even more of a mystery and the more I think about it the more I am with Rosalie......something was off lol.
By the way I love our discussions in the group and thanks for the kind words over my story :)
even though i LOVE emmett rose is cool


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