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For me, it was in Eclipse when she tells her story. It just made me realize how strong she really was plus made me fall in love with her relationship with Emmett. She saved him.....but he saved her as well. When did you start to like Rosalie?

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Yea I hated New Moon and never want to read it again. The Cullens were gone, Bella lost her damn mind and then found comfort in Jacob only to be shocked that he felt like she wanted more than that. Plus Jacob just annoys me. He started to in Eclipse. I felt bad for him in New Moon. He was there trying to move in on Bella and comfort her but all she wanted was Edward even though she sent mixed signals to them both. But by Eclipse that all changed. My problem with Jacob was that he didnt take no for an answer. He forced himself on Bella and kissed her then felt no remorse she broke her hand. Then he manipulated her into kissing him and didnt even keep his end of the deal. It was pathetic really how easily Bella played into Jacob's games. She couldnt see what he was doing but God forbid Edward do something to protect her and she would be all over him about it. I didnt like Jacob or his POV in Breaking Dawn because it just dragged. Jacob is always about Jacob. Everything he does is for Jacob. Even in BD, he didnt tell Charlie and bring him over to make Bella happy.....he did it for himself. He wanted to make sure they stayed. He always had an ulterior motive and I hate that.
I do think that some of the Cullens.....Alice, Carlisle and Esme.....were so happy about Edward finding someone that they would do anything to make sure they are together which was nice but they didnt really see the big picture at times. They always got through it but definitely not unscathed. Jasper was very relunctant about Bella and was upset Edward risked their exposure....talked about in Midnight Sun.....but in the end if Alice was happy so was he. I just think they didnt realize the amount of trouble one little human could cause. They didnt know James would come, or Jasper would attack Bella. They didnt know Edward would try to be killed or that the werewolves would want to make a war against them. They had no clue Victoria would make an army and put them all in danger or about the Volturi. The only ones who knew Bella would be trouble from the beginning was Rosalie and Jasper but Jasper let it go for Alice where as Rosalie rather they be mad at her than lose Emmett over Bella.
Carlisle and Esme are the "parents" though and they would do anything for their children whereas the others dont necessarily think that way. Plus Edward is the golden child of the family. He was the first one Carlisle turned and Edward does seem to be favored at times like you said with how Rosalie was turned and he went all crazy but years later here comes Bella. I think he did focus on Bella a lot but then too he finally found love. He didnt realize how powerful it was because even though Edward could read minds he never experienced the power true love actually had.
I really have no beef with Edward. I think what his point is that Carlisle couldnt just going around turning people. He has seen many victims as a doctor but what made Rosalie so special? Plus you have to remember that Carlisle told Edward he changed Rosalie just to be Edward's mate and I agree that would be wrong. Edward didnt want her as a mate and thought it was wrong for her to be damned to their hell. Also remember that Edward sees their existence as a curse and never wanted to be a vampire. He doesnt see vampires as these great beings who live forever in his eyes they are monsters so in his view why would Carlisle curse someone who already went though so much and make her a monster? Didnt she already go through enough? Wasnt her death enough reason to let her die and rest in peace? In Edward's mind, Carlisle just turned her because he wanted to give Edward a mate and that was wrong. He doesnt hate Rosalie. He simply knows that and she has said it as well that if she had the choice she wouldnt have been changed. Yes she found Emmett but her first years as a vampire were horrible. Reliving the same painful memories and only living to seek revenge. Not wanting to be what she was doomed to be in her mind. Even Rosalie said if they had their happy endings they would all be dead by now and Edward knew she felt that way. So to him, Carlisle just made things worse for her and Edward couldnt understand why he would do such a thing especially after what she went through. I think Edward was simply trying to look out for Rosalie's best interest and he knew he couldnt be the one for her so he was furious Carlisle would make her for him when there was no way they would end up together.
Carlisle was in love with Esme whereas Rosalie was being brought into a world for Edward and in Edward's mind that was wrong. Plus Esme and Carlisle met in the past before she was even turned so Edward knew Carlisle needed her. Even Carlisle was apprehensive about turning Rosalie but felt it was right. When the person who is doing the action isnt even sure if it was right I wouldnt be so sure as well. Now of course Edward wanted Bella changed but the whole point was he didnt want to be selfish and give her a life that he felt wasnt worth living. He always wanted her to be his in that way but needed to make sure she was thinking with a clear head and not just acting like a teenager who was being impulsive. He even says that in Breaking Dawn. He wanted Bella to be a vampire but it had to be her decision and with Bella constantly sending mixed signals he wasnt sure plus it isnt like he could read her mind. The whole thing is that Edward could read Rosalie's mind and she wanted to die that night. He was furious way before either of them knew about Emmett or Bella or really true love. Edward knew from her thoughts how enraged she was to be turned into a vampire and she wanted to die that night on the street so in reality he was feeling pity for her. He didnt hate Rosalie or Carlisle for turning her he just felt like if it was only to be done for Edward then it was a waste and Carlisle should have let her die like she wanted to. Rosalie felt the exact same way. Edward is all about not being selfish and not doing things just for your own personal gain and honestly Carlisle was being selfish. He changed her for Edward and Edward knew that isnt what Rosalie wanted. If she had a choice she would have died and Edward knew that so he was showing his rage and hers while Rosalie was turning because he knew how depressed and angry she would be when she finally was a changed completely.
