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For me, it was in Eclipse when she tells her story. It just made me realize how strong she really was plus made me fall in love with her relationship with Emmett. She saved him.....but he saved her as well. When did you start to like Rosalie?

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Actually... No, I started loving her in New Moon, when she voted No.
erm at the end of new moon thats when is started liking her
I've never agreed with most of Rosalie's decisions, or the way she deals with Bella, but from the very beginning I've always loved Rosalie. I admire her. She's not fake, she doesn't sugar coat things if they don't have to be, and she doesn't pay a false compliment to gain a point with somebody. She tells it like it is, whether you agree with her or not, whether you'll hate her for it or not. She’s always herself and is always going to be herself and she's going to do it proudly. And, unlike most people, at least she can admit that she’s vain and jealous. She just accepts that as part of who she is, instead of denying it. And I think many people completely miss how loyal and dedicated she is to her family - she loves them and wants them happy.

She’s also the strongest female Cullen, physically, at least, and when it comes to willpower - (her tenacity can be an asset. Though most of the time it’s probably irritating when you’re the one trying to argue against her; she can be pigheaded, as Edward puts it.)

Not to mention her sarcastic sense of humor is brilliant!
I agree and well said. I dont get why people find her fake when Rosalie is the only one who tells it like it is at all times even if the others dont want to hear it. They didnt want to think about the dangers of Bella and Edward's relationship but she told them anyways. They didnt want to hear about how crazy it was to chase down a tracker and risk their whole family in the process but she told them anyways. The list just goes on. At the end of the day, Bella was just an issue at the beginning. Even though Edward loved her, Bella did cause a lot of problems that werent an issue before she came along aka the wolves, the Volturi, nomads, newborns, etc. Was it all Bella's fault no, but the girl was trouble from the get go and even Bella could admit that. Rosalie's main concern was Emmett and her family, not Bella. We got a very skewed view though since it was all from Bella and Jacob's POV.....I would love for SM to finish Midnight Sun because I have a feeling we would see a completely different side to the Cullens than Bella did.
From when her story was told, of course. I didn't like her from the beginning, mostly because I was on Bella's side. Basically I started to like her just out of sympathy.
i feel that i liked her when she told bella her story! but i started crying and fell in love with her when she did bells hair for the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have not read breaking dawn

I always liked Rose. But I really started likeing her when she told her history. I realized why she didn't like Bella, and how much she wished she was human again.


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