Maybe it is because I have done more research on their backstories but Stephanie on her site has their backstories and Carlisle met Esme before he turned her. At the time she was only sixteen and yet he felt a connection with her that scared him. So when he found her again he knew he had to change her. Esme fell in love with Carlisle when she first saw him as well but knew he was older than her and it would never be anything more than something in her imagination. So yes when they actually did meet again he already knew who she was and had that connection with her.
Now on to Rosalie. There are multiple parts that Rosalie says she wanted to die and wished she had died....before Emmett. Remember she found Emmett two years after she was turned so for two whole years she spent time hating what she was only. The only thing that gave her some kind of peace was her beauty. She said in Eclipse that she wanted to die and had accepted death when she was lying on the street. She also said which is a quote always used with Rosalie: If she had her happy ending she would be under a gravestone.....if that doesnt sum it up I dont know what does. She also said that the reason she voted no for Bella being turned was because she wouldnt have chosen that life for herself. She would have never chosen to be a vampire and she wished someone would have said no for her.
Carlisle was selfish to change Rosalie because he didnt do it for Rosalie. He did it because he wanted to make sure Edward was happy. He did it for his own reasons and not for Rosalie. Remember that only in my fic Our Wedding does he actually say that he did it for different reasons but as far as the books go Carlisle changed Rosalie so she could be with Edward and he obviously didnt think that through. Why would a rape victim want to be with any man after what she was put through? Carlisle had wishful thinking and he got lucky that she found Emmett because who knows what Rosalie would have done if she wouldnt have found Emmett to love.
As far as Edward goes. I dont think Edward was selfish at all. If Edward were selfish he would have turned Bella the moment he realized he was in love with her. Vampires love differently than humans and he was devoted to Bella but was willing to watch her from a distance and only protect when need be if it meant she was happy. He was willing on several occasions to step aside and let her be with Jacob if she really wanted to be. Edward is anything but selfish. Yes his family was at risk but they made the decision to stand by him no matter what. He tried leaving Bella alone and she went crazy. He was willing to die just because he couldnt stand the thought of her not existing. Everything Edward did was for Bella's well being. He admitted that Bella became his life. I dont think he is selfish at all. I think Bella was definitely selfish at times. She even guilted him into letting his family fight the newborns while he stayed with the end that was for the best since Victoria did come to find Bella. But all in all, Edward's flaw was he thought too much about things. If he would have just changed Bella in the beginning and actually gave in to his selfish side none of the stuff would have happened. There would be no need for James to go after Bella because he only wanted her when she was human....just like he left Alice alone after she was changed.....there would be no love triangle or Jacob threatening war with them, there would be no need for the Volturi to get involved. Overall, Edward tried everything he could to go against his own instincts and be with Bella but thats the thing about true love you cant fight it. Esme and Carlisle knew that and were willing to risk their well being for him to be with Bella. That isnt Edward's fault. His family chose to stand beside him and the only who didnt want to was Rosalie but she knew that Emmett would stand by Edward and she would always stand by Emmett. I dont see where Edward would be considered selfish at all. If anything he was willing to put his happiness aside for Bella and he always stood by his word.
From the very start she is an honest character who isn't afraid to voice her opinions, when she told her story it only made me like her more, shi is awesome
Uh oh we are actually starting to have a discussion :) I totally agree that she is an amazing character and I am a HUGE fan of Rosalie!
i liked her the first time i read twilight,because shes the epitome of a modern woman,shes outspoken yet inside shes a passionate soul with a simple needs.
That is a wonderful way to describe her. Rosalie is a strong, independent woman but essentially all she wants it to be loved and feel safe. Her passion for Emmett just made me fall in love with the couple because they love each other so much and dont care who sees it.
True she wants babies but that is the part of her humanity that she wants to hold onto. Essentially I think she would rather be loved and feel safe than be with someone who didnt give her that but could give her a child. Thats just me but I do feel like once Renesmee came into the picture Rosalie changed a bit and her views changed a bit as well. It is funny that you mention that because in that alternate version I did approach that topic in a different way lol :) Nice hearing from you today by the way Dirk.
I first liked her in Twilight, when she didnt take to Bella. This wasnt because I have anything against Bella, just because it made Rosalie stand out as being different and more mysterious, and i was curious about her.
Then, I agree with you, I began to sympathise with her in Eclipse, when we find out about her story.
I thought the background story suited her perfectly.
Definitely a powerful story indeed. I was shocked when I read her story. It made me so sad.


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